20 Other News Web Sites Like Buzzfeed And Crackled

Sites Like Buzzfeed

Sites Like Buzzfeed – As a viral/humorous content creator, it is essential to research so as to know what is trending across various platforms on the internet, And it is certain that Buzzfeed isn’t the only website where you can get such content.

Although there are tons of other sites like BuzzFeed out there, sadly there are just a few worthy BuzzFeed alternatives that can offer the same quality and top-notch content as Buzzfeed.

Note that each of the websites is unique in their own way and edge BuzzFeed with one or two things but either way they are similar. So I urge you to read the content to the last paragraph before deciding on which one replaces BuzzFeed as your favorite news outlet.

Before we go into the list of websites like buzzfeed here is a quick review on what is buzzfeed and some other questions worth answering.

What Is Buzzfeed

BuzzFeed is an American Internet media Based in New York City founded in 2006, focuses on digital media like news, and entertainment companies.

Who Owns Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a business Private owned and Founded by Jonah Peretti and John S. Johnson III. There are other notable Key people; Jonah Peretti (CEO) Dao Nguyen (Publisher) Ben Smith (Editor-in-chief) Lee Brown (CRO) Carole Robinson (CCO) Rhonda Powell (General counsel) Eric W. Muhlheim (CFO)

How To Make A Buzzfeed Quiz

If you are about to create your first BUZZFEED QUIZ, Following the step below will rightly help you achieve that;

  1. Sign up for a Free account with Interact.
  2. In the dashboard under Quizzes, click “Create New Quiz”.
  3. Select the type of quiz you’d like to create. (Assessment, Personality or Tallied).
  4. Create your quiz using one of the provided templates or make one from scratch. If you’re making one from scratch, don’t forget to decide on the results and questions you’re going to ask.
  5. Publish your quiz and embed the code into your post. 

Easy Right??? ✌😁

Is Buzzfeed Unsolved Over

Is BuzzFeed Unsolved finally over? Buzzfeed Unsolved, After the eighth season, will be coming to an end. The last season was premiered on Friday, June 18, at 3 p.m. PT on the show’s YouTube channel.

How To Work For Buzzfeed

If you want to write for BuzzFeed, Send them a mail with your writing clips or samples from your previous work all included. And YES!, they pay for all published pieces. Their payment rate isn’t flat, It all depends on the amount of reporting or research, turn-around time, and topic expertise.

To submit a pitch, email:- buzzfeedpitches@buzzfeed.com.

What Happened To Buzzfeed

In their quest to stay independent, Buzzfeed laid off 100 employees in 2017 and another 200 in 2019, they did this despite raising their revenue 15% extra between 2017 and 2018.

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List OF Other Sites Like BuzzFeed

1. Popsugar ( Websites Like Buzzfeed )

Just like Buzzfeed, Popsugar is a website that focuses mainly on the world of entertainment. Here you will find striking stories about all the hottest stars and many things of public interest. It couples it as a fun way for people to check out what’s online and to have more fun with what they might learn and explore.

The website design is exceptionally stylish, each post has a pretty large thumbnail next to it along with the headline to generate user interest. This news site like BuzzFeed has fun viral stories that are particularly appealing for helping people to get a little closer to the stars that they love the most.

Whenever you visit make sure to check out their fashion section where you can make an appealing purchase for items such as Jackets, Tops, Pants, etc.

POPSUGAR.COMOpens in a new tab.

2. Upworthy – (Sites Like Buzzfeed) 

Upworthy is a site like Buzzfeed that promotes itself as “Social Media with a Mission.” Their major focus is on stories and content that matter the most to make a difference in this world. With more than 50 million users each month, They are truly living up to their motto.

The website design of this BuzzFeed alternative is as great as the content you will find there. Their content is so educative, it inspires, and also serves as entertainment all this by delivering relevant news and uplifting stories that make us feel good and want to share.

UPWORTHY.COMOpens in a new tab.

3. Wired – (News Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Wired is another website like Buzzfeed that deservedly makes it into our list of other sites like Buzzfeed, owing to its rich pool of top-notch content. The sweet part is Wired is not only blessed with a rich pool of top-notch content but Trending news is also made available to their loyal and ever-growing readers.

The website design is so simple that you can’t help but love it. It has a categories section of Business, Culture, Gear, Science, Security, Transportation, etc. Not just that, you can always get a gist about your favorite Celebs, Cars, Books, and others. Plus they offer even overwhelmingly impressive ideas.

WIRED.COMOpens in a new tab.

4. Cracked ( Websites Like Buzzfeed )

Cracked is a site like Buzzfeed that mostly features viral content on the internet that is entertaining and possesses humor. It was launched as a separate website in October 2005, Initially, it was a newspaper that was launched in ’85’.

Cracked focus is not only viral/humor content, a blog, videos, forums, five weekly Image Manipulation contests called Photoplasty, Pictoplasty, Experiences, one-shot articles called Quick Fixes, and so forth are also included. I love how they present writers with an opportunity to write for them.

With about 300 million page views every month there is no way you are doubting the credibility and or reliability of this BuzzFeed alternative.

CRACKED.COMOpens in a new tab.

5. Reddit – (Buzzfeed Alternative)

Reddit stands out as one of the best information and entertainment spreading websites like Buzzfeed. Reddit for me is a replica of the World Wide Web in general terms because everything you are looking for can be easily found on Reddit.

Reddit layout is very clean and it offers many subsections that focus on specific content. You can use different readouts on Reddit to find interesting things you would love to share with others. Their active user community is second to none. If you are looking for a Buzzfeed alternative that’s basically content-oriented, then Reddit is the website that you need to visit right now.

REDDIT.COMOpens in a new tab.

6. Funny or Die – (Other Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Funny or Die is another entertainment and witty sense of humor website like Buzzfeed. Funny or Die offers similar content to BuzzFeed, they both present you with viral news and one of the most recent pieces of news you can open up in Funny or Die is how some brave Canadian tried to buy weed online with fake thor id.

On the website, you can follow your fav celeb as they cover that topic too, Plus It has created a bunch of long-set drama and series such as American Vandal, The Royal Wedding Live with Cord and Tish, and Brockmire. Funny Or Die is undoubtedly one of the go-to sites like cracked and Buzzfeed.

FUNNYORDIE.COMnOpens in a new tab.

8. Mashable – (News Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Mashable is an online entertainment platform, owned by Pete Cashmore in 2005. The platform always ditches out valuable information from all over the world, covering multiple topics that consist of various options such as Entertainment, Arts, Culture, Design, and Style, etc. and each option also consists of numerous sub-categories.

You can visit Mashable to learn more about various things in entertainment, technology, culture, science, and much more. You will also learn about the many good things people are doing in today’s society through Mashable. It is entirely free and easy to understand the platform you can access it anywhere in the world.

MASHABLE.COMOpens in a new tab.

9. BoredPanda – (Buzzfeed Alternative)

BoredPanda is a free online community that helps artists and creators turn their unique stories into must-read viral content. I love that the platform offers enough amount of stuff for creative people who love art, design, humor, photography, animals, travel, and food, etc. The platform

It has multiple categories such as Trending, Latest, Features, Art, Photography, and Entertainment, etc. The website outlook is decent and easy to use. You can download their mobile app available for android and iPhone users. So if you are looking for a Buzzfeed alternative to read humor-filled content, try BoredPanda.

BOREDPANDA.COMOpens in a new tab.

10. Viral Nova – (Sites Like Buzzfeed) 

Viral Nova is one of the very famous websites like Buzzfeed on the internet which receives over 70 million visitors each month. Viral Nova is a go-to place for trending, hilarious, and mind-blowing stories that are breaking the internet.

The website design and interface are very much straightforward, Viral Nova has sub-categories like OMG, Videos, Life, Culture, and Entertainment. which makes it even clean for the customers to browse through the contents of their choice.

viralnova.comOpens in a new tab.

11. College Humor – (Other Sites Like Buzzfeed)

Lastly one on the list of sites like BuzzFeed is College Humor which is mainly a comedic-oriented website owned by InterActiveCorp offering original videos and articles in a format that is not so word-heavy along with some user-submitted content that includes comics.

The site is full of funny videos and photos with features such as the “choose your own adventure” game. The videos offered also include many big stars and some witty situations that you will love to share with others.

collegehumor.comOpens in a new tab.

Conclusion On Sites Like Buzzfeed

We have come to the end of sites similar to Buzzfeed, content-wise or otherwise. Some of them do not match Buzzfeed quality or user interface wise but they are a worthy mention of the BuzzFeed alternative. If you have any recommendations for the above list of other sites like BuzzFeed kindly share with us via the comment box.

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