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Apps Like Bigo – Do you wanna get rich and famous, or are you a lover of live video streaming? then this is for you. when talking about making fame and earning money while entertaining yourself then you are definitely talking about live streaming apps like Bigo.

Lately, the internet has come up with a way to reward its users for their time and knowledge, this way making them entrepreneurs via a mobile app such as Bigo, and others.

In this article, we will be doing a review on Bigo and other live streaming apps like Bigo. kindly screw down and learn how to make millions online; you might be the next entrepreneur.

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What Is Bigo

Bigo is an online live streaming app that allows its participants to make videos of themselves and stream videos of others also

On the app, anyone above the age of 18 can produce video content and connect with anyone at any time doing anything. For example, one might be a dancer and make an online dancing show of himself and earn assets that can be withdrawn as cash from the app. Stay tuned and I will explain more on how the Bigo app works and other apps like Bigo live.

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— what is Bigo live

Bigo Live is an application-based in Singapore that permits its users to consume content by going on live videos anytime anywhere regardless of age and gender; other people too can connect with live streaming and also get paid for that. Wanna know how it works? then kindly scroll down.

Is Bigo Live A Dating App

So many have been confused for a while now and have been asking if Bigo is an online dating application so there you have it. Bigo Live is an online video streaming application and not a dating application so my answer to that question will be a No. 

Bigo was designed to help people share their talents and ideas to get more friends and followers from different parts of the world. There are different things one can do on the online platform such as; make live videos, stream live videos, make group chats, and other fun social abilities.

How Does Bigo Work

BIGO LIVE aims to make live streaming on a mobile device simple so that people can broadcast their daily lives in real-time. With BIGO LIVE, you may broadcast short videos, communicate with other users, make video calls, and share your progress with other users.

Comments made by users can be seen by viewers at the bottom of the screen during a live short video. Users can also provide incentives in the form of real money by sending them their presents. Those who are well-known on BIGO LIVE take advantage of this feature to make money.

Is Bigo Live Safe

There are many malicious applications out on the internet today so you might want to be cautious when downloading any. But in the case of Bigo it is safe for downloading however, it is an application for youths and not underaged teens.

Due to the fact that there are different people from different countries connecting to Bigo, children aren’t allowed on the platform because most of the content produced on the platform are adult rated and also there are suspected fraudulent activities carried out on the platform.

How To Become A Host On Bigo

in order to become a host and start earning from it, there are certain steps you will have to follow and I will be listing them below;

To Become a Bigo live official host, first you need to contact an agency or the BIGO LIVE official (Email:

Agency will require your Bigo User ID to Arrange a Live Interview.

Decide on a date and time for your job interview with the Interviewer.

Wait for the Interviewer to show up on Broadcast at the scheduled time (It hardly take 10 min).

Keep up a live connection with the interviewer (Video Call).

A basic question will be asked during the interview. An illustration of this would be. Let us know who you are. Why are you interested in joining Bigo? , How will you captivate a live audience? , Are you aware of your goals and expected compensation?

Interviewer will write “Selected” in the remark field when you are selected and you need to comment “OK” and immediately snap a screenshot and send it to your recruiter.

Your recruiter will need a copy of your government ID and a picture of you holding your identification card in your hand once you’ve been accepted.

How To Change Bigo Location

to change your desired location on the Bigo live App, there are some easy steps to follow;

Firstly, open the Bigo Live app

Now, open your profile and click on the button Edit.

Enter the Hometown section.

Select the Country/Region you need.

To confirm changes, just press Confirm.

Congratulations! You changed the hometown on your Bigo Live account.

How To Make Money On Bigo

While some people see Bigo as an online entertainment application, some others see it as a medium to generate funds. Making money on Bigo can be time consuming but it is totally worth it as the reward comes handily. You can earn on Bigo by; Working as a host or working as a recruiter. Scroll down and i will be explaining how you can make money being a host or a recruiter.

Host – Working as a host on Bigo can be similar to your normal 09:00 – 05:00 jobs but in this case, you are doing what you love doing, or what you are good at on daily basis and still get paid for it. As a host, you have a particular time range to entertain Bigo users everyday and at the end of the week or month, the total hours you spend on the app will be counted and you would be paid.

Recruiter – As a recruiter, you are been employed to recruit new host and you get paid handsomely for your services by the end of the month. You also get a percentage when the host you recruited get’s paid for his services.

How Can Earn Money From Bigo Live

You can earn money on Bigo live by exchanging beans to cash. During live streaming sessions, your followers are allowed to comment and share gifts also. Those gifts are called Beans and those Beans will be converted into cash.

If you are talented and have a high quality camera, you can start making money by going on live sessions with your friends and followers displaying your talents and interacting with them.

How Much Money Can You Make On Bigo

You have no limits to earning money on Bigo as long as you are constantly active on the platform. Most Bigo live broadcasters have been said to earn as much as $5000 on monthly basis but that is not all. As I said earlier, if you are a popular live broadcaster with many followers, you can receive a lot of Bigo beans and those Beans will be sold as cheap as 210 Beans for 1 dollar.

How To Delete My Bigo Live Account Permanently

If you’ve been confronted with how to delete Bigo account then worry no more as I would be giving some easy steps below;

You will need to go to the “Settings” menu

And then select “My Account”

Select “Delete Account”

Complete the process and your account will be deleted.

Apps Like Bigo Live

Bigo has proven to be very helpful in generating funds today and alleviating poverty, but it is not the only app that offers such programs. There are other similar apps like Bigo live that pays their users handsomely too for using their applications such as;


Just like Bigo, Tango is an online video streaming app launched by  JP Inc, (a US-based messaging service) in 2009. When BIGO Live was banned from the Play Store, Tango rose in popularity by introducing live streaming to its chat app. Currently, the app has over 100 million users and a 4.4/5 rating.

The app allows users to find nearby Tango users who are live streaming. Once found, you can watch their live streaming, drop comments, and share gifts also. It also includes live filters and a leaderboard featuring the top broadcasters of the day, week, and all time. Just as Bigo, you can earn money on Tango by selling gifts and converting coins to cash.

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One of India’s most popular live-streaming apps is Uplive, which allows users to connect with strangers. Engaging content and community building are integral parts of this business model. Uplive’s top artists earn thousands of rupees each month, which the site distributes to them in the form of virtual gifts and likes from their admirers. Every month, influencers on the network make between $200 and $1800 in revenue from their live feeds.

From 121 million registered users at the end of 2019 to 230 million registered users in June 2021, Uplive is the market leader in the live social market.

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You can watch and participate in streamers’ gameplays on Twitch, a live-streaming network. Aside from newscasts, there is potential for lifestyle content. Fans and viewers both gain from watching streamers play video games on their channels, as they learn new skills and have fun while doing so. Twitch has become the world’s most popular streaming platform because of this.

Twitch offers a wide range of monetized performance options. Streamers generate money from sponsorships, affiliate links, donations, subscriptions, Partners Programs, and other sources of revenue and commissions.

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MeMe is an app that allows you to have the most effective host-to-audience contact possible.
You can live stream nearly anything, including life debates, current fashion trends, delectable culinary creations, chat programs, and even while taking a walk.
The only rule in this case is that you must be active for at least one to two hours per day in order for your audience to expand.
The number of viewers you have increases, and as a result, the amount of beans you have increases, and you may cash out whenever you want.

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Bigo Alternative

There are many apps similar to Bigo live that pays its users for using the platform and creating entertaining contents but the best alternative app to Bigo is YouNow

YouNow is the fastest-growing live stream video chat and broadcast application. With the app, you can also stream live, so you can interact with your viewers in real-time and hear their responses. Among its many features is the ability to watch and follow your favorite streamers, gamers, musicians, and influencers.

Chatting with other producers, sending and receiving virtual gifts and much more is also available on the platform It’s a Bigo  Live alternative with all of the same services and features as Big Live. YouNow also makes it easy to build rooms with friends and other content providers, making it more fun and fascinating.

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For a long time, creating original content has been a lucrative side hustle.
There has been a rise in the number of content creators who make their living solely from online content creation in the previous few years. One of the most popular ways to make money online recently has been through live streaming.
You can make money in a variety of methods and on a variety of platforms, many of which have already been highlighted. So without wasting time, start registering and start earning from any of these platforms.

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