10 Best Video Editing Apps Like Video Star For Newbies

Apps Like Video Star

Apps Like Video Star – Ever stocked on creating a video for your favorite song, or a dance challenge and don’t know how to go about it? Well, I bring you good news as there are some video-creating apps that allow you to make videos with your favorite pieces of music and also edit those videos to perfection and one of those apps is Video Star.

In this article, we will be seeing a quick review on Video Star and how to edit creative videos on the app. We will also be looking at other good editing apps like Video StarOpens in a new tab. for high-quality video editing and for excellent results all in the comfort of your cell phone.

Apps Like Video Star
10 Best Video Editing Apps Like Video Star For Newbies

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What Is Video Star

Video Star is a video editing application that allows its users to create and edit videos with professional editing effects and also add their favorite music. It also permits them to share the videos on other social media or with friends and family.

Is Video Star Free

Yes. Video Star is a free application for starters but you can also unlock some other amazing features with a one-time subscription that is affordable and also optional.

How To Use Video Star

Video Star is very easy to access even a kid can produce and edit amazing videos but for those who are new to the app, these are a few steps to use Video Star:

  • After launching the app, click on the + icon
  • Select the backing track
  • Record or import a video
  • Edit a recorded or imported video
  • Save and share videos

How To Edit On Video Star

Editing videos on Video Star is one of the reasons why I still use the app cause it is very easy to access. Follow these steps to make professional editing on your videos.

  • Import High-Resolution Videos.
  • Increase the Sharpness.
  • Blending in Multi-Layer.
  • Don’t Set the Tracking Blur Too High.
  • Try to Avoid Merging Clips.
  • Select the Highest Export Resolution.

How To Get Video Star For Free

Most people have difficulties when trying to get the Video Star editing app and if you fall in that category simply launch the apple store and search for Video star and then you can download it but just in case you find that difficult, you can click on the link below to download the Video Star app for your iPhone:

Download Video StarOpens in a new tab.

Is Video Star On Android

Video Star was originally created for IOS devices but then they have also made it available for Android users so everyone can enjoy video editing from the comfort of their cell phones whether IOS or Android.

How To Get Video Star On Android

Most people complain they don’t find the Video Star editing app on their google play store and that is because it isn’t available on the play store but not to worry, if you are an android user and want to download the application, simply click on the link below and thank me later

Download Video Star for AndroidOpens in a new tab.

How To Do Transitions On Video Star

Making transitions on Video Star is not much of a task, all you need to do is:

  • Open Video Star on your device.
  • Click on the “+” button to import the desired video from your device.
  • After that, select an option called “Edit Video.” Edit and cut the video as required.
  • Subsequently, tap on the “Select Song” option to add audio for the background.
  • Now, transitions can be added by importing the video using the “Add” button in the bottom right corner.
  • Then select “New” and tap on the “Re-Effect” option.
  • Tap on the “+” button to choose the desired transition.
  • Drag and drop the arrowhead where you want to add a particular transition.
  • Export the edited video by tapping the “Export/Share” button.

How To Add Text On Video Star

The following are the steps involved in adding text to Video Star:

  • Add your video or photo to Video Star. Move the slider to the point where you want to add text.
  • Click on “New” after which a menu will appear. Click on “Re-Effect”.
  • Next, click on “T” and select the option that says “Draw” from the sliding options at the bottom.
  • Tap on the screen to type your text.
  • Click on the italic “T” to open the settings to change the font, size, color, and shadow of the text.
  • Once you’re done, the changes will automatically be processed.
  • Then you can save it. And that’s how to add text on Video Star for free!

How To Use QR Codes On Video Star

Make use of QR codes with these easy steps below:

  • Open your video clip in one of the editing windows listed below: Re-Effect, Transform, or Multi-Layer.
  • Select Import after tapping the QR code icon at the top of the screen.
  • A notification will appear in the Transform and Multi-Layer Windows informing you that importing a QR code will erase all of your current settings. If you’re fine with that, tap Yes to proceed.
  • All of your photo albums will be opened as a result of this. Locate the QR code you want to use and tap Yes. Now, watch your clip transform based on the settings embedded in the QR code.

Video Editing Apps Like Video Star

  1. Quik
  2. Splice
  3. KineMaster
  4. PicPlayPost
  5. VivaVideo
  6. Magisto
  7. InShot
  8. Vizmato
  9. FilmoraGo
  10. VideoShow

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1. Quik


Quik is a free video editing app created by the makers of GoPro. It is intended to expedite the editing process, allowing you to capture, edit, and post incredible videos on the fly.

What Quik can do automatically will astound you. It searches through your video footage for great moments, can automatically trim and edit your clips, and can even add transitions. If you want more control over your video edit, you can still manually edit your clips.

If you’re looking for an app to help you create awesome videos quickly, this is the one for you.


  • Automatic editing features.
  • Easy to access
  • Includes 26 different video styles with varying transitions and graphic effects.
  • Let the app edit for you or use the simple editing tools to trim, adjust, add or remove volume, adjust speed, and select highlights to add throughout the video.
  • The app looks for panoramic shots (or slow pans) and people and voices in the video to apply specific effects, jumps, or top speed in the video for action-mode edits.
  • Use the Flashbacks feature to effortlessly create videos using images and videos taken over the last 24 hours.
  • Import music from your library or select from more than 80 free songs. Start and stop the music at any point to create the perfect soundtrack.
  • Options to save videos in the default or 1080p HD and 60 frames per second.


  • Videos must be under 60 seconds, so this app is not suitable for long-form video.
  • Cannot capture content within the app.
  • Cannot adjust font styles.

Download Quik for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

2. Splice


Splice is most likely one of the easiest and most straightforward video editors and Video Star alternatives for iOS and Android users. Users can use this app to change the colors and orientation of the video background. You can also change the speed of the video to create a slow-motion or fast-paced effect.

There is a huge selection of music libraries and sound effects to choose from when it comes to music. You can also use your own voice to create a narration effect in these videos. There’s also a multiple audio mix option that lets you combine multiple music files to create an audio mashup effect.


  • Includes free filters, songs, sound effects, motion control, transitions and text options.
  • Large free music library selection music selection.
  • Option to add narration.
  • Simple design.
  • No video length limits.
  • Create videos and slideshows from existing footage.
  • Easily customize the video background colors and resolution
  • Adds transitions automatically.
  • No advertisements or branded watermarks.


  • Lacks polished interface.
  • Less intuitive and engaging user experience compared to others.
  • Doesn’t include a camera function to capture new footage.

Download Splice for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

3. KineMaster

The next on our list is the KineMaster video editor. The app allows you to edit clips together in the same way that you would on a desktop video editing program. You can also add different effects, text, and music to your videos.

The app also allows you to record audio to add to your video, and the KineMaster Asset Store has a plethora of music and sound effects.

The free version, on the other hand, adds a watermark to your videos. But there’s also a subscription version which costs a monthly fee of $4.99. It might be a bit high compared to other editing apps but trust me, it is totally worth it.

Nonetheless, the app has a surprising number of features and is certainly adequate for professional video editors who need to edit a video on the go. It is also one of the best video editing apps for Android users.


  • It supports a maximum resolution of 1280p*720p, but if the video resolution is higher, it converts it to a compatible and good 720p resolution while editing.
  • It supports multilayers, allowing you to easily add multiple audio and video clips.
  • It supports text, media, and image overlays in all formats.
  • It has a good audio edition as well, such as increasing pitch and some effects like deep voice, speed, and so on.
  • It includes all of the basic video editing features, such as trimming and voice dubbing.


  •  Watermarked videos with the free version
  • monthly subscription for the pro-plan.

Download KineMaster for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

4. PicPlayPost

Number 4 on this list of video editing apps like Video Star is PicPlayPost. PicPlayPost is a simple smartphone app that allows you to create photo collages, video collages, collages of text and photos and videos, slideshows, live wallpapers, and movies — all while leveraging pre-built templates.
You can also trim clips, add your own music, and customize the collage frame’s color, shape, and size with the mobile app.

The app allows its users to enjoy free features that come with a lot of editing apps but to get the best of this app, you will need to subscribe to the premium version for $6.99 per month and unlock all the editing features.


  • Use up to six videos on a single collage
  • Make collages of up to ten minutes
  • Add music tracks to compliment your collage
  • Use photographs, videos, or even GIFs


  • Some great features are not available on iOS 6 and below
  • Need to upgrade to access the best features.

Download PicPlayPosr for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.


VivaVideo is one of the most popular video editing apps similar to Video Star that works particularly well for short social media clips. You can load, edit, trim and merge video clips using its storyboard editing style. Seriously, editing videos with this app is a piece of cake. Even newbies can easily find their way around it.

VivaVideo offers a free version with a watermark and a time limit, as well as a pro version priced between €0.99 and €32.99. The app supports over 200 video filters, text input, and fast/slow motion support that will give you professional editing.


  • Over 200 video filters.
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can add filters, stickers, and effects with one tap only.
  • There are many templates available to create stunning videos for social media. You can use templates to create amazing and engaging videos without any hassle.
  • VivaVideo offers various styles and fonts for text. The text in your video will look splendid.
  • There can be multiple layers or tracks of videos and music in the timeline. So, you can edit your videos in it like a desktop application.
  • It is an all-in-one video editing application with all tools you need for basic video editing.


  • The application is only suitable for editing short videos. If you try to edit longer videos, it will lag a lot. It will take more time to upload, add effects, and do other things.
  • You cannot edit GIF files in this video editor.
  • There are limited features in the free version, and you can only edit videos shorter than 5 minutes.
  • The paid version cost about €0.99

Download VivaVideo for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.


6. Magisto

Magisto is a free video editing app with AI (artificial intelligence). This app allows you to create stunning videos in a few simple steps.

Magisto can save you a lot of time while also producing a professional-looking video. The editing outcomes are quite impressive. This app is especially useful for quick Instagram posts and will make it appear as if you spent several hours editing your Story!

For a small monthly fee, you can also upgrade to the Premium or Professional plans. These plans include additional features such as longer videos and marketing functions such as the ability to export directly to Facebook’s ads manager.


  • Artificial Intelligence makes editing videos a breeze
  • Simple and easy-to-use video maker
  • Large music catalog to pick soundtracks from
  • The web app works very smoothly and quickly
  • Excellent branding tools
  • Tons of great features available for marketers
  • Works on Android, iOS, and online


  • No image editing support
  • Import glitch is annoying
  • Not much customizable
  • Video analytics are available only in the most expensive plan

Download Magisto for IOSOpens in a new tab. /AndroidOpens in a new tab.

7. InShot

The InShot app is a visual content editing app that allows users to make videos, edit photos, and create image collages.

The app also has a plethora of features. You can cut clips, change the speed of your video, and add filters, music, and text. You can also flip and rotate footage, which is a useful feature not found in many other apps.

The app has wonderful free features, but if you want to get the most out of it, you must pay a monthly fee of $2.99 to remove the in-app ads and the watermark that is added to videos. Or a one-time fee of  $34.99 only.


  • Accessible Menus
  •  All-in-one functionality.
  • A large music library from which to select soundtracks


  • Limited photo editing for free users
  • No Stickers Search

Download InShot App for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

8. Vizmato

Vizmato is one of the best video editing apps like video star that allows you to enhance your home videos with beautiful effects and sounds. This video editing app comes with basic editing tools, preloaded themes, and live video effects and filters. It also has sophisticated sound controls, such as voice-over and a custom voice changer.

Vizmato also offers All Access Pass, a subscription service starting at $5 per month which adds unlimited HD recording and 5GB of cloud storage to the mix; three-month and six-month passes are available with 20GB and 100GB storage plans respectively, but once you stop paying for a subscription, videos stored in the cloud are purged after 15 days.


  • Offers dozens of video themes
  • Offers advanced video filters
  • Allows you to add voice-over narration
  • Offers sound effects
  • Allows you to save videos on your device
  • Offers live video editing tools
  • Supports social media sharing


  • Limited features for free users
  • Original audio gets deleted when you add sound effects

Download Vizmato for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

9. FilmoraGo

Filmora is a popular video editing software that supports 4K video editing. It’s a low-cost product that includes tools for both video and audio.
It provides users with a plethora of options for styling, adding effects, and customizing videos. Users can use the tool to add overlays, create animations and elements, insert audio, and insert text.
Any video can also include voiceovers. Filmora can assist users in cropping, increasing/decreasing video sizes, or having them all fit at the same time.


  • Has a simple-looking interface
  • Easy To Use
  • Great Basic And Intermediate Features
  • Reasonable Lifetime Price
  • Faster Rendering Of Videos
  • Amazing Video Output
  • Supports Screen Recording
  • Support A Plethora Of File Formats
  • Comes With A Good User Support


  • Lacks Advanced Features
  • Free Version Contains Watermarks
  • Works Only On Windows And Mac
  • Monthly And Yearly Plan Are Expensive
  • Frequent Lagging

Download FilmoraGo for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

10. VideoShow

The last on our list of good editing apps like video star is VideoShow. VideoShow is a top iOS and Android mobile video editor for making videos or slideshows with photos, images, music, sound effects, and more.

Creating your own vlog or product videos has never been easier with built-in effects, GIFs, stickers, filters, transitions, sound effects, and live dubbing.

The app also includes trendy filters that will make you look good in any vlog or image. You can also doodle on videos to engage your viewers and answer any questions they may have.


  • Super easy to use for all beginners.
  • Built-in effects and transitions
  • Variety of text styles and fonts
  • Blur or modify the background
  • Add voice-over
  • Supports 4k
  • Create slideshows instantly
  • GIF export


  • Too expensive for the features it offers
  • Often crashes while editing larger videos
  • Video quality is compromised after editing
  • Riddles with ads

Download VideoShow for IOSOpens in a new tab. / AndroidOpens in a new tab.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. This list of video star android alternatives is the best that could take over the internet space from Video Star as they give satisfaction even in areas Video Star couldn’t.

Even a newbie can use any of these selected apps without stress and edit top-notch videos with effects and audio files as though it was a professional that worked on them.

From what you have read so far which of these apps would you recommend as a video star alternative? let me know in the comment section below.

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