Best 7 Benefits of Cloud Computing to the Telecom Space

Benefits of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a way to find on-demand data storage resources, networks, applications, or services. It is something that many industries are eyeing and should be doing so as it is one of the fastest-growing domains, proving to be beneficial for many. 

Future of Telecommunication Industry With Cloud Computing

Telecommunication has been a blessing for the world. Today we’re all connected and being able to access massive information; the reason is telecommunication. However, with rising dependency on the industry, the users demand better services. To deliver the same, network service providers have been on the battlefield to find solutions.    

The Telecom industry is stuck in a tug of war between achieving maximum customer satisfaction with an efficient network and reducing operational costs. While cloud computing has benefited many, it is now also helping the telecommunication sector find an equilibrium between lowering costs and providing efficient network service to its users. Here are some of the findings that explain the future of the telecom industry with Cloud Computing ServicesOpens in a new tab..

The traditional method of telecommunication has always been hardware storage and using switches to control networks. But with the changing demands and high network requirements, telcos have shifted towards the cloud, where the data storage is easy and requires less cost to maintain all data.   

In the wake of the pandemic, there has been a considerable increase in Internet use, thus creating high demands for service providers. With the rise in demand and traffic, NSPs (network service providers) have taken shelter within the clouds. As it gets difficult to manage such high demands and focus on improving network efficiency simultaneously, cloud computing has made it easier for telcos to manage the high growth rate. 

Benefits of Cloud Computing
Best 7 Benefits of Cloud Computing to the Telecom Space

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Best Benefits of Cloud Computing to Telecommunication

Telecommunication has faced many difficulties with the rise in demand for effective data networks with high speed. However, with the introduction of cloud computing in the industry, there has been a paradigm shift, eventually leading to the growth of the telecommunication industry. To explain how exactly cloud service providers can help telcos, here are the several reasons explained to back it up:    


  • Eliminate costly infrastructure: Cloud is all about on-demand storage solutions where you pay for the services you use. While telcos have historically been using hardware storage, and when the shift to cloud happens, all they got to do is clear everything out and shift all the data to one place in the form of software. Consequently, the cloud helps telcos to eliminate their costly infrastructure setup while also reducing workforce requirements.   
  • Effective data management: With a vast customer base, telcos must deal with large numbers and data. In contrast, the cloud helps them extract data when required through data analytics and science that can further help understand customer behavior and work on new aspects of customer service. Hence, the cloud helps in the management of data and the growth of the business.
  • Reduces latency: With hardware solutions, latency comes carried along. While processing the huge chunk of data, there is quite a possibility that you can face issues of delayed work due to longer time in processing and, in turn, lower customer satisfaction. While the cloud helps the NSPs to assist their customers faster and with better solutions.   
  • Maintain growth scales: Cloud provides services on-demand, and the demand for telcos is subject to change. Hence, the cloud assists companies in dealing with any market situation where the demand can either be low or high.
  • Promotes automation: Integrating a new network in the system and performing Cloud TestingOpens in a new tab. to ensure effectiveness is what telcos need to do often. And by computing to the cloud, telcos get the advantage of automating the entire process while carrying out the standard activities. In addition, with this advancement, NSPs can deal with performance issues and provide better assistance to users, thereby enhancing customer service.
  • Easy restoration: Losing data is like a nightmare for any organization, and when it is the telos, it’s the customer data that is helping them to run their business. While data loss can happen in certain situations, with cloud backup stored, it is possible and easy for telcos to extract all the data and restore it to the system.   
  • Improvised customer experience: Last but surely not least is customer satisfaction. Cloud computing has many advantages like automated customer support, quick solutions to problems, and higher security. All of these take you towards enhanced customer service and lead to the growth of the organization.   

Why Do You Need Cloud Testing To Support Cloud Computing?

After discussing how cloud computing makes it easier for telecommunications, it is also subject to flaws and glitches, which can further be taken care of with the help of cloud testing services.   

While migrating to the cloud, your business would require a check to save it from all possible errors because moving such a heavy data load isn’t an easy task. Hence, testing your cloud will make the work easier and more effective. Get your team of experts on board and leave all the hassle to them. With the help of continuous testing and deployment, cloud migration can be made more accessible.  

Top cloud service providers in the industry

With the desire to migrate to the cloud, you would require a list of all the market leaders capable of delivering what’s best suited for your business. Here are some of the top cloud service providers in the industry:   

  • Amazon Web Service (AWS)   
  • Google Cloud   
  • Microsoft Azure  
  • Salesforce   
  • IBM Cloud   


Cloud computing is beneficial for the telecommunication industry due to its effective data storage management services. However, shifting to the cloud isn’t anything like a cakewalk. There are many bottlenecks in the cloud computing journey like loss or breach of data, software crashes, unwanted and unexpected defects, and bad performing software. Therefore, with the help of quality assurance testing, telecoms can have a successful and smooth cloud computing process.  

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