Budgeting Apps Like Albert To Invest and Monitor Your Money

Apps Like Albert

Apps Like Albert App – Everything you need isn’t often available in one space, and the Albert app is no exception. However, I believe it is safe to state that the Albert app contains everything you’ll need to scale up your finances, including automated saves, budgeting, bill negotiation, guided investing, cash advances, and more.

The Albert app, which has been around for a while, was created to assist employees and individuals in resolving financial crises by providing the necessary financial monitoring tools, as well as a cash advances feature that allows users to borrow up to $100 in an instant.

Albert, like any other cash advance app or platform, has its limitations, some of which are that it does not offer joint accounts, you are charged a $4 premium fee per month, there is a $2.50 fee if you use an ATM other than the free ATMs, and there is no option to overdraw funds if your balance is low, which I am sure is why you are looking for other apps like Albert.

If you’re seeking the finest Albert alternative, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I’ll walk you through the top list of apps similar to Albert that you might want to try. But first, let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the Albert app.

Apps Like Albert
Budgeting Apps Like Albert To Invest and Monitor Your Money

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What Is Albert App?

Albert is a personal finance software that offers services such as automated savings, budgeting, bill negotiation, guided investing, cash advances, and others. The majority of their services are free, however, their premium Genius service is at least $4 per month. Stocks and ETFs are also offered on the financial platform.

How Does Albert App Work?

To obtain financial independence every financial guru has always emphasized the importance of understanding how to save, budget, invest, and know when to take a good loan. Unsurprisingly, This is where the Albert app comes in handy.


Albert works by studying your expenses and then automatically withdrawing funds from your checking account and depositing them into a savings account. Albert’s Smart Savings algorithm learns about users’ spending habits over time and then performs safe automatic withdrawals for saving.


When it comes to budgeting, Albert does the numbers for you.  Albert categorizes and keeps track of your spending habits, making it simple to spend less than you earn. They estimate your monthly earnings and regular bills so you know how much money you have to spend.


You can invest straight in this app, which means that anyone wishing to invest can take advantage of the investing options supplied in the app. Additionally, the financial platform only offers stocks and ETFs, which is a significant win for its consumers.

Cash Advance:

This program makes it simple to get cash advances. When you request a cash advance, They direct deposit up to $250 from your next paycheck into your bank account. They give you the money right away and only charge you a little fee. There are no hidden charges, no interest, and no credit checks.

In summary, The Albert app provides a one-of-a-kind mobile banking experience. Albert Cash allows you to set up direct deposit, which allows you to receive your paycheck up to two days early. A cash debit card can also be used to save and spend money. Not to mention that there are over 55,000 free ATMs available.

Is Albert App Legit?

Albert is a legal all-around financial app that allows you to accomplish practically everything, including savings, investing, cash advances, and budgeting, all while providing an exceptional banking experience. Albert has received 4.6 out of 5 stars from over 54,000 iOS users on The App Store and four out of 5 stars from over 11,000 Android users on Google Play.

Albert is best for individuals in search of wealth-building products like savings accounts, cash-back rewards, auto-investing tools, and individual investment accounts. The financial platform only offers stocks and ETFs, so it’s not best for those in search of other assets.

Is Albert App Safe?

YES, Albert is safe.

Albert employs bank-level security and connects your accounts with Plaid, a secure bank connection tool used by all major banks. Importantly, any money you save with Albert is maintained in FDIC-insured savings account with one of Albert’s partner institutions.

Are There Apps Like Albert?

Yes, there are hundreds of apps similar to Albert available; however, this post will focus on the finest of them, which include Cleo, Digit, Mint, and Qapital, to name a few. Keep in mind that most of these apps outperform and outcompete Albert in terms of functionality and features.

What are Financial Apps like Albert?

This is a list of 8 financial management apps similar to Albert that you can rely on for money management, savings, and investment:

  • Cleo
  • Digit
  • Mint
  • YNAB
  • Qapital
  • Acorns
  • Pocketguard
  • Personal Capital

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1. Cleo

apps like albert and cleo
saving apps like albert and cleo

CleoOpens in a new tab. is one of the greatest apps like Albert that employ artificial intelligence to make managing your finances more enjoyable. The app similar to Albert let you save, borrow, budget, and create credit. Plus you are given a credit card that is designed to help you improve your credit score.

Cleo installation is simple and takes less than two minutes. There is always an AI assistant available to aid you in staying on track.

When it comes to budgeting, Cleo does all of the legwork for you, including expense updates, advice, buildups, etc. Whatever you want to save for, you can always do it with the app because you’ll have an accountability partner in Cleo who will always praise you when you meet your goal.

Do you need a cash advance? For a first-time borrower, you can borrow as little as $20 to $50, and if you pay it back, you can get up to $100 all at once. When it comes to spending, you can rely on Cleo to help you cut back and prioritize your financial growth.

Cleo is one of the best apps like Albert that uses artificial intelligence to try to make managing your finances fun. The app similar to Albert lets you save, borrow, budget, and build credit.

Setting up Cleo is pretty straightforward and only takes two minutes. There is always an AI assistant to help you stay on track. You can make monthly targets according to your expenses.

When it comes to budgeting, Cleo does all the homework for you from expenditure updates, advice, buildups, and even roasts. Regardless of what you are saving for you can always achieve it using the app because you’ll have an accountability partner in Cleo who always celebrates you once you reach your goal.

Need a cash advance? For a first-timer, you are allowed to borrow as low as $20 to $50, once you back you can get up to $100 at once. When it has to do with spending, Trust Cleo to help you minimize it and place priority on helping you have healthy finance.

If you ask for an advance, Cleo will tell you that you need to upgrade your account to the paid version. She then offers to let you know whether you’ll even qualify for an advance at all—before you pay for the upgrade.


  • A robust free version that assists you in budgeting, automatically saving, and tracking your expenditures.
  • With Cleo Plus, you can earn cashback rewards and receive salary increases.
  • Cleo does a wonderful job of injecting fun and personality into personal finance.
  • You can receive interest on your savings by putting them in a savings account.


  • $5.99 per month for Cleo Plus is a bit pricey.
  • You only get up to $100 for a salary advance.
  • Cleo Crusher’s idea seems a little perplexing.

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2. Digit

digit is a app similar to albert and mint
digit is an app similar to albert and mint

Digit, like Albert, is an all-in-one financial app that handles budgeting, saving, and investing for you. Digit is aware of your spending habits and goals, and it carefully divides your contributions between savings, bills, and investments. When you activate the app, you will see how much money is available for spending.

Digit knows the significance of paying monthly expenses (rent, subscriptions, or utilities) which is why it  aids customers by retaining the appropriate amount for bills in a separate account to guarantee users do not squander the money before the end of the month. Overall, with a number, you can easily attain your savings goals.

When it comes to investing, Digit will match you with a well-balanced portfolio and contribute when you are able. For retirement, Digit will help you find the right IRA to make the most of your tax-advantaged savings every year.


  • It takes the thought out of saving.
  • You get an annual bonus on your savings.
  • Its one-of-a-kind algorithm aims to maximize savings.
  • Personal savings objectives can be established.
  • Allows you to save for retirement.


  • Digit’s savings account does not offer any interest.
  • Algorithms can also make mistakes, resulting in an overdrawn checking account.
  • After the initial setup, the process is not very simple.

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3. Mint

apps like albert cash advance

Mint is a free money manager and financial tracker app like Albert that can be used to manage your subscriptions, track your spending for free and bring together all of your finances.

With Mint, You Just Discovered a new approach to handling your money. You can now view your monthly payments, make budgets, boost your savings, and develop better financial habits.  From account balances and budget planners to tracking expenses and debt payments, all your money management is now in one place.

Mint provides a more comprehensive picture of your financial health by aggregating everything: account balances, monthly costs, spending, your free credit score, net worth, and more. Connect your cash, credit cards, loans, investments, and other financial assets.

Get notified when you’re about to go over budget or when you overdraft an account. When your subscription fees increase, you’ll be notified, and you can now cancel subscriptions directly from the App.

If investing in cryptocurrency is part of your financial approach, you can link your account in Mint to view your entire financial portfolio. Binance, Blockfi, Coinbase, Coinbase Pro, GEMINI, Kraken, Paypal, and Robinhood are among the platforms that support it.


  • Free and simple to use
  • Email or text message financial summary and warnings
  • Equifax provides a free credit score.
  • Alerts by email or text for odd account activity, bill reminders, and low balances
  • Financial reports that are easily customized and digestible
  • Downloaded transactions are automatically classified.


  • A scarcity of investment features
  • Account synchronization issues
  • The absence of a bill-paying feature
  • Doesn’t support more than one currency.
  • Multiple savings goals cannot be assigned to the same account.

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4. YNAB (You Need A Budget)

cash apps like albert
saving cash apps like albert

YNAB (You Need A Budget) is a personal budgeting app like albert that you can access from any device and monitor real-time budget updates. This tool contains a lot of features that will make budgeting easier and more enjoyable for you.

It is simple to set up and You get a 34-day free trial after which you will be charged $98.99 per year, or $14.99 per month if you continue to use the app.

The app provides powerful goal-setting capabilities that allow you to prioritize your spending and saving objectives and measure your progress in real-time. There is a progress bar to show you whether you are spending too much or spending too little. Plus you can set categories for financial objectives and track progress.

The loan planner option on YNAB assists you in repaying your debt by calculating the interest and time saved for extra money placed aside for the debt, a feature not accessible on the Albert app. It also gives budget and net worth reports, allowing you to track your progress.

You may safely link your bank accounts and examine your entire financial picture from a single location. Connecting to your bank with this app is simple and secure. You can also import all transactions automatically, which takes only a day or two.


  • Easily imports your financial data.
  • Change between several budgets without having to restart your device.
  • Data export that is adaptable.
  • Syncs with over 12,000 banks and devices.
  • Track your expenditure with ease.
  • Free for the next 34 days.


  • Doesn’t offer cash advance.
  • There is a monthly charge of $11.99, or $84 per year.
  • There is no investment tracking feature.
  • Email is the sole way to contact customer care.
  • There are no bill tracking or payment options.
  • Inadequate reporting

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5. Qapital

qapital albert alternative for investing
qapital albert alternative for investing

Qapital is an award-winning personal finance mobile app developed by Qapital, LLC that is based in Stockholm and New York and is aimed to assist individuals and couples as they save, invest, and spend their money to meet a certain goal.

Qapital assists you in automating your budget. You can keep to your weekly spending targets with Spending Sweet Spot. This feature assigns you a target and allows you to keep the rest. You should also use Payday Divvy, which allows you to split your paycheck as soon as it arrives in your account. This way, you can stick to a budget with ease.

The app similar to Albert, also helps you stay in control by increasing your financial literacy and organization, which is why you can easily save for long-term financial objectives and visualize your tradeoffs using this app because all you do is save behind the scenes without much thought.

You can save money to pay off your recurrent bills and achieve financial independence. If it’s an investment, let Qapital figure it out for you. Potential investors can benefit from the app’s built-in portfolios. This is why Including an investment portfolio in your savings plan allows you to achieve more substantial and long-term goals.

Qapital charges $3, $6, and $12 each month for its Basic, Complete, and Premier programs, respectively. The good news is that couples can manage money and set objectives together. Couples can select a package that matches their demands while maintaining the same pricing.


  • The setup is simple and straightforward.
  • Excellent user interface.
  • Create your own “rules” for automated savings.
  • Monthly or transaction costs are kept to a minimum.


  • The interest rate is low.
  • does not support tax-advantaged retirement arrangements such as 401(k)s and IRAs
  • The webpage is not particularly user-friendly.

Download Qapital for AndroidOpens in a new tab. | iPhoneOpens in a new tab.

6. Acorns

Acorns investment app like albert

Acorns is a fintech business best known for its saving and micro-investing platform, which allows users to set up automated contributions into a portfolio for themselves or their families via Round-Ups: Acorns rounds up the nearest dollar after purchase and invests the change on the user’s behalf. all while helping people improve their financial habits

With this app, you may set up an automated recurring investment starting at $5 per day, week, or month and invest in the background of your life, as well as gain access to expert-built cleverly diversified portfolios.

With real-time Round-Ups and Smart Deposit, the Acorns Visa debit card saves and invests for you every time you spend. You can also use over 55,000 fee-free ATMs. When you set up a direct deposit into Acorns bank, you are paid two days earlier.

You can earn money with Acorns Earn when you shop from 350+ popular brands. You can also earn money by inviting friends and searching through millions of remote, part-time, and full-time employment. The Acorns Earn Chrome plugin simplifies the procedure.

Acorns prioritize your peace of mind by offering bank-level protection for your data, preventing unwanted account access, and alerting you in the event of any unexpected activity.


  • Invests spare change automatically.
  • Set up a recurring investment for as little as $5 per day/week/month.
  • Options for a low-risk, low-cost investment portfolio.
  • Automatic savings tools encourage investors to save more money.
  • Simple to use interface.
  • When you invite friends, you get money.
  • There is educational information available.


  • A high fee is levied on modest account balances.
  • There will be no tax-loss harvesting or access to human consultants.
  • Unlike other competitors, you must pay fees to access the checking account.

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7. PocketGuard

PocketGuard best budgeting app like albert
PocketGuard best budgeting app like albert

PocketGuard is a free budgeting Albert alternative app for anyone who wants to stay on top of their finances. Budgeting with PocketGuard is so simple that you won’t have to spend the rest of your life calculating figures. This is because pocketguard handles all of the routines, such as spending tracking and bill monitoring, allowing you to focus solely on money management activities.

With its money management tool, the free budgeting app provides you with several reports to help you examine your personal finances from multiple perspectives, learn about your spending habits, make required modifications, and optimize your monthly budget.

The PocketGuard money management app helps you keep track of your spending, and its unique “In My Pocket” function ensures that you always know how much money you have available to you.

If you want to cut costs, the PocketGuard bill organizer will help you negotiate better rates with your provider. As a result, you may be able to optimize your budget by minimizing the cost of services that you use.

On the other hand, the subscription manager can help you find subscriptions that you may have forgotten about. This is another money-saving technique to assist you in avoiding paying for services that you no longer use.

Pocketguard uses the same 256-bit SSL encryption as all major banks to ensure the security and privacy of your important information. As an additional protection layer, the PocketGuard app employs PIN codes and biometrics such as Touch ID and Face ID.


  • Accounts from thousands of institutions can be synced.
  • With the In My Pocket function, you can see how much money you have available to spend.
  • Get customized spending reports.
  • Create budgets and set savings targets.


  • To utilize, accounts must be synced.
  • The free version has certain limitations.

Download Pocketguard for AndroidOpens in a new tab. | iPhoneOpens in a new tab.

8. Personal Capital

Personal Capital app similar to albert
Personal Capital app similar to albert

Personal Capital is an app that combines financial planning, money management, and investing. It allows you to link your accounts to the app’s dashboard, allowing you to keep track of everything in one spot. This covers all of your bank accounts, credit cards, retirement accounts, investments, and other financial accounts.

With personal capital, you can track your assets with the Investment Checkup tool, which shows you how well your investments are performing.

The budgeting feature organizes your spending and savings automatically by date, merchant, or category. This allows you to simply define and track monthly spending goals.

While the interactive Cash Flow graph lets see your total income and total expenses across all of your accounts. You can also use the Retirement Planner can also be used to plan, monitor, and forecast your future.

Other financial tools, such as the Fee Analyzer, Investment Checkup, Financial Roadmap, and Personal Strategy, will ensure that you have a solid financial living.

Personal Capital also places a premium on the confidentiality of your financial data. It employs numerous levels of protection to keep your money and accounts safe, as well as your personal information confidential.


  • There are individual securities available.
  • Free, all-inclusive investment management software.
  • Financial advisors who are committed.
  • A solid and practical suite of free budgeting and portfolio management tools.


  • Requires a $100,000 minimum deposit start-up fee.
  • Its annual management fee is so expensive.
  • Has a frustrating sign-up process.

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Conclusion On Saving Apps Like Albert

There are many money budgeting apps like Albert available online today, but recognizing and selecting the best one might be tough. That is why I created this list to help you make the best option.

All of the money tracking applications described in this post may be found on the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. Before you start using any of the apps for bill payment or money planning, analyze all of your alternatives, properly compare their features, and, most importantly, choose the one that works best for you and your needs.

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