10 Best Car Rental Service Apps for iPhone and Android Users

Best Car Rental Apps

The global car rental industry is expanding, with revenues estimated to reach $131 billion by 2026. With online cab reservations and other service sectors such as auto rental apps, the technological ease is winning the regular travelers and economically sane Gen Z generation.

Online automobile rental services and applications are increasing in tandem with the digitalization of the travel and tourist industry. If you’re looking to rent a car in DubaiOpens in a new tab., through an online platform to bring greater convenience to your trip, you’ve come to the perfect place.

Best Car Rental Apps
best rental car apps for iPhone and android

10 Best Apps to Rent a Car On iPhone and Android

If you are in Dubai, India, U.S, U.K, and Canada. Here is a list of the best vehicle rental applications for 2022 and the good news is that these apps are available on the app store for iPhone users or the play store for android users.

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  • Turo

Turo best app for cheap car rental
Turo best app for cheap car rental

Rather than letting their car remain in the driveway. With Turo, car owners can use the cars for hire platform to turn their asset (the automobile) into a profit engine and generate money. It benefits local car owners in the United States, Canada, the New York Times, the United Kingdom, Germany, and many other European countries.

Visitors can select from a range of automobiles through the online rental car program. Turo vehicle app costs 30% less than typical car rental businesses, making it an affordable option for the average person.


  • The ride-sharing app is self-explanatory, with features such as changeable settings and recommendations for making great money from your car.
  • It provides excellent customer service to both automobile owners and users.
  • It offers excellent navigation and user interface design.

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  • Getaround

getaround best car rental site
getaround best car rental site

If you’re creating a rental car app like Getaround, you should think about features like ‘unlock your car through the app’ and allowing users to rent any car they want, from a Toyota to a BMW. It is a completely free platform with no monthly or annual charges. For a stress-free road trip and cruiser, the Getaround app offers online car rental liability insurance. The European peer-to-peer ride-sharing app allows users to hire or share a car for as little as $5 every peak hour.


  • It is now easy to rent a car at a reasonable price and complete the login process.
  • There is no limit to the number of updates and listings a single car owner can make.
  • The automobile screens’ UI/UX is appealing for improved user engagement.

Download for IOSOpens in a new tab./AndroidOpens in a new tab.

  • Kayak

Kayak best private car rental app

Kayak is a comprehensive travel software that can assist you in finding anything from eateries to healthcare to airports. This might be one of your first possibilities if you own a travel agency and get into the internet cab company.

Even if they are not hooked up to the internet, anyone can utilize the Kayak car rental app. It can assist with flight bookings, car rentals, and business trip consultants who can plan the entire trip on the user’s behalf. The app is one of the greatest automobile rental apps, and its user-friendly UI has earned it a nomination for the “Best Mobile App Awards.”


  • Users can double-check the trip prices before purchasing a vacation.
  • It is a simple and particular booking app.
  • In an in-app itinerary, the app organizes and records the journey and adventure details.

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  • Zipcar

Zipcar is best car rental apps android
Zipcar is best car rental apps android

It is the most straightforward and time-saving technique for obtaining a rental car app. Users can download the app, choose their membership options, and then obtain a “Zipcard” in the mail. The internet user can rent a car near him and use a Zipcard to unlock it. For metropolitan regions and university campuses, this product is versatile and convenient. 


  • It is simple to rent a car using the app.
  • The customer service is satisfactory to the users.
  • Location and parking facilities for cars that are effective.

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  • Hertz

Hertz is best car rental apps in india

Users may use the Hertz app to rent a car fast, alter a reservation, locate a location, and earn or check Hertz Gold Excellent Performance points. It’s one of the best auto rental apps, with simple, intuitive features like a “park near me” option that keeps customers engaged. Users can also take advantage of special discounts and deals on automobile rentals, which are cheaper than typical services.


  • Car rentals are easy to search and submit, with instant bookings.
  • The app’s user interface is appealing.
  • Traveling is made easier with quick and detailed information.

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  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car

Enterprise Rent-A-Car best car rental apps london

The Enterprise Rent-A-Automobile App is like having your own personal assistant at the car rental desk. The user can make changes to a reservation, check to pick up and drop locations, get information on the current rental car item, and get roadside assistance. This auto rental software works in over 7800 locations around the world and supports a variety of languages, including English.


  • The car rental times can be readily changed using the app.
  • It recalls the user’s previous automobile rentals so that they may effortlessly schedule another one.
  • The app has all the places and phone numbers.

Download for IOSOpens in a new tab./AndroidOpens in a new tab.

  • Virtuo

Virtuo the best car rental apps for android
Virtuo the best car rental apps for android and iPhone

The Virtuo app provides consumers with a hassle-free, flexible automobile and truck rental service. A user may simply book high-end vehicles at reasonable pricing. Anyone, wherever, at any time, may book a car and drive away using an all-in-one car rental app. The app is available at airports, train stations, and other critical places in France, the United Kingdom, Spain, and Belgium.


  • The software is simple to use, and all charges are made plain and open.
  • The customer service is outstanding.
  • The enrollment process is simple, and the software is well-designed for a better user experience.

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  • Carngo

CARNGO the best car rental apps

This program is straightforward and easy to use, and it was created with the middle man in mind. It allows users to reserve a car or truck, pick it up, and return it once the job is completed. Carngo collaborates with numerous international and local automobile rental companies. It works with over 1000 well-known car rental providers, including Alamo, AVIS, Hertz, National, Payless, Ace, SIXT, Priceline, Enterprise, and Europcar.


  • Users may hire a car and compare prices whenever they want thanks to category compatibility.
  • Aids in the viewing and management of car rentals.
  • Each time a user logs into the app, they can earn/redeem a price.

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  • Skyscanner

Skyscanner car rental apps for under 25

Users may use the Skyscanner app to plan and book flights, hotels, and transportation at their leisure. It assists in locating the best travel prices as well as incredible hotel bargains. When booking a business trip through this Skyscanner car rental app, there are no booking fees or hidden charges. The software also allows users to search for vehicles based on their type, fuel, and other advanced features.


  • There are no additional fees or charges for using any of the app’s services.
  • Notification notifications to locate the best flight and transportation prices
  • For convenience, it has teamed with Travelocity, Trip.com, and others.

Download for IOSOpens in a new tab./AndroidOpens in a new tab.

  • SIXT

sixt best app for cheap car rental

SIXT is another amazing automobile rental software that allows customers to drive or be driven to their desired location. The app’s online automobile rental service is available in over 100 countries. Cars, drop-off boundaries, and duration are all unlimited with the app’s car-sharing feature. Within the app account, the user can book their preferred automobile and manage bookings. For more customized results, the search filter narrows the search to car type, price, and popularity.


  • It offers car rental services that range from one minute to 27 days.
  • Choose from a variety of vehicles ranging from economy to first class.
  • This auto rental app offers fantastic discounts.

Download for IOSOpens in a new tab./AndroidOpens in a new tab.


If you are looking for the best app for cheap car rental you can trust the above-listed apps to do the job for you. If you are yet to use any of the ones I listed above you can try my top 3 picks which are Turo, Getaround, and Zipcar.

If you however have used any of the apps I listed above do well to share your experience via the comment box below.

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