5 Best Free Podcast App For Android Phone – [Ultimate Pick]

Podcast App For Android

Whether you’re doing the dishes, driving home from work, or working up a sweat at the gym, podcasts are a terrific way to fill up your time with the recent updates, entertainment shows, in-depth narrative, and so much more. In a simple term, podcasts are the new radio stations, As there are lots to pick from.

The boggling question has always been, “where do you find a podcast app for android free?” cos I have had friends and other people ask me: what podcast app do you use? So as to put an end to all the “what podcast app should I use or which podcast app is best for android” I have made a list of the best free podcast apps for android.

Some of the key takeaways are that; this podcast app lets you make playlists,  and also, this podcast app lets you bookmark your favorite podcast episode so you can always do a follow-up at your convenience.

Podcast App For Android
5 Best Free Podcast App For Android Phone

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What Are The Best Podcast Apps for Android?

This is a quick overview of the best podcast app for free on android.

Pocket Casts is our favorite podcast app for Android, which should come as no surprise. It doesn’t get any better than this, even with platform upgrades that made the service available but added a new subscription service. 

Did you really believe Spotify wasn’t going to be a part of this? Our favorite music streaming service is already on the app, and the firm has been progressively enhancing the podcast experience as well. If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution, Spotify is one of the finest podcast apps for Android.

Google Podcasts is among the most unusual options available, since you may listen from your browser or download the app. Simply open the Google app and type in “Podcasts.” From there, you can search for and listen to your favorite podcasts. Let’s have a look at some famous Podcasts app that is most common in use. 

1. Pocket Casts

pocket cast - best podcast apps for android
pocket cast – best podcast apps for android

For years, Pocket Casts has been my go-to podcast app. There was some resistance to the transition from a premium upgrade to a subscription-based model until the business announced that users who had previously purchased were grandfathered into Pocket Casts Plus. For new users, you can continue with the free version or upgrade to Pocket Casts Plus for $0.99 per month or $9.99 per year.

Aside from that, Pocket Casts is amazing. It looks fantastic, is simple to use, and operates well. Speed adjustments, a volume booster, and the option to clip out any silence in an episode are all included in the playback controls.

Download Pocket castOpens in a new tab.

2. Spotify

spotify - best free podcast app for android
Spotify – best free podcast app for android

A specialized podcast app isn’t required for everyone. If you’re using Spotify to listen to music, you might as well use it to listen to podcasts as well.

It doesn’t have nearly as many capabilities as Pocket Casts or any of the options on our list, but the fact that you can listen to podcasts and listen to music in one place on an app you presumably already have is really handy. Over the last few years, Spotify has gone all-in on podcast hosting, resulting in a greater number of podcasts than ever before. There are even a few that are just available on the site, which you can search by category.

Download SpotifyOpens in a new tab.

3. Google Podcasts

google podcast - podcast app no ads
google podcast – podcast app no ads

It’s astonishing that Google Podcasts app took so long to reach the market, but the wait was very well worth it in many ways.

Google Podcasts is completely free to use, and if you’re already invested in Google’s ecosystem, it’s the best option. Finding new podcasts is as simple as running a Google search, and you can pick up where you left out with your Assistant-powered device with only a voice command if you start one on the app.

Outside those Google integrations, Google Podcasts earns high marks for its sleek and simple design, user-friendly UI, and excellent podcast discovery.

Download Google PodcastOpens in a new tab.

4. Podcasts Addict

podcast addict - podcast app multiple playlists
podcast addict – podcast app multiple playlists

Podcast Addict meets the bill if you’re seeking one of the finest podcast apps on Android with a large content library. The app gives you access to over 750,000 podcasts, 120,000 radio stations, and 20,000 ebooks, everything at your fingertips. Make your home screen your own by putting your favorite episodes at the top or searching for a particular scene you missed.

Podcast Addict lets you create your own playlists, which can be sorted by topic or even with custom filters. That way, you may listen to your sports podcasts app too before moving to the Android Central podcast once you’ve learned everything there is to know about your favorite sports teams.

You can even add audiobooks with a local repository, RSS news feeds, or even YouTube channels to the app, so you can stay up to date on what your favorite producers are up to.

Download podcast addictOpens in a new tab.

5. CastBox

castbox - podcast app on android
castbox – podcast app on android

Castbox is a one-stop shop for podcasts, but it’s not the same as Spotify. Castbox offers a different approach, claiming to be able to give material from any source you desire, including prominent news outlets, FM radio, and even ebooks. If you’re into numbers, there’s a Listening Time tab that displays how much time you spend listening to various podcasts during the day.

When it comes to Castbox, one feature stands out: the built-in Zen Mode. This function includes over 100 different natural sounds that you can play or combine. If you need to concentrate on something, you can utilize Zen Mode to help you fall asleep or drown out the surrounding sounds.

Download CastboxOpens in a new tab.

Final Verdict

The intent of this article is to provide podcast listeners like you who just can’t get the best free android podcast apps to use, If you have read through here I trust you were not disappointed. Also, I have to state that it is ideal you make further research on some of the other not-listed features here before coming down to your final decision.

If you found this article, Why not share it with your fellow podcast lovers who are struggling with getting the best podcast app for free on android.

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