Best iPadOS Features You Have Not Been Utilizing

Best iPadOS Features

Apple’s iPads have been hailed as the king of tablets for quite a while now. Whether it comes to looks, performance, or build quality, no tablet in the market can match iPads in any aspect. Apple’s iPads are the dominant products in the tablet market all around the globe.

Every year or alternative year, Apple launches new and better versions of its iPads to lure in more customers. Currently, the iPad lineup features four variants, namely the standard iPad, the iPad Mini, the iPad Air, and the iPad Pro.

As the name suggests, the iPad Pro is a top-tier device that falls in the “Premium” category. According to TechRadarOpens in a new tab., the 2021 iPad Pro featuring the M1 chipset is the best tablet money can buy. 

Best iPadOS Features
Best iPadOS Features You Have Not Been Utilizing

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When it comes to the software of iPads, they are powered by iPadOS, the elegant and dynamic operating system designed specifically for iPads. Over the years, there have been numerous good versions of the iPadOS, but the latest version, namely iPadOS 15, takes the power and functionality of the device to a whole new level.

iPadOS 15 features tons of new and improved features compared to its predecessors, which facilitate users to perform any task, such as taking notes, playing games, watching content, etc., with ease.

This article will shed light on some top-tier features that most users have not been utilizing properly. Let us begin:

How to Make My iPad More Useful?

  • Take Notes Quickly From Anywhere

The Notes app of iPadOS is a handy utility that enables users to take notes with ease. The app features tons of useful functionalities that help users take notes, format them as per their requirements, and share them across multiple platforms with ease.

The Quick Note feature of iPadOS enhances the app’s features. The feature allows users to take notes from any window or app. To access the handy feature, all users need to do is drag their finger or Apple Pencil from their iPad’s bottom-right corner to instantly bring up a small-sized Quick Note instantly.

Besides this, users can also access this feature by using their iPad’s keyboard. To access the Quick Note window, users must press the “Globe” and “Q” keys together.

Once the window pops up, users can pen down their notes and click on “Done” to save them in the Notes app. It is a great iPadOS feature that comes in very handy during important lectures and meetings. 

  • Print Using your iPad

The option to print a document is no longer restricted to Macs. iPadOS offers users to print any document directly using their iPad. If you own an iPad and want to print from an iPadOpens in a new tab., you first need to pair a printer with your device.

There are numerous ways of adding a printer to your iPad. For instance, if you own an AirPrint Printer, you need to connect your printer and your iPad to the same WiFi network.

However, if you have a standard printerOpens in a new tab., you would need to download the official application of your printer’s company on your device and follow the provided instructions for printing. Besides this, you can also opt to use your Mac for printing the required files. 

  • Group Similar Tabs Together

Millions of users use the iPad’s native Safari Browser because it offers top-tier features and functionalities that provide a seamless browsing experience. However, many users do not know that Safari offers users to group tabs together.

It is a very handy feature, especially for users who work with multiple tabs daily. The feature also allows users to organize multiple tabs by stacking similar ones together.

To similar group tabs on your iPad’s Safari browser, you need to tap on the button present in the sidebar, press the two consecutive buttons present, and click on the “New Tab Group” option.

Whether you are browsing through multiple social media platformsOpens in a new tab. together, reading news on different platforms, or doing any other task, the feature allows you to segregate different tabs, thereby providing a more organized and efficient browsing experience. 

  • Save Battery By Switching to Low Power Mode

The Low Power Mode of iOS is available on iPads running on iOS 15. As the name suggests, the app facilitates users to save their iPad’s battery and prevent it from getting completely discharged. For instance, if your iPad only has a 5% charge left, you can turn on this power-saving mode and make your iPad’s battery last longer.

Numerous native and third-party features and utilities will be disabled when the Low Power Mode is turned on. Besides this, the performance of your iPad will also slow down to ensure that the battery does not experience extra strain.

To turn on the Low Power Mode, you can go to your iPad’s Settings, click on “Battery,” and tap on “Low Power Mode” to enable the feature. It is a great feature that facilitates users to keep their iPads on and function for longer. 

Final Word

Using the aforementioned iPadOS features, you can use your iPad to the best of its capabilities and enhance your user experience. 

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