Best Peer-to-Peer Apps Like Lenme for Android and iOS

Apps Like Lenme

Apps Like Lenme – Are you in need of a quick loan from $50 – $5,000, or perhaps you are an investor looking out to reach more borrowers, then Lenme is just the right platform to register on. Lenme is a U.S based lending app and also an app for investing money as an investor. Slide down to know more about Lenme and how it works.

Lenme is a peer-to-peer lending platform that stands as a bridge for people who want to invest money and also a platform for people to get cash advances. The app connects users to investors who are willing to lend their money to people who are in need in return for just a little token. With apps like Lenme, you have no reason to go around trying to lend money the traditional way.

Apps Like Lenme
Best Peer-to-Peer Apps Like Lenme for Android and iOS

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Is Lenme Legit?

Many investors might be scared of investing their money on the app because they might be scared of losing their money to strangers but Lenme is totally different and is very secure and legit to invest in.

Is Lenme Safe?

Lenme is totally safe and whatever information you share with them is kept confidential and safe so if you are looking forward to investing or using their lending services, then you have nothing to fear.

How Does Lenme Work?

Lenme is a peer-to-peer lending platform meaning it connects people who are capable of lending money to people who are in need and the commission they charge is next to nothing.

Lenme Requirements

To acquire a loan on the Lenmw app, you must be a US citizen and you must have these requirements;

  • Social Security number
  • Government-issued ID, and
  • Bank account number.

Top 10 Apps Like Lenme for Quick Loans


  1. Zirtue
  2. Prosper
  3. Kiva
  4. LendingClub
  5. Hundy
  6. Happy Money
  7. Solo Funds
  8. Peerform
  9. Upstart
  10. Payoff

1. Zirtue

Zirtue - apps like lenmo for android
apps like lenmo for android
Zirtue is a peer-to-peer lending app like Lenme that allows friends and family to connect and lend money to those at the needing end with very little or no cost.

Several banks have already partnered with the platform to provide vetted lending and borrowing services via the app. They hope that their app will become the new way for friends and family members to lend money to one another.

It works by utilizing blockchain technology to create a decentralized application (DApp) that employs smart contracts and smart rewards to ensure timely loan repayment. The platform also provides insurance on all loans taken out.


  • Automatic recurring payments
  • Peer-to-peer lend and borrow
  • Doesn’t charge anything to the lenders
  • You can cancel the loan request if not accepted


  • Charges monthly fees for Borrowers

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2. Prosper

Prosper - Apps Like Lenme
Prosper – Apps Like Lenme
The next on our list of apps like Lenme for lending is Prosper. The app provides personal loans at competitive interest rates while removing the hassle of dealing with banks and the paperwork typically associated with this process.

Since its inception in 2006, the company has grown to over a million members and has issued billions of dollars in loans. Unlike the traditional banking system, where banks make the majority of the profits, Prosper earns its entire income from the interest charged on its loans.

All borrowers with an active checking account can apply for a loan through Prosper’s website or mobile app, as well as access free online financial tools such as an automated savings account and calculator.

It provides a platform for people with bad credit to borrow money from other people or businesses. The prices vary depending on the borrowers’ credit score and the loan amount, allowing borrowers to have lower fees and better loans.

Prosper offers loans up to $40,000, but their average loan amount is around $3,000. This allows people to borrow more money without having a higher interest rate attached to it.


  • No early repayment penalty
  • You can get funds as soon as three days
  • Users can invest for as low as $25
  • Maximum potential returns


  • A charges origination fee of 2.5 to 5%
  • APR rates are quite high (7%-35%)

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3. Kiva

Kiva - Lending apps
Kiva is another peer-to-peer lending app like Lenme that allows people to lend money to low-income entrepreneurs and students in over 77 countries via the internet. It typically includes personal stories about each person who applies for a loan so that lenders can easily connect with the borrowers.

Kiva works with over 300 microfinance institutions, schools, non-profit organizations, and social impact businesses all over the world. Kiva aims to make lending as simple as possible by making it available to everyone around the world via its website or mobile app.


  • No credit check and no origination fee
  • 0% APR for United States borrowers
  • Flexible payments


  • Long application process
  • Offers loans only for small start-ups

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4. LendingClub

LendingClub - apps like Lenme

Lending Club is another peer-to-peer financing platform and one of the best apps like Lenme that provide loans to consumers while also assisting businesses and non-profits in their growth. Renaud Laplanche, a French entrepreneur, founded the company, which has been in operation for several decades.

They offer loan options to borrowers who would not otherwise be able to obtain credit cards or personal loans from traditional lending institutions.

Lending Club offers a wide range of financial products and services, such as auto loans, credit cards, residential mortgages, student loans, and personal loans. These are typically offered at lower interest rates and fees than those offered by banks or credit unions.


  • Ability to stretch the repayment terms of 3 and five years
  • No hard credit inquiry
  • Co-borrowers are allowed


  • Requires a minimum credit score of 600
  • Charges an origination fee

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5. Hundy

Hundy - Apps similar to Lenme
Hundy is another app like Lenme that offers peer-to-peer loaning services and connects borrowers to investors. If you need money for whatever reason, such as rent, groceries, or utilities, Hundy is there for you to lean on. It is a mobile app for money where users can get a deposit advance in just a few minutes from investors across you.

As an investor on the app, there are different levels you can attain that come with different benefits, points, awards, and achievements. But that comes when you lend money up to 10 times on the app.


  • Easy to use
  • No early repayment penalty
  • Easily convert the advance into a no-penalty or no-fee installment plan


  • Sometimes it may block you from making payments
  • Sufficient deposits should come into your account on a monthly basis

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6. Happy Money

Happy Money - Apps like Lenme
Happy Money – Apps like Lenme
Happy Money, formerly known as Payoff, is another app like Lenme that offers borrowers fixed-rate personal loans solely for the purpose of paying off credit card debt. Its consolidation loans combine multiple high-interest credit card payments into a single monthly payment with a lower APR.

By reporting payments to the three major credit bureaus and providing free monthly FICO score updates, Happy Money assists borrowers in focusing on credit building through the loan.


  • Offers direct payment to creditors.
  • Option to change payment date.
  • Reports payments to all three major credit bureaus.
  • No prepayment or late fees.
  • Offers a free newsletter to help subscribers manage financial stress.


  • May charge origination fee.
  • No rate discount for autopay.
  • No co-signed joint or secured loans.

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7. Solo Funds

Solo Funds - Apps similar to Lenme
Solo Funds

SoLo Funds is another peer-to-peer financial service provider similar to Lenme that provides a marketplace for members to request and fund emergency needs. SoLo Funds was launched in 2018 with the goal of providing an equitable, empowering, and community-driven lending alternative.

This lending platform is one of the few online personal loan lenders that offer loans as small as $1,000, and at better rates than several of the other lenders willing to make small loans. The most creditworthy borrowers will get an APR of 5.94%,5 even lower than what some traditional lenders charge.


  • Community-oriented lending and borrowing platform with no interest and no fees
  • Borrowers set an optional tip that they can afford
  • Borrowers choose their own repayment period
  • Loan rollover provision at a minimal fee in case of missed payment
  • Rollover fees go to the lender, not the platform
  • Lenders can report defaulters to collections thanks to the signed promissory note
  • A loan on the platform could turn into a gift


  • No guarantee that you will find a lender to finance your loan
  • In case a lender reports a borrower to collections, their credit scores will take a big hit
  • Loans have short repayment periods between 14 and 30 days
  • Though a larger tip would be advantageous in securing a lender, it could become costly
  • You cannot be both a lender and a borrower at the same time

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8. Peerform

Peerform - apps like Lenme
Peerform – apps like Lenme

Peerform is another peer-to-peer lending platform like Lenme that stands out for its effectiveness and ability to lend money to people with relatively low credit scores. Unlike its competitors, Peerform provides an alternative to high-interest payday loans and other predatory financial products, such as fee-laden credit cards, for borrowers with poor or damaged credit.

Peerform’s best rate of 5.99 percent is the lowest we could find for a peer-to-peer or platform lending company (and pretty good for any personal loan), and its maximum APR offer of 29.99 percent is also relatively low. Peerform does, however, charge a number of fees, including a 1 percent to 5 percent origination fee and a 5% late fee.

While these fees are typical among lenders who charge them, not all competitors do. Furthermore, Peerform’s personal loans are only available for three years. While there are no penalties for paying off your loan early, if you need to stretch your payments out for a longer period of time, you’re out of luck.


  • Borrowers with lower credit scores may qualify
  • No outrageous rates above 30%
  • Extra-low APR for borrowers with great credit


  • Can’t borrow for longer than three years
  • No co-signers or joint applications allowed
  • Fees, including an origination fee for all borrowers
  • Not available to borrowers in Connecticut, North Dakota, Vermont, West Virginia, or Wyoming

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9. Upstart

Upstart - Apps similar to Lenme
Upstart – Apps similar to Lenme

Upstart is one of the best apps like Lenme for a fast and secured cash advance. This unique lending platform searches for potential borrowers based on academic and employment credentials, even if they have limited or imperfect credit histories.

You don’t even need a credit score to get funding from Upstart. In exchange for sharing unusual information, such as the university you attended, your field of study, or who you’ve worked for, you may be able to secure a lower rate than you would from a traditional lender.

Upstart may be especially beneficial for young, first-time borrowers, such as recent college graduates. It’s one of the few lenders with competitive terms that openly advertise a willingness to consider applicants with no credit history at all. Furthermore, Upstart’s lowest APR is quite low, and borrowers with the strongest applications pay no origination fees.


  • Accessible if you have a fair or thin credit history (even first-time borrowers are eligible)
  • Potentially better APRs for those with lower credit scores, thanks to alternative credentials
  • No origination fee for select borrowers


  • No application
  • Very high maximum APR
  • High origination fees for some borrowers
  • No co-signers allowed
  • Not available to borrowers in Iowa or West Virginia

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10. Payoff

Payoff - Another app like Lenme
Payoff – Another app like Lenme

Amongst other online lending platforms and peer-to-peer lending apps like Lenme, Payoff loans have the most competitive rates we could find if you’re looking to refinance higher-interest credit card debt. (Unfortunately, a Payoff loan cannot be used for any other purpose.) Payoff has rates ranging from 5.99 percent APR to 24.99 percent APR. 3

You can get a Payoff loan for $5,000 to $40,000, so you should have enough breathing room to consolidate all of your credit card debt and space out payments predictably. Payoff is also notable for its flexible repayment terms (two to five years) and lack of fees. The only fee Payoff may charge is an origination fee, which can range from 0% to 5%.


  • Very competitive APRs
  • Various repayment periods
  • No late fee or returned payment fee
  • No origination fee for select borrowers
  • Unique financial education tools


  • Can’t be used for anything but refinancing credit card debt
  • Joint applications (so you can pay off your partner’s debt) aren’t allowed
  • Not available to borrowers in Massachusetts or Nevada

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Conclusion on apps like Lenme

With apps like Lenme and happymoney, you never have to wait till payday before you get your pills or pay the bills. With the above apps you can become an investor and also get cash advance loans with little interest on payback but before you start using the apps, go through them and find the one that best suits your needs.

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