Blogging For Business – Easy Steps To Set Up A Money Making Blog For Newbie

Blogging For Business

With firms declaring bankruptcy and enterprises shutting down as a result of the pandemic, blogging has risen to the top of the list of revenue options for 2022. While everyone knows how to make money through blogging, few people have taken advantage of this potential to its fullest of Blogging For Business.

Particularly large blogging entrepreneurs have given their followers an indication of how much money they can make through their blogs. However, People are still unsure where to begin, despite the fact that the figures look pretty good.

If you’re one of the many bloggers who are new to the game or have been blogging for a while but are still unsure how to turn blogging into a passive source of income and livelihood, you’ve come to the ideal place.

I’ve sketched out a road map and compiled a list of hot suggestions only for you and other struggling bloggers, like my previous self, so you can maximize your blog’s income-earning potential.

Blogging For Business
Steps To Build A Money Making Blog

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But before we go in I need to quickly state that when you’re setting up your blog to make money, you’ll want to make sure you conduct a lot of research while you ask yourself this few questions;

  1. What are the most profitable niches?
  2. Is there any room for a newcomer like you?
  3. How long should I expect a turnover?

Just because a concept sounds fantastic doesn’t imply it’s original, so be sure you have all of the necessary facts before launching your blog.

Pick a Lucrative Niche

Newbie bloggers frequently struggle with naming their site and deciding which niche to pursueOpens in a new tab., owing in part to the hundreds of thousands of blogs that exist today. This is why it’s critical to find a lucrative and fascinating niche.

To stand out in a sea of blogs vying for readers’ attention, newcomers must improve their decision-making skills. And one simple method to do it is to break down major topics into smaller regions.

As a result, whenever someone looks for information on that issue, your blog will rank high in the search results, giving you the opportunity to shine.

Start Dropping Content

Once you have settled for a niche, purchased your domain name, hosting, and have everything set up, the next phase should be dishing out valuable SEO-optimized content that is relevant to your niche as well as informative and engaging to your audience also.

Getting to know what your audience is looking for can be challenging at first, so using professional SEO tools like semrushOpens in a new tab., ahrefOpens in a new tab., and others, It is advisable to alternatively use Google’s auto-suggestion if you want a free option.

Another pain in the ass is creating content that keeps your readers engaged and coming because it isn’t easy, So you certainly might need an experienced writing guidelineOpens in a new tab. for that.

Grow Your Audience

While you’re providing valuable information on your website, it makes sense if you’re also growing your audience. Because the truth is that if your content falls on deaf ears, your chances of making money from blogging are very slim.

It’s challenging to grow your following, but believe me when I tell you the payoff is well worth the effort. You’ll also need to be visible on multiple social media sites and share information so that people who are interested in learning more about you can find you quickly.

Make sure the text you’re using is engaging, and the photos and graphics you’re using are appealing.

Another approach to expand your audience is to generate leads. You can do this by asking them to subscribe to your newsletter, and if they do, you’ll have their email addresses to send them updates when you publish new content or when your product is ready to launch.

Monetize Your Blog

Money isn’t everything they said, but money is essential to life, and blogging isn’t an exception. Wait who even blogs for free? Yes you can do it for the passion but we all know we have one eye set on the money (lallalala…)

But sadly earning a living via blogging seems to be the most difficult aspect of blogging, which is why we see so many bloggers either give up, sell out their blogs some even go ahead to entirely delete their blog from existence.

This usually happens because a lot of people often make the mistake of thinking that all the cash will come in once they’ve set up their blog. But sadly that’s not how this works. As with any other job, you have to put in the work in order, be patient and you will see your efforts turn into cash.

One of the tips for new bloggers that needs to be emphasized is the importance of monetizing their blogs. You reap what you sow, and if you’re not setting your blog up to earn money, the chances of that happening are slim. To earn with your blog, you need to correctly lay down your foundation and if you implement the steps above you are good to go!

There are a few ways to monetize your site and make it into a living, breathing money machine. In this piece, I’ll take you through the five most important ones:

1. Ads Platform Monetization

This method of monetization requires you to apply with your blog to be a publisher for a top Advertising platform, once accepted they use your website as a means of showing ads to your users and you in turn earn some real cash which will be paid to you either monthly or when you hit the minimum threshold.

Some of the ADs companies you can partner with are;

  • Adsense
  • Adsterra
  • PropellerAds
  • Clickadia
  • Infolinks

2. Guest/Sponsored Post

This approach is where a company/individual submits content to you for publishing and pays you an agreed or bargained fee once you have their content live on your website. This method is tradfitionally referred to as guest posting.

This monetization method is a win-win case since the content looks original, not too promotional, and yet aligns with what my audience wants, And you still smile to your bank without having to disturb your users with annoying ads display.

3. Product Sales

Is it true that not everyone would sell? Why do I have to sell the fxxk? Who am I going to sell to, anyway? I can already hear you shrieking this in your head, but this isn’t always the case because this form of selling doesn’t require you to go out hunting for buyers. Then you could be wondering, “How do I sell?”

Remember we talked about generating leads? I talked about getting your audience to subscribe to your newsletter, well here is where it comes to play.

You have your leads of a dedicated audience, you make a research that they surely would need, get the product, write a sales copy and deliver it to their inbox,

This way, if you play your cards well in terms of “finding the right product” and “writing your sales pitch,” you’ll be beaming ear to ear in no time.

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Final Words On Blogging For Business

Now you have seen the detailed rundown of what it takes to run a blog for business as a newbie and turn it into a passive. I urge you to implement the procedures listed above and see for yourself.

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