List of 10 Cash Advance Apps That Use Plaid To Connect Bank Accounts

Cash Advance Apps That Use Plaid

cash advance apps that use plaid – Plaid is best known as a fintech company that connects financial services apps, users’ banks, and credit card companies. Plaid is an encryption protocol that protects users’ information and keeps their login information private when they use their bank app to make a transaction.

Plaid’s best-in-class encryption protocol, combined with high bank-level security standards, is why so many cash advance appsOpens in a new tab. and banking providers, such as chimeOpens in a new tab., use its services to encrypt all of your information and link your bank account.

Because plaid is regarded as one of the best for encrypting all of your data and protecting your banking information, is why this article was written, so you can learn about the cash advance apps that work with plaid to secure your banking information.

Cash Advance Apps That Use Plaid
List of 10 Cash Advance Apps That Use Plaid To Connect Bank Accounts

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What Cash Advance Apps Use Plaid?

Known for high-end bank details security is why a lot of cash advance apps use plaid, There are hundreds of cash advance apps out there that use plaid, but this will be focused on the best ones such as; dave, moneylion, earnin, Brigit, klover, possible finance just a few to mention.

The Benefit of Using Plaid on Cash Advance Apps?

With Plaid, you can securely connect your financial accounts to an app in seconds, here are some of the benefits of what you get from cash advance apps that use plaid;

  • Connect effortlessly: Plaid makes it simple to link your financial accounts to your apps.
  • Share your data securely: Plaid works to ensure that data from your financial accounts is securely transferred when you share it with an app.
  • You’re in control: Plaid does not share your personal information with third parties without your permission, and nor do they sell or rent it to them.

How To Connect Banks on Cash Advance Apps With Plaid?

It is quite effortless to connect your bank account to cash advance apps with the use of plaid, and the steps i outlined below will further assist you:

  • Sign in to the cash advance app you want to use plaid on.
  • Locate the Accounts section where you can add banks.
  • Choose the bank you want, and use plaid to log in to it.
  • Plaid will ask you to provide your bank login details.
  • Once you do, you have successfully used plaid to securely link your bank account.

N.B Keep in mind that while the process for most cash advance apps may differ slightly, the way to use plaid on each platform is always the same.

List Of Cash Advance Apps That Use Plaid.

This section provides a detailed look at the cash advance apps that use plaid for bank and credit card connectivity.

1. Dave

cash advance apps like dave that accept chime

Dave is a cash advance app that uses third-party service providers, such as Plaid Inc to provide top-level security to its users. On the dave, users can get a cash advance from their earned paycheck to cover small expenses and can borrow up to $250 before their next payday with zero interest.

When you use Dave, you avoid incurring overdraft fees, and instead of interest, Dave asks for a tip, which is optional, and it charges a $1 monthly fee, which is lower than its competitors.

Another intriguing aspect is that Dave does not run a credit check before accepting, but it does assist you in building your credit score correctly. (Read more on apps like daveOpens in a new tab.)

daveOpens in a new tab.

2. MoneyLion

cash advance apps like dave that work with chime

Moneylion is a well-known fintech firm that provides credit-builder loans with no credit check at cheap interest rates (5.99%), but there is a membership fee ($19.99) that must be paid in addition to the loan’s overall cost and  you can get a cash advance request of up to $250 from moneylion directly to your linked checking account.

The good thing is that moneylion uses plaid, Therefore if you want to use your current banking account, you can link it to the MoneyLion app in less than two minutes with Plaid. (See the best moneylion alternativeOpens in a new tab.)

moneylionOpens in a new tab.

3. Earnin

Earnin use plaid to connect all their bank accounts
Earnin use plaid to connect bank accounts

Earnin app, make use of plaid service to connect all their bank accounts to the platform. They do this so that users can have an all round secured transactions and also not worry about what might go wrong or not.

Earnin works by automatically deducting the amount you borrow from your checking account on your next payday. The company’s business model is based on users paying voluntary “tips” to withdraw earned wages ahead of time.

To use Earnin, you’ll need a steady payday, a checking account, and a smartphone, Plus it is available for salaried, hourly, or on-demand employees.

earninOpens in a new tab.

4. Brigit

use of plaid on brigit
use of plaid on brigit

Brigit is one of the most popular cash advance apps out there and it users can get an advance of upto $100 at the go, and it uses plaid to link users bank account to the cash advance app.

With the use of plaid on brigit, users would be able to monitor their bank account transactions, know when they have a bill coming up, tells them whether they’ll have enough to cover it, and wires them money if they need it.

With this method of Plaid, Brigit has helped its users save more than $100 million in overdraft fees and payday loan interest, making it a reliable place for employees who need cash advance. (See more on the best brigit alternative apps hereOpens in a new tab.)

hellobrigitOpens in a new tab.

5. Empower

empower supports chime

Empower is a personal finance app that encourages users to save more and spend less. Then you may construct a budget, set a weekly savings target, and use its AutoSave option to save money for you. The good news? If you have to link an account then you can use plaid on Empower.

On empower, you may get a cash advance of up to $250 with terms and conditions. This cash advance has a ZERO interest rate and no charge cost. There is only an $8 monthly fee that is not required. (See Also, alternatives to empowerOpens in a new tab.)

6. Klover

cash advance apps that work so well with plaid
cash advance apps that work so well with plaid

Klover is one of the many cash advance apps that work so well with plaid. Klover, which was started in 2019 in Chicago, provides fast cash advances as well as additional financial solutions such as spending insights and overdraft protection to help you handle bills until your next payday.

With Klover users can obtain a cash advance of up to $100 with no interest, no fees, and no credit check. It does, however, require a monthly membership fee of $2.49, and you must have at least three direct deposits to qualify for a salary advance. (You might like apps like kloverOpens in a new tab.)

joinkloverOpens in a new tab.

7. Possible finance

cash advance apps that support plaid
cash advance apps that support plaid

Possible Finance is one of the online cash advance apps that support Plaid. Possible Finance uses Plaid, a third-party bank data integration partner, to connect with your bank account.

Loaning on possible finance is limited to a number of states, however, Borrowers with no credit history or bad credit may get up to $500 when they apply. Interest rates vary by state, but you should expect to pay $15 to $20 for $100 borrowed. (See other apps like possible financeOpens in a new tab.)

possiblefinanceOpens in a new tab.

8. Albert App

instant cash advance app that use plaid to link
instant cash advance app that use plaid to link

Albert is an instant cash advance app that use plaid to link. Albert is a personal finance tool that provides automated savings, budgeting, bill negotiation, and guided investment, as we all know. in order to connect to thousands of U.S. financial institutions, Albert partnered with Plaid, an account aggregator.

The Albert app also offers a cash advance of up to $100 until your next paycheck. There are no late fees, interest charges, credit checks, or hidden fees. You can request up to three cash advances every pay period if you receive a paycheck and have repaid your previous advances. (Check to see apps similar to AlbertOpens in a new tab.)

albertOpens in a new tab.

9. Branch

cash advance apps that support chime

The branch app is a reliable loan app that offers users up to $500 cash advance without any charges, instead of paying traditional interest on the advance, Branch requests that you tip them. According to the Branch Support Page, in order to qualify for an advance, consumers must transfer their direct deposit into their Branch Wallet.

As a branch user who wants to add a bank account for the ease to send and receive money from your account. You can make use of plaid to link your bank account to branch. This is thanks to branch integration with Plaid, which allows easy and secure ways to connect Branch with banks. (Click to see apps similar to branch appOpens in a new tab.)

branchappOpens in a new tab.

10. Float Me

float me support the uses of plaid
float me support the uses of plaid

FloatMe is a trustworthy payday loan app that supports the use of a third-party system called Plaid to connect with your bank account. Flaotme use Plaid to help keep your account safe and secure, which means you never have to store your account numbers or routing numbers in our systems.

As a floatme user, For just $1.99/ mo, plus a free 30-day trial, you can access a variety of features, including small cash advances of up to $50, overdraft alerts, and FloatMeEDU.

floatmeOpens in a new tab.


Known as a safe way to connect your bank accounts to some of the cash advance apps available, the apps listed above is a list of app that use plaid to secure your banking transactions on most payday loan apps.

If you can’t find the cash advance you’re currently using or about to use listed, don’t worry. You can check out this list of cash advance apps that use plaid, and if it’s still not there, you can ask us in the comment section below because we only picked the best of them.

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