Cheap Online Clothing Stores Like Shein And Romwe 2022

Sites Like Shein

Sites Like Shein – If you have been shopping at shein for a long time now, just like me I believe you would have been spoilt by how cheap yet quality stylish items of clothing that you can get while shopping on shein.

If you are looking to try a different website like shein but have similar features and cheap items of clothing too like shein, Make sure to keep reading through to discover and find your new shein alternative.

What Is Shein Clothing

Shein is an affordable online fashion retailer in Guangzhou, China, founded in 2008 by Chris Xu. Shein is currently serving over 220 countries. The company is known for its cheaply priced yet quality attire which is made directly in China.

Is Shein Legit

YES!, Shein is legit.

Is Shein Safe

Shein is as safe as you could ever imagine. You can confidently share your debit/credit card info with shein and not having to panic.

Where Is shein Located?

The headquarters of Shein is located in Guangzhou, China. However, they are serving over 220 countries outside of China.

How Long Does Shein Take To Ship

If you are new to shein, You might be wondering how long does shein take to deliver? after you have placed an order with Shein, It usually takes 6-8 working days by standard shipping.

How Long Does Shein Express Shipping Take

After your order has been processed, It takes 2-4 working days for express shipping to be delivered.

Where Does Shein Ship From

Shein ships from China. If your order is over 100$, You may receive free Express Shipping.

Does Shein Use Child Labor

Somewhere on their website, they addressed the issue of child labor, Read their official statement below;

We strictly abide by child labor laws in each of the countries that we operate in. Neither we nor any of our partners are allowed to hire underage children. Any partners or vendors found to have violated these laws are terminated immediately and reported to the authorities.

How To Change Email On Shein

Changing/Updating of email on shein is as easy as A B C, Just follow the below step;

  1. Sign in to your profile.
  2. Delete the email address listed in both the “Email Address” and “Verify Email” fields.
  3. Type in your new email address.
  4. Click “Save.”
  5. And Verify

How To Delete Shein Account

Not just you, Before now I use to think if there is how to delete my shein account. If you want to delete your shein account you have to send an email to ‘’.

Note that this request must be sent from the same email address used to sign up on the website. The request must also include ‘Delete my Shein account’ as the subject.

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10 Stores And Apps Like Shein 2021

Enjoyed shopping on shein and want to try out something new, The Stores Like Shein below is a worthy shein alternative you can explore.

1. Zaful – Clothing Sites Like Shein

Zaful may have a different design as compared to shein, But when it comes to cloth qualities and fashion trends zaful is a store like shein that you can trust. The minimum Tops at zaful cost $4.99 as compared to Shein’s 2.99$, and the most expensive dress costs over $40. Which makes it slightly expensive compared to shein.

I love the fact that every item featured on the website has a product image attached to it and reviews from other shoppers which might, in turn, be a deciding factor for ordering the product or not. Shipping cost is a bit lower, and shipping days take up to 10 days but not more than 10days.

Want a store like shein where they also stock some really similar stuff, with the same level of quality and affordable pricing. You then have to visit Zaful today.

zaful.comOpens in a new tab.

2. PrettyLittleThing – Other Stores Like Shein

PrettyLittleThing is a clothing site like shein that’s Based in Manchester, UK, but operating globally that boasts of an attractive collection of affordable women’s fashion, Swimwears, including a plus-size line. Their New In Fashion Trends is the best place to visit if you are looking to get what’s trending.

Prettylittlething website design is fantastic, And the homepage is well arranged into categories. Their customer service doesn’t take forever to respond and also they offer a refund and return process that does not take long to fulfill.

I reckon you try out this store like shein and let me know what you think about their items of clothing.

prettylittlething.comOpens in a new tab.

3. RoseGal – Clothing Sites Like Shein

Rose Gal is a similar site like shein for plus-size clothes. Apart from topping the plus size clothing game, their swimwear collection is large and bewitching Plus they also have men’s and women’s fashion coupled with shoes and purses for every size.

There is no limit to what you can shop on this website like shein, From accessories like sunglasses, watches, rings, jewelry, make-up brushes, to furniture, home accessories, decorative objects.

Despite all this when it comes to Trending Clothes they are still way behind shein, RoseGal is a bit more expensive than Shein, Shipping takes up to 14 days, and is free for orders from $59 and above.

rosegal.comOpens in a new tab.

4. ASOS – Websites Like Shein

Looking for a store like shein that is on par with shein both quality and price-wise, ASOS has got you. I’m sure you had no clue of the ASOS wholesale price that you can not get elsewhere? Okay, I will tell you more.

With over 800+ brands on ASOS including Mango, Levi’s, Topshop, AllSaints, and DKNY, There is no way I was able to browse through all their collection of merchandise without it not been my free day/day off work.

Make things easy for yourself when you use the filter, You also can take advantage of the price dropping situation where you have to wait much for the price to lower down before purchasing the product.

If you want to dress up and flaunt your ideal style. ASOS is the exact shein alternative that you should go to.

asos.comOpens in a new tab.

5. Romwe – Online Stores Like Shein

Romwe appearing fifth on this list of stores like shein might be a little bit too biased from me. May because they are part of the same company.

But When it comes to clothing sites like shein plus size and trending clothes romwe is the most worthy mention. They are both similar in style of clothing and affordable prices. In fact, you’ll find that sometimes they both carry some of the same items.

Romwe has an upper hand because they sell home decor, inexpensive household items, pet supplies, and party supplies all at budget-friendly prices. whereas shein is only focused on clothing.

They both share shipping times as well delivery within 1-2 weeks. They have flat rate shipping as well, Make sure to order more so you can take advantage of that!

romwe.comOpens in a new tab.

6. MissGuided – Shein Alternative

HEaring this name for the first time gives an impression of “MIS-GUIDED” but in reality, it’s “MISS-GUIDED”, Following by the name you can already say what they are all about.

Missguided is another site like shein and romwe that has a wide collection of trendy clothing, With sizes, range from tall and plus to petite and maternity. The identical price to Shein’s and the discounts they offer, which they do often, makes it a must-visit store like shein for cheap clothes shoppers.

missguided.EUOpens in a new tab.

7. Boohoo – Websites Like Shein

Boohoo, A UK-based online store like shein that sells cheap fashionable clothing and accessories. They are focused on early teens to early 30s for both ladies and men.

What makes them unique is the extra sections like their Suits & Tailoring section, their Oversized section, and their Co-Ord Sets section that you won’t find on other sites similar to shein. Also, you can browse items by size, whether petite, tall, plus-size or even maternity.

Although you shouldn’t expect cheap clothing like Shein’s, their quality speaks louder. I hate that they do not offer free shipping right now, but the flat shipping rate is $9.99 and takes eight days.

boohoo.comOpens in a new tab.

8. DressLily – Shein Alternative

DressLily is another website like SheIn that boasts charming high fashion-inspired clothing for both men and women. If you are to on this SheIn alternative, you will really like their dresses, jumpsuits, and rompers.

Their free shipping on any orders over $45 is what stands for me, As it means “The more shopping, The more it’s a free shipping.” As a new user you can get 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER, Plus Weekly exclusive discounts, new arrivals, and more when you join their mailing list.

dresslily.comOpens in a new tab.

10. Chic Me – Online Stores Like Shein

Another shein alternative site like shein and romwe for cheap yet remarkable fashion clothing is Chic Me. Chic Me’s primary focus is on women’s fashion; Dresses, lingerie, Party dress, Tops, and more.

Their store is updated on daily basis, providing you with more than 500 fresh and hot fashions styles every time you browse/shop the website. If you are on the site and seem a bit confused on what to shop for, You can try out their Trending Page to see what other girls are buying.

chicme.comOpens in a new tab.

Conclusion On Online Stores Like Shein

We have come to the end of the list of top 10 clothing stores like shein that are cheap yet offer quality clothing like shein. I have shopped on 70% of those shein alternatives that I listed above and my experience is what I just shared.

IF there are other websites like shein that you have used and are worthy to be included in the list of clothing sites like shein kindly indicate using the comment box below.

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