How To Carry Out Different Types of Nail Polish Packaging

nail polish packaging

Nail polishes are one of the most versatile products, They are used to adorn and style nails. Nail polishes are worn daily by many people as many women claim that it boosts their confidence. Thus, it has become a necessary nail cosmetic worldwide. This popularity of nail paints has made the market for nail polishes huge. 

In the competitive nail polish market, the best way to make a position is through packaging. Also, customers get a range of options for nail polish on the market, so the product must be affordable.

With many options, the customer will prefer items that are low in price. Therefore, it is advised to produce nail polish boxes wholesaleOpens in a new tab. so that they do not add to the price of the product.

custom nail polish packaging
custom nail polish packaging


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Packaging of Different Nail Polishes:

Nail polishes are packaged in many different styles. Also, the numerous varieties of the products have forced sellers to produce different boxes. Also, customers like to purchase something unique that has an innovative touch. So if you provide users with what they desire, they will feel more satisfied with the product. Here are different types of nail polishes and their products:

1. Basic Nail Polish:

The basic nail polish is a standard nail paint that everyone has been using for a long time. These nail polishes are also long-lasting and will not chip easily. The basic nail polishes are sold in a range of sizes and prices. The packaging of nail polish are standard small size boxes and are entirely fitting to the product.

2. Gel Nail Polish:

The gel nail polish is applied by expert technicians. These are hard gels applied on the nail that extends the original length. Also, the gel paint is applied with UV light to set it, so these require the expertise of trained workers. The gel paints are known to last longer and give your nails strength. The gel paints are often sold in combination with its machine. However, you can also find gel paints as singular. The packaging of gel paints depends on their structure and form.

3. Acrylic Nail Polish:

Acrylic nail polish is applied to bare nails to add length and color together. These nail polishes are a combination of both liquid and powder. For this, you apply the mixture on the bare nails, and these will help extend over the actual nail.

Also, the acrylic nail polish hardens when it dries, and it will fill over the actual shape. The acrylic nail polishes are long-lasting and can last over two weeks. The packaging of acrylic can be window boxes or standard paint boxes.

4. Halal Nail Polish:

The halal nail polish is commonly called breathable nail paint. These nail polishes are permeable and allow the water and oxygen to pass. The traditional nail polishes create a barrier over the nail and form a waterproof layer. However, these nail polishes are breathable and will allow the passage of material.

So it is safe to say that breathable nail polishes are a healthy alternative to other paints. These are sold in similar nail bottles like other paints. Therefore, these have similar packaging but with a bold tag of halal or breathable.

5. Dip Powder Nail Polish:

These are an advanced form of nail paints and work for a long span. These nail polishes can last from about weeks to even months. Thus, these are popular due to their long-wearing duration. The dip powder nail polishes have a special application method. For this, you apply a base coat and then dip the nail in the pigmented powder. This procedure is repeated a few times, and then you are left with the manicure.

After these steps, coat a layer of clear nail polish to seal it. The dip nail polish comes in a small container. These containers can be packaged in many ways. However, the best approach is to make window boxes.

6. Shellac Nail Paint:

The shellac nail polish is a combination of both gel and basic nail paints. So shellac nail polish add color, extend the length, and provide a neat finish. The shellac nail polishes are applied to the bare nails and set with UV light. Also, these are known for their shiny and glittery finish. The shellac nail paints are sold in small containers. These are packaged in traditional nail polish boxes with a clear label of shellac.

custom nail polish packaging
custom nail polish packaging


In conclusion, nail polishes are diverse, and so are their packaging. There is a large variety of nail polish in the market like basics, gel, dip powder, and more. 

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