Does Branch Work With Chime Bank and Debit Card? Full Guide

Does Branch Work With Chime Bank

One of the top personal finance apps in the globe, the branch app, enables users to apply for and get interest-free, transaction fee-free cash advances between $50 and $500 so that users will have to repay when their next paycheck arrives.

When you receive your paycheck via the branch app and have repaid your cash advance, it is reasonable to seek to withdraw/transfer your leftover funds to a connected bank. But what if your bank is not supported by the branch banking system?

Therefore, as a chime user, if you are confused as to whether chime bank is compatibleOpens in a new tab. with the branch app, it is ideal to ask the question “does branch work with chime bank?” 

This article will present you with the right answer, along with all the other crucial details you need to know about this topic (does branch app work with chime)? Stay with me while we journey, then.

Does Branch Work With Chime Bank
Does Branch Work With Chime Bank and Debit Card? Full Guide

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Does Branch Work With Chime?

Yes, Branch works with Chime. As a result, customers of the branch cash advance app can link their accounts with Chime to fully maximize the strength of both apps.

Can I Use Chime Debit Card With Branch?

Yes, chime debit card is accepted by branch. Therefore, there should never be a problem using your Chime debit card or connecting it to the Branch app platform.

How Can I Add My Chime Debit Card to Branch?

There are two ways to add your chime debit card to the branch app, one of which is when you sign up for the platform for the first time. However, if you already have an account with branch and want to link your chime debit card to it, follow the instructions below:

  • On your device, Launch and log in to your branch account.
  • While in the app, head to the “Wallet tab.”
  • Select “Move Funds.”
  • Select “Debit Card” option.
  • The last four digits of the previously attached debit card will be visible at the top of the screen; click there.
  • When prompted to link a new card, select Continue in the pop-up window that appears.
  • Add the details of your chime debit card.

Can I Link Branch With My Chime Account?

Yes, your branch wallet can be connected to your chime account with total ease. Branch enables users to effortlessly fund their branch wallet from external sources by allowing them to link their accounts to third-party banks like Chime.Opens in a new tab.

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How to Connect Branch to My Chime Bank?

The process to link your branch wallet to your Chime bank account is simple; just follow the steps below to finish it quickly:

Keep in mind that you must have set up your “Branch Wallet passcode” via the branch app prior to integrating your branch wallet with Chime Bank.

  • On your device, Launch and log in to your Chime account.
  • Go to Settings and select “Link a Bank Account.”
  • Search for “Branch” or choose it from the list of banks that is displayed.
  • Enter your phone number and click “submit.”
  • Enter the one-time PIN that you will receive through text message.
  • Enter the passcode for your Branch Wallet.
  • Once complete, press “Next” to move on.

Is It Safe to Link Branch Wallet With My Chime Bank?

It is absolutely safe and secure to link your branch wallet to Chime Bank. Branch uses plaid securityOpens in a new tab. and 2048-bit encryption to protect the transmission of data from each bank account that is linked to the platform.

Why Won’t Branch Connect to My Chime Bank?

The following are some steps to take if, for any reason, you are having trouble linking your Chime Bank or debit card to your branch wallet:

  • Make sure your internet is stable and within range.
  • Make sure your username is the same as the updated one.
  • Make sure Your account settings are incompatible.
  • Verify that your chime debit card is not blocked or expired.
  • Make sure you are not providing an Incorrect answer to a security question.
  • Make sure there are no connectivity or network issues with your bank.
  • Make sure you are using the most current or updated address shown on your chime.
  • Make sure you are providing the correct chime debit card or bank information for the chime.

If all of these are in place, please wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the problem to go away before trying again. Please contact chime or branch customer serviceOpens in a new tab. if you are still experiencing problems after waiting and trying again.

How to Transfer From Branch to Chime Bank Account?

Following the steps below will make it simple to transfer money from your branch wallet to Chime Bank:

  • On your device, Launch and log in to your branch account.
  • While in the app, head to the “Wallet tab.”
  • Select “Move Funds.”
  • Choose a transfer method.
  • “Enter the amount” you want to move from your Branch Wallet to your Chime account.
  • On the confirmation page, swipe up to “submit.”

Does Branch Charge to Withdraw to Chime?

Instant transfers from your branch wallet to your debit card are subject to a fee based on the transfer $ amount and the fee will be deducted from the total amount of the instant transfer that you are asking. While standard ACH transfers to your chime bank account are free to process.

How Long Does Transfer From Branch to Chime Take?

On Branch Wallet, there are two sorts of transfers: quick transfers that happen instantly but have a fee and standard transfers that have a fee but may take up to three to five business days to complete.

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Conclusion on Does Branch App Work With Chime

It is sort of amazing to know that branch supports chime bank and debit cards, which means you can use chime bank as a means of receiving your pre-approved cash advance or remainder paycheck from the branch app with ease.

Does chime Work With branch app? Hopefully, this article has answered your question. If it did, would you kindly let us know and let others know who might need it?

Furthermore, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. And whenever you run into a problem that just won’t go away, don’t forget to get in touch with a branch or Chime customer service. Cheers!

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