Chime SpotMe ATM – How Does Chime Spot Me ATM Withdrawal Work?

Chime Spot Me ATM

Chime SpotMe ATM – The chime spotme program, which has been around for a while, ensures that its customers do not have to worry when they run out of money. The online banking service accomplishes this by providing each chime spotme customer with a $200 overdraft with no interest or fees.

The chime spot me account also comes with a debit card and can be used anywhere to make a purchase, however the primary question around this chime spotme card has been its utility with an ATM, does it work? How does it function? Are there any fees if you use an ATM?

If that’s the case, you’ve come to the correct place since this article will walk you through what chime spotme is, how it works, and every other important detail you should know before utilizing chime spotme at an ATM.

Chime SpotMe ATM
How Does Chime SpotMe ATM Withdrawal Work [Ultimate Guide]
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What is Chime SpotMe?

Chime SpotMe is a free service that allows Chime customers with an active debit card to perform purchases that might otherwise result in an overdraft. The overdraft limit starts at $20 and can be increased up to $200.

Simply put, if you need a little extra cash between $20 and $200, the chime SpotMe may help you meet the cost, and it comes with no service or interest fee, making it similar to a cash advanceOpens in a new tab..

Unlike some cash advance applicationsOpens in a new tab., however, Chime simply requests that you TIP them to help them provide the service to more people, which is completely optional and doesn’t determine your eligibility.

How Can I Qualify to Use Chime SpotMe?

Chime ensured that chime spotme eligibility is as fair as possible, which is why all you need to qualify for Chime SpotMe is a Chime Checking Account and qualifying direct deposits totaling at least $200 in the previous 34 days.

The good news is that as long as you reach the $200 direct deposit minimum each month, you will remain eligible.

Can I Use Chime SpotMe at ATM?

Once you are qualified to use the chime spotme service, There wouldn’t be much required to do from your end as you you are automatically eligible to use SpotMe at an ATM. Just spend like normal and If you happen to spend more than your balance, then the SpotMe balance will cover it.

How Does Chime SpotMe Work at ATM?

The chime spotme service is as straightforward as you can think of, The service is similar to how you make use of your usual debit card to make withdrawals on ATM. To use the chime spotme at an ATM simply follow this steps below;

  • You want to make sure SpotMe is enabled on your Chime App.
  • Walk in at any of the Chime network ATMs.
  • Insert your Chime debit card at the ATM.
  • Make a withdrawal Request.
  • When prompted, make sure to Accept SpotMe.

N.B: When making a withdrawal request, you are only allowed to make a withdrawal request for an amount that might exceed your available balance, but must be within your Chime SpotMe limitOpens in a new tab., else your transaction will be declined.

That is to say, if your available balance is $20 and your chime spotme limit balance is $30, the total amount of withdrawal you can make at that atm using the chime spotme debit card is $50. Anything more than that means you get a declined transaction.

This is like this because the chime spotme limit is what determines the amount of overdraft you are eligible for at that moment. Therefore if you are currently on a limit of let’s say $20 you won’t be able to overdraft anything more than $20.

Does Chime SpotMe Cover ATM Withdrawals?

Yes, Chime SpotMe covers all your ATM withdrawals, which means you are charged a ZERO withdrawal fee when you use the chime spot me debit card at an ATM. not only that, but SpotMe also covers debit card purchases and cash-back transactions.

The cashback options are another means to get cash at supported retail stores such as Dollar General and Walmart. Since July 2021, Chime has allowed cash withdrawals at ATMs as well as a retail locations with the cashback option.

Nevertheless, in as much as Chime covers ATM withdrawal, it doesn’t give room for transfer to other applications or payment to a friend’s transfer.

Are There Fees Charged For Using Chime SpotMe at ATM?

To use Chime SpotMe for withdrawal at any of its ATMs is free. There are no charges involved. with over 60,000+ chime ATM networks it means locating an ATMs won’t be an issue, Also you can locate the chime ATMs by using the ATM finder on your Chime app.

On the other hand, If you choose to make a withdrawal at a non-Chime network ATM, you will incur fees or charges.

How To Withdraw Money From Chime SpotMe at ATM

ATM withdrawal with chime spot me is as smooth as making a withdrawal using your usual debit/credit card, Simply take the following steps to use your Chime SpotMe to withdraw money from ATM;

  • Ensure that you have SpotMe enabled on your chime app.
  • Walk into any of the Chime network ATMs.
  • Insert your Chime debit card to the ATM.
  • Make your withdrawal request.
  • Input your PIN when required.
  • Finally, withdraw the cash and remove your card.

Your withdrawal amount should exceed your Chime balance but must be within your SpotMe limit. For your withdrawal, do it like the following example;

If you have a $50 balance in your Chime SpotMe account and a SpotMe limit of $100. You can request a withdrawal of $90. Your withdrawal can be declined if you exceed both the available balance and the SpotMe limit.

With the example above, your transaction will get declined when you want to make a withdrawal of $180.

Why Did My Chime SpotMe ATM Withdrawal Decline?

if for any reason, Your chime spotme atm withdrawal might not work or get declined, then you have to consider the following issue;

  • Make sure you inserted the card correctly.
  • If a purchase exceeds your spotme limit, it will be declined.
  • Make sure you are not making a withdrawal request that exceeds your chime spotme limit.
  • Make sure your limit has not been lowered.
  • Make sure you are eligible to use chime spotme.

If after confirming all this and the issue still persists, then you would have to contact the chime customer support service via email, on the chime app, or over the phone.

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When Does Chime SpotMe Increase?

Your Chime SpotMe limit is determined by your Chime account activity and usage history. This is auto-determined. Your Chime SpotMe limit can be increased by Chime automatically with time if your usage and history activity are in your favor.

Asides from this, there is no particular way to increase your Chime SpotMe limit. However, there are solutions for temporary situations. You can have your friend send you a Chime SpotMe boost.

Can My SpotMe Limit Be Lowered?

Using the risk-based approach, you can automatically raise or lower your SpotMe limit. If your direct deposit into your Chime account has dropped, your Spot me limit may be reduced.

When Does Your Chime SpotMe Stop Working?

Chime has no restrictions on how many times you can overdraft your account or when it must stop working. It can be once or forty times, as long as it does not exceed your SpotMe limit.

However, if your chime spotme stops working, you must ensure that you are using SpotMe on qualified transactions. The Spot Me can only be used to make debit purchases, cash back transactions, and ATM withdrawals.

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The Chime SpotMe platform has evolved into an overdraft platform. Overdrafts can occur as a result of debit card purchases or ATM withdrawals. The Chime SpotMe card can be used for ATM withdrawals at both Chime network and non-Chime network ATMs.

However, using the Chime SpotMe card in a non-network ATM always incurs a fee, unlike the Chime network ATM which attracts no charge.

You can now make an informed decision about how you use your spotme at the ATM because now you know if it works and how it works with an ATM, how to make a withdrawal, how much charges must be paid, why a withdrawal was rejected, and if it covers ATM withdrawal fee, etc.

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