Does Chime Work With Coinbase? [Easy Funding Method]

Does Chime Work With Coinbase

Coin base is an online platformOpens in a new tab. for the buying, storing, and transferring of digital currency. That is to say, With coinbase platform, anyone, anywhere, can buy and sell all sorts of digital cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, BnB, Tether, Dogecoin, and many more coins/tokens with ease.

Coinbase works just like the stock trading applications, it shows you the current price and trends for cryptocurrency. A lot of Coinbase users are in doubt as to whether coinbase accepts chime. In this article, we’ll answer the question of “Does Chime work with Coinbase”? and every other process involved.

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Does Chime Work With Coinbase
Does Chime Work With Coinbase [Easy Funding Method]
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Does Chime Work With Coinbase?

Yes, Chime works with Coinbase. To use chime with coinbase, You need to link your Chime debit card to your Coinbase account which would then enable you to deposit funds from your chime account to coin base or allow you to make a withdrawal from coinbase balance to your chime bank account.

Can I Buy Coins Using a Chime Bank on Coinbase?

Yes, you can buy coins using Chime bank. This is possible if you have your chime account and coinbase wallet linked together, You can buy any type of coin; Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Dogecoin, Litecoin, and any other cryptocurrency of your choice.

Can I Add Chime Card to My Coinbase Account?

You can add your Chime debit card to your coinbase account. Coinbase allows the use of Visa and MasterCard debit cardsOpens in a new tab. on their platform and since the chime debit card is powered by ‘VISA’ it means you can use the chime debit card on the coinbase platform.

How to Add a Chime Debit Card to Coinbase?

To add your Chime card to your Coinbase, make sure to follow the outlined process below:

  • Open your Coinbase app
  • Go to the payment method
  • Select “Add a Payment”.
  • Select “Debit card”.
  • Input your Chime debit card information.
  • Coinbase will apply two small, temporary debits to your card.
  • Then, go to the Chime statement and find the two amounts.
  • Input the amounts on Coinbase.
  • Your chime debit card will be added and verified. 

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Why Can’t I Add a Chime Debit Card to Coinbase?

If you are facing difficulty linking your chime debit card to coinbase you need to verify that you are providing the correct chime debit card information. If you’ve verified and the problem still persists you should ensure to reach out to chime and/or coin base customer service.

Can I Withdraw Money From Coinbase to Chime Bank?

Yes, you can withdraw money from coinbase to Chime bank. But, this is not always true because there have been issues from some users trying to withdraw funds from Coinbase to Chime although they didn’t have any issues depositing funds. 

How to Withdraw Money From Coinbase to a Chime Account?

To withdraw your funds from Coinbase to Chime bank, you need to do the following:

  • Sign in to your Coinbase Commerce account
  • Click on the Withdraw button next to the relevant cryptocurrency in the Balances section. 
  • A window pops up asking you how much you would like to withdraw and where you will like the funds to go.
  • Select Chime bank and withdraw.

N.B – Keep in mind that you must convert the funds you want to withdraw from Coinbase to USD before attempting any manner of withdrawal to your Chime account.

Can I Deposit From Chime Bank to Coinbase?

Yes, users of chime can make deposits from their chime bank account directly to coinbase with ease. This process is called the ACH and it is only available to US-based clients. However, Before you can make a deposit from chime bank to coinbase you need to verify your bank details.

How to Verify My Chime Bank Account on Coinbase?

Bank verification is needed before you can be able to deposit money from chime account directly to your coinbase wallet. The procedure for verifying your chime bank account on coin base is as follows:

  • Click and launch the Coinbase “trading viewOpens in a new tab.“.
  • On the left-hand column under Wallet Balance, select “Deposit”.
  • In the Currency Type field, select “USD.”
  • Select the Bank Account tab > From > “Add Account”.
  • You will be redirected to to complete your chime bank account verification process.

How to Deposit From Chime Bank Account to Coinbase?

To deposit from chime bank account directly to your coinbase wallet is quite easy, simply follow the below step to accomplish the task:

  • Click and launch the Coinbase “trading viewOpens in a new tab.“.
  • On the left-hand column under Wallet Balance, choose “Deposit”.
  • In the Currency Type field, choose “USD”.
  • Select the “Bank Account tab”.
  • From the drop-down menu, select your verified chime bank account you’d like to deposit from.
  • Enter the USD amount, and then select Deposit USD to confirm.

How Much Fee Is Charged for Chime to Coinbase Deposit?

Unsurprisingly, There is no fee for depositing funds from chime bank account to coinbase wallet with the aid of an ACH transfer.

How Long Does It Take to Deposit From Chime to Coinbase?

The time it takes to deposit money from a Chime bank account to Coinbase is instant, as opposed to the 5-7 days it used to take for ACH deposits to complete before consumers could trade with their funds.

What Is the Chime to Coinbase Deposit Limit?

On the 13th of October 2020, coinbase officially declaredOpens in a new tab. that “US customers will be able to deposit up to $25,000/daily, without fees, and have it instantly available for trading on Coinbase Pro.” This means using chime bank account you can deposit up to $25,000 a day on coinbase.

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Conclusion on Does Coinbase Accept Chime

Chime indeed works with Coinbase, You can either link your chime bank account to coinbase or opt for the debit card method. Not only that, the use of chime to deposit or withdraw from coinbase is instant and there is usually no fee attached.

Therefore if you have a chime account, you should not hold back about linking it coinbase, because it is undoubtedly a viable option when it has to do with funding your coinbase account or withdrawing from it.

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