Does Samsung Pay Work With Chime Bank & Credit Card? Full Guide!

Does Chime Work With Samsung Pay

Just like google pay and apple pay, Samsung pay is a contactless digital payment medium designed for samsung devices in an attempt to progress cashless and cardless payments.

Samsung pay can be used to pay for goods and services, clear your bills at the restaurant, and Send money to friends and family via Samsung smartphones or wearables (watches).

Samsung Pay is simple to use because you only need to link your bank, debit, or credit card to your smartphone, Through which you can then choose to make payment.

If you use Samsung Pay and bank with ChimeOpens in a new tab., Connecting your chime bank with Samsung pay is a must, however not being sure of their compatibility you might be prompted to ask “Does Chime Work With Samsung Pay?”

Look no farther if the aforementioned quest is what brought you here. In this post, you’ll learn whether Samsung Pay accepts chime bank/card and just about anything else you need to know.

Does Chime Work With Samsung Pay
Does Chime Work With Samsung Pay Wallet? Complete guide

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Does Chime Work With Samsung Pay?

Yes, Chime works with Samsung Pay.  To put it this way, you can use chime with your Samsung pay wallet on any compatible Samsung or android supported device with an android version 6 or higher.

Does Samsung Pay Support Chime Debit Card?

Yes, Chime debit cards are accepted by Samsung pay. This implies that as a user of Chime who also has a Chime debit card, you can instantly link or add your Chime debit card to your Samsung Pay wallet on numerous Samsung devices and wearables.

How Can I Add Chime Debit Card to Samsung Pay?

  1. On your device, Open the Samsung Pay App. (Make sure your email is signed in)
  2. From the menu at the bottom corner, click on “Wallet.”
  3. At the top right corner, Select the plus “+” sign.
  4. Select “Add Payment Cards.”
  5. For the two prompts that appear, click “Allow.” 
  6. Take a picture of your chime debit card.
  7. Next, Provide your chime debit card details.
  8. Agree to terms and conditions, then proceed.
  9. Decide between “Call bank” or “Open the app” to validate your chime debit card.

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How to Make Payment With Chime Debit Card on Samsung Pay?

It’s really simple to pay with a chime debit card on Samsung Pay by just following the instructions below:

  • On your Samsung home screen, swipe up.
  • Choose chime debit card as the payment method.
  • Verify using your fingerprint or Iris scanner.
  • Hold the back of your phone against the terminal.
  • On the payment terminal, Approve the transaction to proceed.

Does Samsung Pay Cash Require a Pin to Make Payment?

When using Samsung Pay Cash, a PIN is typically not necessary because every payment or purchase is authenticated using your fingerprint, iris scan, or Samsung Pay PIN.

What Is the Fee of Chime Bank on Samsung Pay?

Using your Chime debit card to make a payment on Samsung pay comes with a ZERO fees.

Why Is Samsung Pay Not Accepting My Chime Debit Card?

Samsung Pay should connect your Chime debit card to your wallet without issue and without returning any errors, but if you encounter a problem, you can try some of the troubleshooting steps listed below:

  1. Ensure that you are correctly entering the chime card details.
  2. Make sure your chime debit card has not been linked to a different Samsung pay wallet.
  3. Ensure that the zip code matches your current address.

If all of this is accurate and the problem still exists, you should make sure to get in touch with Chime customer serviceOpens in a new tab. for support.

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Conclusion [Does Chime Work With Samsung Pay]

There you have it, we have come to the end of this illustrative guide to know if chime bank and debit cards work with Samsung pay.

Now you know that chime is compatible with Samsung pay and it can be used across all android smartphones and wearables.

This guide also provided the easiest ways to link chime and Samsung pay, including how you can make payments and transfers when both of them have been linked, not to forget that it also provided answers to whether there is a fee or limit.

So therefore if you found this useful and if it was able to provide the answer to your initial question “does chime support Samsung pay”? please do well to comment and share with others who might need it also.

If you have any questions, use the comment box.

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