Does Zebit Accept Chime Debit Card & Bank? Complete Guide

Does Zebit Accept Chime

Zebit is your go-to pay-in-4 service platform if you’re seeking for a buy now, pay later marketplace with the fairest pricing.

Customers can use zebit to purchase thousands of major brands and spread the payment over six months.

You can get up to $2,500 in interest-free financing to shop at the Zebit marketplace when you sign up for Zebit and get approved.

Zebit’s sole purpose is to make buying and selling a worry-free experience, which is why it requires no credit score and yet assures 0% interest on all purchases.

However, because zebit does not work with banks, you may encounter a major hurdle when it comes to paying off your zebit installments.

So, if you’re a chime user who wants to use zebit, or a zebit customer who wants to link chime to zebit, it’s a good idea to inquire “does zebit work with chime card or bank account?”

If you are here to know if zebit takes chime, you are on the right page. This article will provide an answer as well as all of the additional facts you will need to know. Let us get started.

Does Zebit Accept Chime
Does Zebit Accept Chime Debit Card & Bank? Full Guide

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Does Zebit Accept Chime?

Yes, Zebit works with chimeOpens in a new tab.. As a general rule, zebit accepts Chime debit card, but it does not work with chime bank accounts. Thus, you can link your chime debit card to zebit so as to pay installments on the marketplace.

Is Linking My Chime Debit Card to Zebit Secure?

Yes, it is safe and secure to connect your chime bank or debit card to zebit. This is because zebit is a platform that values its users’ security so highly that it does not encrypt all user data, including any banking information entered on the platform.

How Do I Link a Chime Debit Card to Zebit?

To add a chime debit card to zebit is super easy if you follow the step below;

  1. Launch the zebit app and log in.
  2. From your Account click “Make Payment.”
  3. Next, Select “New Card” from the drop-down.
  4. When prompted, Enter your chime debit card.

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Conclusion on Does Zebit take Chime

Although zebit does not exactly take chime bank, it however works with the chime debit card which you to easily link the two accounts so that you may use your chime card to settle any installments owed on zebbit.

As promised at the beginning of the article, you now know that chime card works with zebit, Plus you now know how to connect and delete your chime debit card from zebit.

Don’t forget to ask questions if you have any, also if you face any issues do well to contact zebit or chime customer representative.

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