10 Free Online Movie Web Sites Like Movie2k To Stream Movies

Sites Like Movie2k

Sites Like Movie2k – Until it was shutdown, Movie2k was one of the best sites to watch movies online for free in high quality. Movie2k had a massive collection of the world’s best classic to modern movies, and you can easily watch anyone without limitation.

The site featured different options to find your favorite movies such as explore their categories and genres, sort movies by country names or years, visit it top bar sections, or use its search box where need to place the name of the movie or tag.

It also allows you to place a request in case of the movie/tv show not been availabile, also it had a a huge collection of TV shows, A-Z list, feature titles, great recommendations. All this amazing feature made it the best option for every streamer back then.

After movie2k was blocked all of the mirror links has not come close to offer what movie2k offered back then, This means we the users and fans can’t sit back and be movie/show-starved and there is a need for movie2k to be replaced.

So I thought it was ideal to make this list of other series and movie websites like movie2k. Trsut me when i say this is an incredible list, because most of the sites I listed here are ads free and non of them require you to register before you can watch movie, unless you are doing that voluntarily.

Also i want you to be aware that the order of this list does not determine their quality or rank, They however happen to be ordered in such numeric, Therefore make sure you read through to the end before deciding which one will be your movie2k alternative.

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I have quickly answered some frequently asked question regarding movie2k and what happened to the streaming platform.

What Is Movie2k?

Movie2k is a movie streaming site that allows you to watch trendy and latest full-length movies and TV shows in high quality all for free. On movie2k you can watch full-length movies, TV shows, and TV series without having to deal with annoying pop-up ads.

Is Movie2k Safe?

YES, Movie2k is safe to use. Even though movie2k is a website known for leaking movies within hours of release, That does not make it unsafe for the device you are using to watch the movie. Make sure you do not click on ads or download files from the website.

Is Movie2k Legal?

YES!, Movie2k is legal. Despite been suspended in 2013 due to copyright infringement concerns, Movie2k has always maintained their stand of been legal, Because they only serve as a data aggregator i.e all the files on their website are provided via a third party non-affiliate link. This makes them legal.

Is Movie2k Illegal?

NO, Movie2k is not an illegal website. In my previous review on “steaming sites like” articles I have always stressed the consideration of region and country to determine the legality of most of these movie-streaming websites and going by that standard, Movie2k is not illegal.

Movie2k New Site?

Since 2013 when the original movie2k website was shut down, We have seen few movie2k mirror links trying to replace the original movie2k. Their efforts however have proved to be fruitless. Nevertheless, in 2017 movie4k the new movie2k website was launched, and ever since it has been here to stay.

How Do You Download Movies From Movie2k?

Most of the movies have their own download link attached to them, This means most movies links enable you to watch movies or download them so you can view them later. So, while streaming you can click on the Download button to download the movies directly to your device.

What Happened To Movie2k?

On May 29th, 2013, Movie2k vanished without prior notice or warning, Users like me and others who tried to reach the website were faced with the “This site can’t be reached” error. From research, I got to realize that the streaming website was shut down because of copyright infringement concerns.

Motion Picture Association (MPA) filed a complaint against Movie2k. MPA won and movie2k was ordered to shut down, which was the reason why Movie2k was no longer accessible.

What Are Some Movie Sites Like Movie2k?

What sites are like movie2k? After movie2k was blocked and became unavailable for public use, Many mirror links came up claiming to be movie2k. However, there are other legit sites similar to movie2k you can trust when it comes to watching your favorite movies or TV shows, and here is a quick list;

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1. Movie4k

Just like movie2k, there are also tons of movie4k mirror links that are absolutely fake. That apart movie4k is an online streaming website like movie2k where you can watch movies for free and the latest episode of your favorite TV series/shows.

Movie4k is having a huge database with tons of movies and TV shows in stock, which means you can watch both old and latest movies here, Not to forget that all movies are available in HD quality. To stream on movie4k, You are not required to sign-up, Plus you get to make a playlist of your favorite or to be watched movies and shows.

The site has a sweet design and easy to use/understand interface. The homepage is sectioned into “Trending”, “Latest Movies”, “Latest TV Shows”, and “Coming Soon”, While at the top there is a navigation bar that makes navigation so easy. and right below it is a search box that allows you to search.

Every movie/TV show comes with an IMDb rating, short summary, trailer, released date, Casts, genre, and more. The most interesting part is that movie4k is totally ads-free, you do not have to deal with annoying pop-ups or screen ads. Overall is a trustworthy movie2k alternative.

movie4kto.netOpens in a new tab.

2. MoviesJoy

Just like movie4k, MoviesJoy is a site like movie2k.to with a large number of trending movies and latest TV shows that you can watch for free without having to register for an account, pay a subscription fee or deal with crazy or irritating pop-up ADS.

Moviesjoy has a wonderful website design and the user interface is slick. The homepage is sectioned into “Trending”, “Latest Movies”, “Latest TV Shows”, and “Coming Soon”. Each movie/TV show on the website attached with it is its own trailer, IMDB ratings, cast, released date, genre, short summary, and more.

Here movies are available on multiple streaming servers. If you are not able to watch a movie through a particular server, you can also try the other ones. Not forget that you can also download full movies from MoviesJoy and watch them later if you want.

moviesjoy.toOpens in a new tab.

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3. Lookmovie

Lookmovie comes in next on our list of movie websites like movie2k. Lookmovie has a similar fate to movies2k, it had its original lookmovie.ag domain blocked but bounced back better with this new domain that has been able to live up to its dream.

Lookmovie is a streaming site similar to movie2k, that is loaded with tons of HD quality old and trending movies plus TV shows. The site design is just incredible and it has a cool user interface. At the top, you can switch between “MOVIES” or “TV SHOWS“, coupled with that is a category and search box.

On the homepage is a random list of movies (if you are on the movies section) or TV shows (if you switched to the TV show section). Unlike moviesjoy each movie/TV show you will find on lookmovies only has a release year, genre, duration, and short summary info.

Yes, registration is not required, There are about one or two in-video ads which they however do solicit with their users to subscribe to premium service if they want to stop seeing such ADS. Sadly downloads are not supported on this movie2k to alternative.

lookmovie.ioOpens in a new tab.

4. FMovies

FMovies is a movie2k ag alternative for watching high-quality movies and TV series/shows online for free! Their movie database is huge which means you are sure to get whatever movie you are looking for.

The homepage is sectioned into “Suggestions”, “Latest Movies”, and “Latest TV-Series”. Each movie title on the website is provided with its trailer, IMDB ratings, and information about the cast of that particular movie. Moreover, you can also read the short movie summary.

Here movies are, of course, available on multiple streaming servers. If you are not able to watch a movie through a particular server, you can also try the other ones out there. Registration is optional and there are zero ads to worry about.

fmovies. coOpens in a new tab.

5. Putlocker

Putlocker is another free online movie website like movie2k where you can still watch trending movies, latest TV shows/series, and animes, yes you saw it right ANIMES!!!. Despite having a large collection of streamable, all the files found on putlocker are provided by a non-affiliated third-party service.

The site homepage is sectioned into “Trending”, “What’s Popular?”, “Latest Movies”, and “Latest TV Shows”, While at the top there is a navigation bar that makes navigation so easy. The site design is design and has an easy-to-use interface.

Every movie and TV show/series comes with an IMDb rating, short summary, trailer, released date, Casts, genre, and more. Putlocker is not totally ads-free, But you do not have to deal with annoying pop-ups or screen ads. Not forget that registration is optional and you can download movies so you can watch them later if you want.

putlocker.comOpens in a new tab.

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6. Soap2day

This list of free online movie websites like movie2k would have been the most biased if Soap2day doesn’t find its way into the list. Soap2day is a site similar to movie2k in terms of service and video quality, Just like movie2k, there are tons of TV shows and movies to watch all for free.

The Viking and white color combination, Blends well with the website design and it, in turn, provides you with a blissful user experience. The homepage is sectioned into “Recommended”, “Latest Movies”,  and “Latest TV-Series”, While at the top is a navigation bar for easy navigation with a search box you can search with.

Every movie and TV show/series has a rating, short summary, trailer, released date, Casts, genre, and more. Registration is optional, And although there are in-video ads to deal with however they are not annoying. Downloads are not supported which turns out to be the only downside about Soap2day.

soap2day.videoOpens in a new tab.

7. AZMovies

AZMovies is exactly that movie website like movie2k where you can watch your favorite movies and TV shows all for free, without having to register or pay a subscription fee. Its large collection of movie databases means you can select movies on the basis of genres such as Action, Adventure, Drama, Comedy, etc.

The yellow and black design of the website makes it really cool plus the user interface is so easy. The homepage of the website is simply covered with the “Recently Added” section that has a show more button at the end of it. While, at the top, you see a yellow navigation bar and a search box where you can search for specific movies.

The movie quality you will find on AZMovies is second to none and they frequently update their movie database. The downside of Azmovies is that downloads are not supported and just like putlocker you have about a few ads to deal with.

azm.toOpens in a new tab.

8. Solarmovie

Solarmovie is, without doubt, one of the best movie2k alternatives to watch movies and TV series for free in great quality. With a huge database of movies and TV series that are constantly been updated every now and then, You are sure to find whatever you are looking for.

The website has a good design and user interface. At the top is a lovely arranged menu that is stacked with categories such as Genre, Release, Country, Last Added, Movies, TV series, Top IMDb, and more. Right beside it is a search box where you can search for specific movies.

Also, there is a filter button that allows you to filter movies based on Type, Released year, Genre, Country, Quality, Name, and IMDb ratings. The homepage is sectioned into “Most Watched”, Latest TV-Series”, and “Latest Movies”.

Just like lookmovie, Solarmovie offers both registration-free streaming and premium-based streaming. there are but a few on-screen, pop-up, and in-video ads to deal with. Movie downloads are supported, but it’s sadly only available to premium users.

solarmovie.funOpens in a new tab.

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9. YifyMovies

YifyMovies is another webpage that has a large collection of movies and TV shows database that you can stream for free. Without having to worry about registration or subscription fee.

The website has one of the simplest and coolest designs. At the top is a Trending and Request a Movie/TV Series category list and right behind you see a search box where you can search for movie names not listed on the homepage. The homepage is sectioned into “Featured”, Random “Movies”, and Random “TV Shows”.

If you can’t find a desired movie on the website make sure to request it with the Request a Movie/TV Series button. While streaming you are provided with multiple streaming servers to choose from and you can choose to download the movie directly to your device.

moviesyify.onlineOpens in a new tab.

10. CMoviesHD

CMoviesHD is another online movie streaming website like movie2k that is known to run a never-ending list of movies and TV series from all over the world but every of the content is provided by a non-affiliated third party.

CMoviesHD is blessed with a simple website design and not difficult to use interface. The homepage is sectioned into ” Suggestion”, “Latest Movies”, “Latest TV-Series” and “Requested”. At the top of the website is a navigation bar coupled with a search box.

Each movie/show on the website has info like IMDB ratings, cast,trailer, short summary, release date, and more attached to it. Movies are available on multiple streaming servers, you can check the next server if one is facing an issue. The platform also supports movie downloads.

Registration is not required to stream, However you should brace yourself for the amounts of pop-up ads you will have to deal with. The use of ADBlocker is not advised, because it might affect the streaming quality and some other functions of the website.

cmovies.acOpens in a new tab.

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Conclusion On Movie Websites Like Movie2k

There you have it, the list of 10 free online movie websites like movie2k to watch movies and TV-series/shows for free and without having to register. we feel this is the most valid for now, which means the list might be updated with more websites in the near future.

If there are other movie2k ag alternative that you think should be included into this list, kindly suggest it to us using the comment box or if there are link that stops working dont forget remind us using the comment box.

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