10+ Free Educational Online Sites Like Khan Academy

Sites Like Khan Academy

Sites Like Khan Academy – Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by Sal Khan, with the goal of creating a set of online tools that help educate students. The organization produces short lessons in the form of videos. Its website also includes supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.

You can Learn for free about math, art, computer programming, economics, physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, finance, history, and more. Students practice at their own pace, first filling in gaps in their understanding and then accelerating their learning.

Whether you are about to seat for an SAT or looking to improve yourself academically khan academy is the go-to online educational platform for you. However, there are other alternatives to khan academy you can trust to offer you an on-par if not better service as compare to khan academy.

This article is a list of my assembled reliable free educational websites like khan academy with a short review attached to each of them. Note this is not a comparison between which site is better or worse, This is a simple list of websites similar to khan academy you can trust to improve academic-wise.

Here is a Quick Answer to some of the FAQs about KHAN ACADEMY for those who are not familiar with the online learning website.

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What Is Khan Academy?

Khan Academy is an American non-profit educational organization created by Sal Khan in 2008. Its primary goal is to build a set of online tools that would help to educate students. They produce short lessons in video format, Plus they provide supplementary practice exercises and materials for educators.

Is Khan Academy Free?

YES. khan academy is a non-profit educational organization that provides a platform where teachers can pass on their knowledge and students can easily get knowledge at no cost. in other words, khan academy is all free for learners and teachers.

Who Made Khan Academy?

Who owns Khan academy? Salman Amin Khan was born on 11 October 1976, known as Sal Khan, is an American educator and the founder of Khan Academy a nonprofit with the mission of providing free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere and at their comfort.

How To Get Khan Academy Answers?

Currently, there are no sure ways to get an answer on khan academy while practicing a problem. However, while you are doing the practice problems, you can use the Hint feature for missed questions to view a step-by-step solution to the problem.

Is Khan Academy Good For SAT?

SAT is an undergraduate program set for those who are looking to gain admission into the universities or colleges, And if you are looking to take a Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), you can trust Khan Academy’s SAT prep program.

How To Cite Khan Academy?

For some parts of Khan academy, the web page is dynamic: what you will see depends on your personal account (for example, a certain URL may lead to one exercise for me but another for you). If you need to refer to a particular exercise problem, because the URL is not enough to know which one, be sure to describe the exercise in your writing.

Is Khan Academy Good?

Everything about khan academy is good. Ranging from their mission, structure, pattern, syllabus, teachings, website design, and lots more. 98% of the reviews I have read online about khan academy have been positive, which shows how that is highly rated.

How Does Khan Academy Make Money?

As a non-profit organization that does not collect money from tutors or students, it is understandable to be worried about how they make money while running the organization. Khan Academy however makes its money via donations, tuition fees from its Khan Lab School, and compensation for its SAT prep courses.

How To Cheat On Khan Academy?

Honestly, I don’t get why you should be thinking of cheating on khan academy. Cheating is something bad to do, so you shouldn’t be thinking of doing such a thing. Learning on khan academy means you are trying to prepare yourself for an upcoming exam or whatever so I don’t see why you should cheat on it.

Is Khan Academy Accredited?

Khan Academy is not an accredited school and every work carried out on the site does not count towards a diploma or degree program.

Is Khan Academy Down?

No, Khan Academy is not down. If you are experiencing

10 List Of Websites Similar To Khan Academy

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1. College Board

College Board is an American nonprofit website like khan academy. The College Board is a mission-driven organization representing over 6000 of the world’s leading colleges, schools, and other educational organizations.

It develops and administers standardized tests and curricula used by K–12 and post-secondary education institutions to promote college readiness and as part of the college admissions process. If you are looking to sit for your sat soon, I reckon you can take college board practice because it works well for students who need more practice in math, writing, and evidence-based reading.

Unlike khan academy, the College board demands a fee to take the SAT and SAT Subject Tests, but those who can establish low income may take the tests for free. But it gets better. Those who receive a fee waiver for taking the tests may apply to four colleges (out of a list of 2,000) for free also.

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2. Smarthistory

Smarthistory is a free resource khan academy alternative and partner for the study of art history created by art historians Beth Harris and Steven Zucker. Smarthistory is co-founded and executively directed by Steven Zucker who was Previously dean of art and history at Khan Academy.

Smarthistory is a reliable and independent not-for-profit organization that offers content by more than five hundred leading scholars (art historians, archaeologists, and museum curators). Every essay on Smarthistory lists the author and links to their academic credentials.

Like I stated earlier, They are a not-to-profit organization that even gives out their books away for free! They are however supported by grants and gifts from those who believe in their mission. Overall Smarthistory is a worthy alternative to khan academy for art.

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3. Udemy

With over 155000 courses and 40million students, Udemy is an online learning and teaching website similar to khan academy. Udemy is made for all, you can learn just about anything about maths, arts, music, programming, photography, and more.

dissimilar to khan academy udemy is not totally free, They have both paid and free courses and often times offer promo discounts from time to time but most of the courses you will get from udemy would be paid for. If you want to sit for SAT or any other program you can rely on udemy to provide you with an amazing course to help you practice for the upcoming test/exam.

If you are not a big fan of their website, You can make use of their mobile for easier and faster access. Note that Udemy is not considered an accredited institution, which means courses will not count toward college credit or continuing education units (CEUs).

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4. Ck-12 Foundation

The CK-12 Foundation is a California-based non-profit organization that runs programs like khan academy. The primary aim of CK-12 is to increase access to low-cost K-12 education in the United States and abroad, Which is why they provide users with an online library stocked with textbooks, videos, exercises, flashcards, and real-world applications for over 5000 concepts.

CK-12’s products are free for anyone across the globe and available in over 70 languages. However, while teachers and students do not need to register to use the CK-12 Flexbooks, those who do register will find additional tools and resources available for their use.

They do not make money from book publications. Neither does the site similar to khan academy charge a subscription fee, and no advertisement is featured on their webpage, Plus they do not demand licensing fees from schools and users.

You can trust CK-12 enough to practice with if you do have an SAT or exam right the corner. Overall CK-12 is a trustworthy website like khan academy for college students.

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5. Educational Testing Service

Educational Testing Service pride itself to be one of the world’s largest private nonprofit educational testing and assessment organization, which in reality is not a fluke. The free site like khan academy, Mission is to help advance quality and equity in education by providing fair and valid assessments, research, and related services.

And believe me when I say that the ETS program has been helping low-income and potential first-generation students successfully graduate from secondary school and enroll in post-secondary education since 1977.

What I love about ETS is that it discourages the use of cut scores for admissions decisions, So you do not stand to fail any of their exams. However, in order to receive a Level 3 Proficiency Certificate, a student must earn a total score between 471 and 500. That score range should also coincide with achieving Level 3 Proficiency in Writing, Math, and Reading/Critical Thinking.

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6. Northwest Evaluation Association

Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA), is a global research-based not-for-profit educational services organization that partners with over 3,500 educational organizations worldwide. Currently, NWEA assessments are used by over 9,500 schools and districts in 145 countries.

NWEA is on the New York State Education Department’s list of approved assessments. The reporting tools provide data for students, individuals, teachers, building, and district levels is aligned to state and national standards.

NWEA tests are important to teachers because they keep track of progress and growth in basic skills. They let teachers know where a student’s strengths are and if help is needed in any specific areas. Teachers use this information to help them guide instruction in the classroom. This means you can always trust this free site like khan academy to improve academically.

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7. Lemann Foundation

The Lemann Foundation is a khan academy like website that strives to make Brazil a more just and equitable place by guaranteeing access to high-quality public education for Brazilians of all backgrounds while promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all to reduce inequality.

All classes are taught in English, though students come from all over the world. Master’s degree programs tend to have a large number of international students from across Asia and North America. Their exam has been approved by 74% of Brazilian municipalities.

With informative and powerful content and tools, this website supports leaders with the challenges of daily management. The Lemann Foundation program has already impacted more than 840,00 students at 2.800 schools in 20 school districts.

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8. Coursera

Coursera is an American khan academy alternative that has a massive open online course provider founded in 2012 by Stanford University computer science professors Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller. Coursera works with universities and other organizations to offer online courses, certifications, and degrees in a variety of subjects.

Join Coursera for free and learn online. Build skills with courses from top universities like Yale, Michigan, Stanford, and leading companies like Google. Coursera partners with more than 200 leading universities and companies to bring flexible, affordable, job-relevant online learning to individuals

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9. SkillShare

Skillshare is an online learning website similar to khan academy with thousands of creative classes taught by experts and professionals to help you learn new skills. Skillshare organizes courses into advertising, business, design, fashion and style, film and video, food and drink, music, photography, gaming, technology, and many more.

The courses, which are not accredited, are available through subscription. The majority of courses focus on interaction rather than lecturing, with the primary goal of learning by completing a project.

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10. CBT Nuggets

Lastly on the pick of programs like khan academy is CBT nuggets. Honestly, this was a hard pick for me because I had to decide between CBT Nuggets and eDX. I chose CBT nuggets because it provides innovative IT training that is informative, meaningful, and engaging. Plus all of the training is delivered through high-quality online streaming video.

The CBT nuggets library contains more than 5,000 training courses that are broken up into video “Nuggets” of about 10-20 minutes in length. And can only be accessed only by subscribed users. The standout part is that Instruction is delivered by world-class trainers in a whiteboard style that employs a “one-on-one” methodology to improve learner retention and usage.

Whether your goal is IT certification, real-world skills, or both, CBT Nuggets is the training solution to help you watch, learn, and conquer. Subscribers can train 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the convenience of a computer or mobile device.

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