5 Legit Online Clothing Web Sites Like YesStyle But Cheaper

Sites Like YesStyle

Sites Like YesStyle – Anyone who has ever shopped online even for once can vouch for the fact that it is enjoyable. This is why first-time users keep returning to YesStyle, and why long-term customers can’t help but remain loyal to them because they make shopping seem enjoyable.

In this article, I’ll explain who YesStyle is, what it does, and why you should use it before I show you a list of YesStyle alternatives; hold on! Is it really necessary to provide me with a list of websites like YesStyle if you’re going to claim that they turn customers into repeat buyers and attract new ones?

You might want to ask; Mr poster, Is this to imply that they are not who you claim they are? That is not the case. This is a case of me falling in love with something so much that you can’t help but share it with others when you come across something similar.

The intent of this article isn’t to rubbish YesStyle (which isn’t even possible) or to make a comparison with other similar sites, Rather it is a list of online shopping sites like YesStyle that you can pay your loyal both in terms of quality, customer service, and affordability.

Without further ado, I believe it is time to take your hand in mine and walk you through a brief explanation of YesStyle, what makes them unique, and a list of other shopping sites like YesStyle.

Sites Like YesStyle
Legit Online Clothing Web Sites Like YesStyle But Cheaper

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Clothing Stores Like YesStyle

Here is a sneak peek of what the other sites like YesStyle look like, I will quickly be Providing answers to most of the FaQ surrounding YesStyle, you can click on the sites to navigate to the originally reviewed list which you will find immediately after the FaQ.

  1. Kooding
  2. Stylenanda
  3. Chuu
  4. MixxMix
  5. Sthsweet

What Is YesStyle?

Founded in 1998, YesStyle is a globally recognized Asian-based online clothing store that allows people from around the world to access Japanese, Taiwanese, Korean fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands.

Where Is YesStyle Located?

YesStyle company is based in Hong Kong, China.

Is YesStyle Legit?

Nobody wants to shop from an illegal online store, Yes not even me putting out this article. The answer is YesStyle is legit 100%, their meets all security standards, including SSL validation and HTTPS security, as well as allowing payment via PayPal, which provides an added layer of credit card protection while shopping online.

Is YesStyle Reliable?

Having been around since 1998 for what is more than two (2) decades, you can rely on YesStyle when it has to do with items of clothing/beauty related items from Asian based brands

Is Yesstyle Fast Fashion?

Of course, YesStyle is a fast fashion E-commerce platform you can trust for trendy Asian apparel.

Is YesStyle Good Quality?

The qualities you would find on YesStyle are top-notch, They provide shoppers with quality Asian clothing and beauty products.

How Often Does YesStyle Have Sales?

Yesstyle are always in sales, There is barely any time I have checked their online store and found a product out of sale. So you can always trust YesStyle for regular sales.

How Long Does YesStyle Express Shipping Take?

Standard shipping on Yesstyles takes up 7-14 while express delivery on the other hand takes a max of 5 days to arrive at your doorstep. (This is also applicable for customers in Australia and USA.)

Does YesStyle Have Afterpay?

As of the time of putting this out, Yesstyle does not have afterpay. Nevertheless, they are in partnership with PayPal for a “Buy Now Pay Later” feature. A service similar to afterpay would have offered.

Websites Like YesStyle But Cheaper?

Like I stated in the first few paragraphs of this article that the primary intent of this article is to show you a list of YesStyle alternatives where you can enjoy the same goodies YesStyle is providing, now that the FaQ has been answered it is time to get into the real deal.

1. Kooding

kooding - stores like yesstyle but cheaper
kooding – stores like yesstyle but cheaper

There is no questioning why Kooding is first on this list. Kooding is a clothing website like YesStyle that deals on both MEN and WOMEN clothing and accessories. The company’s marketplace offers affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and stationery directly from Korea which are specialized in the latest trends.

Aside it easy to navigate website, I also love kooding for its affordability, and availability of several options. Shipping on kooding takes between 1-15 business days depending on the shipping method and your country of residence.

There is a flat shipping fee of $8.99 for products under $59 while shipping is totally free for products above $59. The good thing is they accept returns so you don’t have to worry about not liking what you picked or changing your mind before it arrived (T&C appliedOpens in a new tab.).

Shop KoodingOpens in a new tab.

2. Stylenanda

stylenanda - yesstyle similar websites
stylenanda – yesstyle similar websites

If you are looking for an online shop like YesStyle where you can discover the newest and most fashionable women’s clothing lines available in asia, Stylenanda is your plug. The alternative to YesStyle has it all ranging from blazers and jackets, as well as coats and pants.

Narrowly expensive when compared to other YesStyle and other sites similar to YesStyle but their quality is evidence why it could be a bit pricey to others. Like YesStyle, they accept PayPal as a mode of payment and offer free standard shipping on orders to Asia over $100 USD and to all other countries over $200 USD.

Shipping on Stylenanda usually takes 2-10 business days for the products to be delivered to your doorstep once your order is dispatched. The preparation time for delivery may vary depending on the items you order. Keep in mind that delivery may be delayed because of external factors such as customs clearance, weather conditions, etc.

Shop StylenandaOpens in a new tab.

3. Chuu

chuu - online clothing stores like yesstyle
chuu – online clothing stores like yesstyle

Chuu comes in third on this list of yesstyle similar websites, The online shopping store user-friendly interface coupled with endless collections of products like pants, dresses, tops, jackets, Hoodies, etc from different brands makes them a worthy alternatives to yesstle.

Orders on Chuu takes about 3-12 business days to process, and you can expect your package within eight business days of shipment. Standard flat shipping cost $8.99 USD on orders below FREE shipping minimum ($100 for asians and $200 for non-asians.)

Shop ChuuOpens in a new tab.

4. MixxMix

mixxmix - online shops like yesstyle
mixxmix – online shops like yesstyle

MixxMix is a korean based online clothing stores like yesstyle where you can buy range of women’s clothes including Dresses, Skirts, pants, shoes, accesories and more, Good thing is there are not expensive as compared to stylenanda and other sites on this list.

On the other hand, It unique “K-Pick” feature provides you with all sorts of photos featuring Korean celebs wearing their clothes, whats more interesting than buying clothes from the same place as your favorite K-pop celeb? huh!!

Aside the return feature, you can also exchange a product or goods bought from them. They are also known for easy shipping to every part of the world a flat fee of $14 for orders below $200 and a free shipping for orders above $200.

Shop MixxMixOpens in a new tab.

5. Sthsweet

Sthsweet - websites like yesstyle but cheaper
Sthsweet – websites like yesstyle but cheaper

Sthsweet is a short form for “Something Sweet” which is the official Global website for icecream12 as they belong to the same parent company, they offer an extensive collection of cheap Korean fashion brands like icecream12, chuu, MOCO BLING, DABAGIRL, Michyeora, and many more.

On this online shop like YesStyle you can never run out of options because new stuffs are added on daily basis, and it is offered at a flat 5% off for 72 hours after addition to the website. Isn’t that sthSweet?

STHSWEET charges $8.99 for orders under $49.99 and delivers within 1-3 days. If you spend more than $200, you can get free express shipping. Yes just like other online shopping sites like yesstyle that have made it into this list sthsweet also accept returns.

Shop SthSweetOpens in a new tab.

Conclusion On Clothing Stores Like YesStyle

So we both have made it to the end of YesStyle alternatives list and I trust the ride was worth it. If you try out the sites similar to YesStyle that I have listed above do well to leave a comment in the box below so we can know your experience and other users could learn from it.

Also if you think there are other online shopping sites like YesStyle that could have made it into the list don’t hesitate to make a recommendation to us. Cheers!!!

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