Grailed Competitors – 5 Other Best Websites Like Grailed

Sites Like Grailed

Sites Like Grailed – Grailed is regarded as one of the best marketplaces for high-quality men’s (unisex) clothing, shoes, accessories, and designers. You will not only receive high-quality products, but you will also pay a reasonable price, indicating that you are getting good value for your money.

This online clothing marketplace is one of the best out there, and it’s not just because it’s legit; it’s because it has a team of dedicated and knowledgeable moderators who are always ready to assist customers (if need be).

If all of the above said nice features of “Grailed online clothing store” are true, you might wonder why users (customers) are looking for another website like grailed?.

Imagine a world where everyone likes the same things. It wouldn’t be very fun or loving. The freedom of choice is what really makes keeps this world moving. To be sure that grailed is a good shopping storeOpens in a new tab., you might need to look at other sites like grailed.

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The point of this article isn’t to bash grailed (which isn’t even possible) or to compare it to other websites. Instead, I’m compiling a list of the best websites like grailed that you can also check out if you’re looking to try something new or want to make comparisons.

What Are Grailed Alternatives?

  1. The RealReal
  2. Haven
  3. Vestiaire Collective
  4. END Clothing
  5. Shpock

What Is The Grailed?

Grailed is a curated e-commerce marketplace for men’s clothing. The community-driven marketplace whose goal is to provide an interactive and educational meeting ground where fashion enthusiasts can buy and sell their unique pieces was built by enthusiasts for enthusiasts.

Is Grailed Legit?

Yes, Grailed is a legit very reliable retail clothing marketplace. They make sure ensure everything you buy is legit.

Is Grailed Safe?

You’re in good hands on grilled, whether you’re buying or selling. Thanks to its team of world-class curators and community self-policing, the Grailed online marketplace is secure. All transactions conducted through Grailed are eligible for PayPal Buyer and Seller Protection in the unlikely event that something goes wrong.

How Does Grailed Work?

operating as a c2c and b2c, when a buyer makes a binding offer and the seller accepts, the payment is completed instantly and the sale is made. As a buyer, your payment is only made if and when the seller accepts – until then no money is taken from your account.

Is Grailed Authentic?

Yes, Grailed provides end-to-end authentication for buyers. They use a combination of human and machine moderation to ensure that all listings are evaluated before they are added to the feed.

How To Sell On Grailed?

  1. SignUp/Sign in
  2. Click the “SELL” button (found at the top-right header of the website or in the bottom navigation in the app.)
  3. Upload at min of 3 good simple photos
  4. Select a Market.
  5. Fill in information about the item you’re selling. (e.g Add a Designer, Add the Size, add a descriptive Item Name.
  6. submit (once approved you will be notified via your grailed account and attached mail.

How Long Does Grailed Take To Ship?

Shipping on grailed usually takes 7 working days to arrive at your doorstep.

List Of Resale Sites Like Grailed

Having provided answers to the FaQ surrounding the grailed marketplace, It is time I quickly dive into why we were here at the first instance, so without much ado, I bring you the first grailed alternatives:

1. The RealReal

the realreal - sites like grailed clothing
the realreal – sites like grailed clothing

The Real Real is an online marketplace for authenticated luxury consignment goods, You can buy and sell clothing, fine jewelry, watches, fine art, and home decor on the grailed competitor.

They offer a secure way for buyers and sellers to transact. Thousands of items are scrutinized each day by our in-house gemologists, horologists, and brand authenticators, a team of more than 100 people.

The sweet thing is you get to keep up to 85% of the sale price as a seller, even though they take a cut of your profit. Depending on where you live, you may be able to schedule a free in-home pickup or mail your items to us via USPS.

Shop The RealRealOpens in a new tab.

2. Vinted

vinted - other websites like grailed
vinted – other websites like grailed

Vinted is a site like grailed clothing that has millions of users and allows you to buy and sell items. Vinted’s primary demographic is slightly older people, so don’t expect to sell your mini skirt here right away.

Sellers upload their items, set a fee, and package them up when they sell. In contrast to The realreal, sellers are not charged a fee. Vinted earns money through advertising and charges the buyer a flat fee after each successful order.

As a buyer, you should look through the available products of what you want to buy and consult with the seller (you can always inbox the seller), Pay for your items and remember to leave a review once you’ve received them.

Shop VintedOpens in a new tab.

3. Vestiaire Collective

Vestiaire Collective - sites similar to grailed
Vestiaire Collective – sites similar to grailed

Vestiaire Collective is a site similar to grailed that consists of both professional and individual sellers and allows you to sell everything from men’s clothing, belts, bags, shoes, and other accessories. It has offices in Paris, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Berlin.

To list your item on the platform, go to the website or download the appOpens in a new tab., fill out the simple listing form, describe your item, and upload your photos. When your item sells, send it free of charge to the company. Once the item is shipped to the buyer, payment is processed. You can sell your items for up to 80% profit.

As a buyer, you have the option to return an item purchased. If you return it within 72 hours of receiving it, you can relist it for free on the platform, but if you wait longer than 14 days, you will have to pay a processing fee.

Shop Vestiaire CollectiveOpens in a new tab.

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4. Mercari

mercari - grailed competitors
mercari – grailed competitors

Mercari is a website like grailed, but it differs in that it allows the sale of electronics, clothing, household goods, collectibles, and other items. Mercari has a number of advantages that make it an excellent place to sell.

In minutes, you can list your item on its app, sell it to a buyer, ship it, and receive payment. When you complete a sale on Mercari, you will be charged a flat 10% selling fee. Despite the fact that the commission structure changed in late 2020, it remains one of the lowest for a major marketplace.

Other fees may apply, such as a $2 fee for direct deposit requests of less than $10 and a $2 processing fee if your bank rejects your direct deposit. Mercari is a worthy grailed competitor in general.

Shop MercariOpens in a new tab.

5. Shpock

shpock - grailed alternatives
shpock – grailed alternatives

Shpock “The joy of selling” is an online marketplace that uses mobile and browser-based platforms for the private buying and selling of things such as fashion accessories in the area.

Shpock is completely free to use! If you’re a seller, listing an item is free, and if you’re a buyer, there’s only a small fee for Buyer Protection if you choose to have your item delivered – this ensures you’re covered in all circumstances.

As a buyer, using shpock is risk-free because payments are secure. When a payment is made on shpock, the money is transferred to the seller’s Shpock Wallet and marked as pending. Once you’ve received your item, double-check that everything is in order and confirm the transaction in the app. The money will then be released to the seller.

Shop ShpockOpens in a new tab.

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