Our Top Summer Outfits with Platform Shoes (Best Picks)

Summer Outfits with Platform Heels

It’s going to be platform heels galore from this summer season to the following ones. Throughout the history of fashion, we have been taking inspiration from past eras, tweaking and modifying it to the current times, and platform heels are the fruit of the much-loved ’70s era.

However, in the late 90s, the Spice Girls were the queens who introduced the platform heels to the masses around the globe and from then on they never really left our world.

Spice girls adorned the platform heels, platform sneakers, platform sandals, and even platform sneakers with long sleeves mini dresses, jeans, skirts, and other outfits as well.  

As we all can witness a resurgence of the Y2K fashion all over again, it’s time to bring back the chunky platform heels to the grind. The platform heels are a perfect shoe choice for the summer season as these shoes are comfortable, and elegant, give a few inches of confidence, and most importantly they are available in a plethora of styles that will make any look come together. 

There are many summer outfits that go amazingly well with platform heels like shorts, tops, miniskirts, mini or midi dresses, and other boho-chic flowy dresses. If you haven’t already invested in a few styles of platforms this article is going to turn you over and have you spend a good amount of money on platform heels. 

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In this article, I will be revealing a few summer outfits that go seamlessly and effortlessly with different kinds of platform heels. Keep in mind these summer essential outfits, pair them up with chunky platform heels and make a powerful style statement.

All the platform shoes mentioned in this article are wearable from AM to Pm adding great height, confidence, style, and chicness to your outfits. Read on till the end to get inspired by our summer outfit picks with platform heels to create a powerful style statement.

Summer Outfits with Platform Heels
Summer Outfits with Platform Heels

Summer Outfits with Platform Heels

1. Wide Legged pants with Rib-Knit tops

Platform heels look super chic and cute with wide-legged pants, flared jeans, or culottes. These wide-legged pants are generally a little longer than your usual length which is where the platform heels come in. Wearing the platform heels under wide-legged pants will let the hem of the pants fall effortlessly on the heels making them look so stylish, graceful, and comfy.

 I like to pair these wide-legged pants made from cotton with rib-knit tops that are fitted or body-hugging as the flare is coming from the bottom. 

You can wear the tops in the halter neck or for that sexy touch or you can choose a simple vest style or go with a scarf-style neck in soft neutrals like taupe, tan, off-white, or pastels. The platform heels that will be a perfect match for this look will be the ever-stylish summer platform sandals or sneakers.

2. Wear a Mini Skort with Printed Top

Your wardrobe might be filled with miniskirts and shorts in every color but in 2022 you need to invest in a few skorts (a cross between shorts and a skirt). This style has a flap on top which gives it a skirt-like look but it’s in fact a skort from under.

You can pair it with a button-down skirt tucked in with a loose fit from the top, you can even opt for a printed boho-chic style skirt to add some fun colors and contrast or you can go with a sexy sheer organza skirt to call for attention. 

But what truly will make your outfit shine bright is the pair of platform heels and in this case, I will strongly recommend a platform mule. A platform mule is just like the skort the perfect cross between chic formal and effortlessly laid-back. You can wear the platform mule in solid black, tan, or white.   

3. Matching Cord-Sets with Chunky Platform Heels

Matching cord sets are the magical outfits that make everything look better, make your life look sorted, and give out the impression that you have everything under control and you’re certainly at the top of your fashion game. I mean matching cord-sets sets the bar of your fashion game to the top tier. You can never go wrong with them, be it summer, winter, spring, or fall. 

There are a ton of options in them now, the perfect summer matching set is the bralette top with matching short or wide-legged pants. Another option is the printed or embellished tube top with a matching skirt or you can also choose a formal shirt and straight pants in a matching bright hue to make an impactful statement.

But how can you make this already winning number an even hotter version of itself? Well, add chunky platform heels to it! I suggest going with platform wedges or platform heels to create a formal look.

4. Maxi or Midi Dresses in Platform Sneakers

We all know summers are about breathable, flowy outfits that let you feel easy, breezy and sweat-free. Printed tiered maxi dresses are very much in vogue nowadays. You can purchase them in prints, eyelet fabric, chiffons, georgettes, and cotton. 

Add a nice weight to these comfy, flowy outfits with a pair of platform sneakers. Sneakers, we all know, are the second word for comfort when it comes to shoes, so in order to make this already laid-back outfit even cooler and uncomplicated, wear platform sneakers. 

If you feel platform sneakers are not up your alley then platform sandals or platform loafers will also do the trick. I suggest if the skin-show is too much try to wear a more covered option is shoes but if the dress is a maxi then sandals will be the best option.

Take Away Lines

Platform heels are in vogue nowadays so you can get your hands on every type of platform! Although there can be thousands of more permutations and combinations of the platforms and summer outfits the above-mentioned are a few tried and tested options that will never fail.

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