Synthetic Urine Kit – 6 Things To Know About The Fake Pee Kit

Synthetic Urine Kit

There is a different option available to pass a drug test, and one of the popular ways is the Synthetic Urine KitOpens in a new tab.. Indeed, Mike Tyson- The Boxing Icon, has admitted to using fake urine to pass a drug test throughout his boxing career. 

Nowadays, synthetic urine manufacturers are implementing new strategies to get accurate results and show the real picture. However, modern labs can determine whether or not the urine comes from the human body.

Thus, a synthetic urine kit needs to be highly advanced to confirm success. This article will cover everything about the Synthetic Urine Kit. 

Synthetic Urine Kit

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What is a Synthetic Urine Kit?

Synthetic Urine is also known as “laboratory urine” or “fake pee” and is a lab-created chemical composition to mimic the appearance of human urine along with the components of natural urine, including creatinine, uric acid, urea, ammonia, and sulfates.

The pH level and relative density are almost identical in ‘real” and “synthetic urines”.  

Powdered Synthetic Urine

Laboratory Urine is available in both liquid and dry forms with specific instructions for ensuring the perfect temperature. The powdered urine is the same as liquid urine; however, it must be mixed with water to take the shape of a urine solution. 

In addition, it looks, smells, and reacts like human urine and tends to provide successful results when used correctly. If you want to know more about the number 1 synthetic urine kitOpens in a new tab. you can click the link to know more about it.

Composition of a Synthetic Urine

Fake urine is a liquid scientifically blended to create a urine sample. Below are the main components of Synthetic Urine:

  1. PH Level pH levelOpens in a new tab. stands for potential hydrogen, and anything between 4.5 -8 is considered as normal urine pH. So, the chemists try to match the pH level and dilute specific components to make it look realistic.
  2. Color – Synthetic Urine is chemically colored to resemble natural urine and holds warm yellowish color.
  3. Uric AcidOpens in a new tab. – It is a vital component of fake urine since the labs always confirm its presence. While buying one, ensure it contains uric acid, particularly when opting for the cheaper one.
  4. Creatinine Level – While manufacturing it, the chemists in laboratories add a minimum level of creatinine percentage between 0.8mg /dL to 1.0mg/dL since the creatinine level overlaps in men’s and women’s bodies.
  5. Temperature – Getting the right temperature is vital to pass a drug test. Chemists consider the temperature of real urine that is 98.6˚F (37˚C) degrees, temperature between 90-100 degrees immediately raise a red flag on the drug test analyst’s mind.

Six Things you need to know Before Buying Laboratory Urine

Find a Reliable Brand 

When it comes to Synthetic urine, try not to pick cheap products from unknown websites that might be offering you an attractive deal. Always rely on trustable and established websites like Amazon. Also, do not forget to check the online reviews while paying attention to the branding and packaging to get insights.

Also, due to the high demand, various suppliers are selling counterfeited products. So, it is recommendable to buy products only from trustable sources. 


The urine sampleOpens in a new tab. needs to hold a temperature close to the actual urine to be effective. The standard temperature that a kit needs to maintain is 90-100 degrees. Before the test, ensure to preheat it to get the right temperature. Besides, many brands are offering fake pee kits along with a heating pad to keep the pee warm. 

Consider the Compound 

It’s vital to consider the compound list used in manufacturing the synthetic Urine Kit. Ensure that it holds the proper pH balance between 4.5 to 8 contains the right amount of Creatinine, enough chloride, urea, Potassium, dissolved ions, and water. Also, it’s worth noticing that the sample is rich in Vitamin B to be effective.

Shelf Life 

According to the experts, fake urine has a limited shelf lifeOpens in a new tab., but proper storage can help expand the shelf life. Due to the high humidity, an unclean environment, or exposure to oxygen can compromise the Synthetic Kit sooner. However, the best brand ensures their product lasts for 2-3 years when years properly. 

Uric Acid 

The standard excretion of uric acid in the urine is 250 to 750 mg per day, and most of the laboratories will confirm the presence of uric acid while performing a drug test. So, it’s essential to find the product that has the correct percentage of uric acid on it. 

Ease of Use 

While buying one for you, ensure that it’s easy to use.  Do not go for the products that have a lot of instructions. Otherwise, you might end up getting confused, and chances are the results become null. Remember to check the instruction while buying a product to ignore the confusion. 

Final Thoughts

Synthetic Urine is one of the ideal ways to pass a drug test. By properly following the instructions, one can easily pass a test.

However, keeping the product at room temperature is necessary while storing the product well. Also, synthetic urine is illegal in many states, including Texas, Virginia, Wyoming, Pennsylvania, Illinois, etc. So, make sure to check the guidelines before considering one.

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