Top 10 Games Like Candy Crush Saga for Android and iOS in 2022

games like candy crush saga

The Candy Crush Saga is the most popular versatile game all over the planet. Candy Crush has a larger number of players than PUBG and COD Mobile combined. Yes, it is that well-known. Candy Crush made their players dependent on the game, and individuals from all age bunches went under that fanbase. In straightforward, more than a billion players on the planet have essentially attempted Candy Crush once.

Candy Crush isn’t simply swiping on the screen to match confections; it is a brain mystery game. Likewise, Candy Crush is more habit-forming than you think; to that end, Candy Crush has a bigger number of players than PUBG, Call Of Duty, or CSGO. The actual game might be whimsical; however, the game is awesome. Candy Crush might appear to be simple at first; however, it turned out to be damn hard to break in quite a while.

This article will inform you of the top 10 substitute Games Like Candy Crush Saga for Android and iOS. It very well may be much more tomfoolery if you will play them with a similar interest. So first, we should see each of the ten games individually, and later we will conclude which is awesome out of all and which ones can supplant the original candy crush saga.

games like candy crush saga
best 10 puzzle Games Like Candy Crush Saga for all device

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List of 10 Alternatives to Candy Crush Saga

1. Two Dots

Two Dots is, even more, a match-four game instead of a match-three. You get given a board brimming with shaded dabs, and as long as you make a line connecting somewhere around two of them, you clear them from the board (and drop new ones, obviously).

However, if you truly need to win at Two Dots, you want to make a square of spots to get every one of those free from a similar shading, no matter how you look at it. Later on, extra win necessities get added; however, the generally ongoing interaction mechanics stay something very similar – and remain compelling. Likewise, the freemium model is rarely intrusive and passes on you to get a speck frenzy.


  • The stages have no time limit, so you can play gradually and partake in the game at whatever point you have spare time.
  • Two Dots include 3700 tomfoolery and habit-forming levels. You could challenge your companions on Two spots on Facebook.

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2. Puzzle and Dragons

puzzle and dragons is a game similar to candy crush
puzzle and dragons is a game similar to candy crush

Puzzle and Dragons are like an RPG crossed with Candy Crush, making you match-three simultaneously solving riddles and collecting the nominal mythical serpents. You develop a group of shading-coded beasts, mating and evolving them with the goal that they can go with you on your risky excursions.

There are north of 700 mythical beasts to find, and combinations make that number go into the large numbers. It’s habit-forming to play for what it’s worth to gather mythical beasts. Get the Candy Crush Source Code AndroidOpens in a new tab..


  • Every beast has novel capacities, and they assist the player with countering the game’s increasing difficulty.
  • Puzzle and Dragons combine the idea of a riddle game, lottery, and JRPG in one game.
  • The beasts are opened by the lottery framework, relying upon your karma.
  • The super uncommon beasts give significant benefits to the group.

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3. Animal Warfare

Matching confections are just fine; however, do that when you can match charming little animals. Instead, it’s a straight-on battler, with each game arbitrarily matching you with a rival and forcing you to match segments of creature symbols.

Matches naturally assault your adversary, even though if you match elephants and hippos, you also get some safeguard details. Like Candy Crush, play is restricted by Charge Points, and you get a limit of five. Yet, it’s a splendid game loaded with exquisite movements, cutesy critters, and appeal.

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4. Puzzle Quest 2

Puzzle Quest 3 - similar games to candy crush
Puzzle Quest 3 – similar games to candy crush

An interesting premium buys in the match-three class; however, Puzzle Quest 3 merits the cash. It adds dream battle to the match-three blend, making Puzzle Quest 3 feel more like an RPG crossover than different games on this rundown. It has a tremendous single-player mission to play through (subsequently the top-notch cost), elements of prison roaming, fascination with XP, and gaining new abilities while battling new animals. It’s fabulous and certainly worth your time.

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5. Bejewelled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz is a candy crush similar games
Bejeweled Blitz is a candy crush similar games

Bejewelled is an exemplary riddle game and one of the most incredible elective games sent off before Candy Crush. Electronic Arts have been working on such activities for some time. The topic of Bejewelled Blitz depends on gems and pearls. Players can play relaxed matches to score points and complete the level by matching indistinguishable pearls.


  • The main screen includes an 8×8 lattice that is loaded up with diamonds.
  • To match the indistinguishable shadings, you must trade the neighboring diamonds to put them close to the comparable ones.

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6. Futurama: Game of Drones

Futurama: Game of Drones IS a game similar to candy crush saga
Futurama: Game of Drones IS similar to candy crush saga

If you’re looking for free candy crush-type games with a TV tie-in, then, at that point, Futurama: Game of Drones is an extraordinary choice. Featuring characters, conditions, and scenarios culled directly from the appendages of the TV show, it figures out how to channel all the diversion and high-jinx you’d expect regardless of the match-three constraints. Interactivity is insightful; it’s as you’d expect, with a couple of little contortions, however basically a genuinely straightforward match-three experience.

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7. Pokémon Shuffle Mobile:

Pokemon shuffle is a games similar to candy crush
Pokemon shuffle is a game similar to candy crush

There probably won’t be an authority Pokémon RPG on the App Store (and Pokémon Go isn’t exactly what we needed either); however, Pokémon Shuffle Mobile is a decent split the difference. It merges the battling idea of an exemplary Pokémon RPG, yet with a match-three ongoing interaction procedure. Match (at least three) of a similar Pokémon together to dole out an assault on the opposing critter. The more you fight, the more Pokémon you have in your pocket to use for future flights. It’s oddly reminiscent, however, mixing up the class simultaneously – both for the match-three sort and Pokémon itself.

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8. Match Land: Puzzle RPG

Match Land is a free games like candy crush
Match Land is a free game like candy crush

Match Land is fundamentally an RPG in the pretense of a match-three title. In this free game like candy crush, You progress through a story, fighting an assortment of beasties en route, dishing out harm by matching assault symbols of your different crew. There’s a healer, fighter, mage, and more to open and combine until you feel like you have a definitive crew to confront anything.

It brings significantly more to the table than your exemplary match-three game (and in addition to that, it’s conceivable and best to match multiple symbols), particularly as you can chain a few go-after together as long as you line up your symbols before the clock runs out. It’s vital and involved and a phenomenal expansion to your day-to-day gaming.

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9. Threes!

Threes! is a candy crush like game
Threes! is a candy crush like game

Threes! is a candy crush like game that is doing something somewhat different with the match-three classification, and even though it seems as though you’re going to need to do some science, don’t stress this is just as taxing on your noggin as Candy Crush itself. Instead of confections, creatures, or gems, Threes! Requests that you match numbers, sliding cards around aboard.

It gets going sufficiently just, with a two and a one sliding together to make your initial three, three, and three making six, six, and six making 12, 12, and 12 making 24, etc. However, your board begins getting occupied with a wide range of numbers at that point, and matching becomes trickier than you’d anticipate. It’s strategic instead of numerical, and all the better for it.

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10. Triple Town

triple town a games like candy crush online
triple town – games like candy crush online

You ought to download Triple Town for its cute minimal blocky bears alone. Yet, notwithstanding their cute looks and tiny thunders, they’re the foe in triple town, the whirlwind blocks stopping you from creating a kingdom fit for, indeed, a king (or sovereign).

In this game like candy crush online, You get to develop your town by matching tiles together and leveling up the components. Three patches of grass become a shrubbery, three brambles become a tree, three trees become a house, etc. So it’s you versus the bears in a battle to assemble a kingdom. There’s a Peaceful mode if you need to match and assemble, yet it’s locked behind the top-notch one-off buy for $3.99/£3.99. In any case, more than worth one time spent.

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Wrapping up

These are the top ten most interesting games similar to candy crush saga. After looking at the popularity and craze of this game, if you want to develop a game like candy crush then get in touch with Uber Clone AppOpens in a new tab. which is the best candy crush saga clone app development company.

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