Top 7 HBO Series to Watch This Summer

top HBO Series to Watch

Streaming services have changed our watching experience. The TV industry is loaded with good shows, but sorting through the lesser-rated shows to find something to watch can be time-consuming, especially with bundles of streaming sites available.

Moreover, HBO has produced some acclaimed shows, which you can even binge-watch to expand your options. It has been setting high standards and delivering the highest quality streaming entertainment. 

From vampires to brooding software developers to dragon-riding heroes and mafia-related villains, here are the top seven HBO series to watch.

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top HBO Series to Watch
Top 7 HBO Series to Watch This Summer

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What HBO Series to Watch?

Here is our list of the top HBO series you need to watch now. 

1. Euphoria

HBO’s Euphoria is dark and deliberately provocative; the scenes are brimming with sex, drugs, and ill-fitting decadence and portrayed with stunningly vivid hues.

It feels a bit voyeuristic, offering an apparent glimpse into the world of obscure teens, which isn’t aimed at teens. We get into this world through Rue and her relationships with others in her high school world. Euphoria has been described as an unsettling show in certain ways. It is a constant assault of existential angst and trauma.

2. Westworld

Westworld is one of the newer sci-fi series to gain momentum. The show was based on the 1973 film of the same name, written by Michael Crichton. Lisa Joy and The Dark Knight Trilogy, co-writer Jonathan Nolan developed this newly rebooted series. The show is set in a western park that is populated by life-like and anthropomorphic “hosts,” diving into themes of obsessions with violence in the media and the human right to autonomy.

3. Watchmen

The alternative version of the masked vigilante characters of Damon Lindelof was a loaded project from beginning to end. It is set in a world where vigilantes were treated as outlaws. The show was a rousing success for the lead, Regina King; it was full of intense action and tension-filled scenes. The series also took on the most difficult issues in just nine episodes, encompassing several timelines and difficult topics.

Watchmen also acts as an important cultural reference point by incorporating tragedy from 1921’s Tulsa Race Massacre into one of the storylines in the pilot that opened the eyes of a lot of Americans to the significance of this period in America’s blood-stained history.

4. Big Little Lies

We get to see plenty of talent in this adaptation of The Liane Moriarty novel. In the first season, David E. Kelley, Shailene Woodley, Reese Witherspoon, and Nicole Kidman joined forces with a group of women to discuss motherhood, female friendships, and forgiveness, as well as tackle difficult issues like infidelity and abuse.

It was an ambitious undertaking, initially intended as a short-run series. However, due to the overwhelming reaction of the public as well as the show’s success in the awards show, HBO’s renewed the series for another season. With the cast including Shailene Woodley, Zoe Kravitz, and Laura Dern reunited, they enlisted Meryl Streep to play a key part in the next one.

5. Chernobyl

Based on the actual incidents that occurred in the aftermath of the nuclear plant’s April 1986 accident, Chernobyl centers around the tragic stories of the victims and survivors, with particular attention paid to lesser-known tales. The five-episode miniseries focuses on the brave efforts of firefighters, volunteers, and miners who sacrificed their lives to keep the catastrophe from worsening.

The stellar ensemble includes Stellan Skarsgard, who plays Boris Scherbina, a Kremlin apparatchik. Jared Harris as Valery Legasov, the nuclear physicist who convinces the government that they can’t lie and obscure their ways to avoid a nuclear disaster.

6. Games of Thrones

Game of Thrones is a sweeping fantasy-themed drama that needs no introduction. It is based on George Martin’s novels. Soon after its debut, the eight-season series became a public favorite. It follows the struggle for power between these kingdoms in Westeros and the battle to decide who is the true ruler to sit upon the Iron Throne. In the meantime, a mysterious force from the other side of the wall is threatening to destroy all.

7. Oz

Oz created a stir with its violent and sexual content at the beginning of the series and its equally disturbing and deep narrative once the audience could get over the fact that the film was set inside a prison with maximum security.

The film is set in the fictional Oswald State Correctional Facility; Oz depicts the experience of the prisoners and their struggles through the period of six seasons. It is primarily focused on The battle between various factions of the wing that is experimental, known as “Emerald City,” as well as the guards’ attempts to control the inmates.

From racial gangs and racial violence to the unpredictability of tension and violence in everyday life, it was one of the major selling points of the massive and complex HBO series, which demonstrated that a mature-oriented drama could have excellent ratings.


With so much new content being added to HBO, picking one becomes a little frustrating. You can check the above-mentioned list to re-watch some old or binge-watch a new series to enjoy. We’re sure you will find something you’re in the mood for!

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