Best TV Shows Like West Wing On Netflix And Other Streaming Network

TV Shows Like West Wing

Shows Like West Wing – West wing is a Seven (7) season American serial political drama television series that aired on NBC from September 1998 to May 2006. The show was created by Aaron Sorkin. It stars an ensemble cast portraying key position holders in the executive branch of the federal government of the United States of America The series gives details about the daily workings of the presidency and government as a whole in the USA.

The west wing is a TV series at it’s finest, In west wing you have show that is entertaining, witty, informative and whatever else that you had expect it to have, It is also bolstered by superb cast and feature quality music score.

As you keep watching, you will definitly love Sorkin, he reminds us that we are all fragile, but we are also strong, and that humility and strength play an important role in how we effect the world around us.

After watching the west wing series from SE1 ES1 to the final episodes of season seven (7), I became a fanatic of the movie that i had to go in search of other TV series/shows similar to west wing. I arrived at the best list after trying out so many shows, Below i will be listing them but before then, here is a quick fire question and answer about The west wing.

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West Wing Cast?

Character —- Actor

  • Sam Seaborn  AS  Rob Lowe
  • Mandy Hampton  AS  Moira Kelly
  • Charlie Young  AS  Dulé Hill
  • C. J. Cregg  AS  Allison Janney
  • Toby Ziegler  AS  Richard Schiff
  • Leo McGarry  AS  John Spencer and Sterling K. Brown
  • Josh Lyman  AS  Bradley Whitford
  • Josiah Bartlet  AS  Martin Sheen
  • Donna Moss  AS  Janel Moloney
  • Abbey Bartlet  AS  Stockard Channing
  • Will Bailey  AS  Joshua Malina
  • Kate Harper  AS  Mary McCormack
  • Matt Santos  AS  Jimmy Smits
  • Arnold Vinick  AS  Alan Alda
  • Annabeth Schott AS  Kristin Chenoweth

Is West Wing On Netflix?

Is west wing leaving Netflix? West wing was previously on Netflix, But as of the time of writing this content, it is no longer on Netflix. The series was finally removed after it was long thought to be leaving Netflix. On December 25th, 2020 it was finally confirmed by Netflix.

Where To Watch The West Wing

After west wing was removed from Netflix on the 25th of December in 2020, The question of “how to stream west wing” started flying around. For those who are yet to see the show or have seen the series halfway before it was removed, here is a list of where to watch west wing;

Where Was The West Wing Filmed?

The NBC White House-based drama, West Wing, was filmed primarily on sound stages in Burbank, California with exterior shots and some B-roll being filmed in the Washington D.C. metro area and also with some additional exterior filming in Canada and Los Angeles in areas that resembled D.C.

How Many Seasons Of West Wing?

West wing came to an end in 2006 after seven (7) seasons and 156 episodes, raking up numerous awards along the line also. There have been rumors of a season eight (8) coming to live, but as it stands we have not heard any words of such from themselves.

Why Did “Rob Lowe” Leave West Wing?

An official statement from the west wing stated: “We regretfully confirm that Rob Lowe will amicably depart The West Wing in March after completing 16 episodes. “We appreciate his numerous contributions to the success of the series and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.”

According to some reports, it was claimed that Rob Lowe was written out of the series due to some disagreement regarding his pay and how his role size on the show is diminishing.

What Are The Best Shows Like West Wing?

If you watched west wing and loved it, Here I have made an entire list of what to watch after west wing;

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1. The Blacklist

The Blacklist isn’t exactly a political tv show like the west wing, but it does portray America and its Law enforcement higher-ups together with high-ranking officials. The Blacklist is an American crime thriller television series that premiered on September 23, 2013, on NBC.

Been of the world’s most wanted criminals, Raymond Reddington willingly surrenders himself to the police without prior warning. He says he’ll only work with profiler Elizabeth Keen to help the FBI catch other mobsters who are a part of his infamous “Blacklist.”

The law enforcement agents try to find out if there’s a history between Reddington and Elizabeth but there are no records available. Soon the former profiler’s life turns upside down after encountering this infamous criminal, but she is forced to work with him to solve other cases.

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2. House Of Cards

If you need to understand the dirty part of the American political landscape? Say no more this is just the right series for you. House of cards is an American Political Thriller drama show like west wing. The Six (6) seasons series premiered on Netflix on February 1, 2013, until November 8, 2018.

The series follows the Underwood family of Frank Underwood ( A Congressman Democrat from South Carolina’s fifth senatorial district) and his ambitious wife Claire Underwood and their rise to the apex seat in the united state. The show details their elaborate pragmatism, ruthlessness, and use of power and influence.

The series is an adaptation of BBC’s series of the same name which aired in the ’90s. It is also based on a novel; House of Cards written by Micheal Dobbs and published in 1989. This show has numerous awards to its name and most notably is the Golden Globe Award for Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series.

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3. Designated Survivor

Designated Survivor is an American Political thriller drama series created by David Guggenheim. Initially, the show aired on ABC for its first two seasons before its third and final season aired on Netflix exclusively. Premiering on September 21, 2016, until June 7, 2019, when the curtain fell on the series.

The series follows the rise of the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Thomas Kirkman to the presidency after he was named the designated Survivor preceding an explosion at the Capitol Building, which killed the president and everyone in the line of succession.

The series showcases challenges Kirkman tries to overcome in his bid to be seen as a legitimate president together with keeping his family and his political aspirations in the right order. This is one of the best tv shows like west wing, you wouldn’t want to miss for whatever reason.

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4. Madame Secretary

Madame Secretary is another American political drama television series like west wing, And it was created by Babara Hall. The series first aired on CBS on September 21, 2014. The show lasted six (6) seasons with 120 episodes before coming to an end on December 8, 2019.

The series follows Elizabeth McCord, the Secretary of the United States. She is a strong-willed woman that takes her job very seriously to the point of blurring a few lines so as to get things done. The series details the challenges she faces maintaining diplomacy, political issues, and the task of managing her personal life too.

The series took a new U-Turn when In the final season, Elizabeth became the president of the United state as the series takes another turn showing you what life as a female president in America looks like. If you need a TV drama that is smart, educative, engaging, and moving. “Madam Secretary” is all of the above.

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5. The Newsroom

This hit political series is next on the list of best tv shows like west wing. The Newsroom is an American political drama series created by Aaron Sorkin. The series premiered on HBO on June 24, 2012. After running for the best part of two years across three seasons it finally ended on December 14, 2014.

The series delves behind the scenes at the fictional Atlantis Cable News (CAN) with a principal focus on its anchor Will McAvoy and other ensemble casts that make up the newsroom staff. It also shows Will’s complicated work relationship with his ex-girlfriend turned executive producer which adds extra spice to the show.

The Newsroom series is definitely one any west wing fan would very much appreciate. Despite having a plot that is quite dissimilar to most political shows and one of its main similarities to West Wing is that they both share the same creator.

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6. The Wire

When you finally watch this tv shows like the west wing you will have to agree with me why I am willing to give it an extra 5-star rating if I had the chance to. I think the main plot of the show is pretty basic and enjoyable but all the subplots are what makes the show really interesting.

The show is an American crime drama television series created and primarily written by author and former police reporter David Simon. The series was first premiered on June 2, 2002, and ended on March 9, 2008, consisting of 60 episodes over five seasons.

The series centers around the city of Baltimore, Detective James McNulty and his team investigate crimes and try their best to solve the bridge that exists between the drug kingpins and the law enforcement agencies. The storytelling is on a whole other level.

The writing, directing, acting in this show is superb. And the stories it tells are deep, All the political corruption, all the lazy dirty cops, the ego‑fuel, chain of command restrictions, and all the rules of war whether you’re a cop or a thug on the street. This show has it all and it’s worth every stream seconds.

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7. Succession

Succession is an American satirical comedy-drama television series similar to the west wing, Created by Jesse Armstrong. It premiered on June 3, 2018, on HBO, and has been renewed for a third season, which is set to premiere in October 2021.

The show follows The Logan family that was known for controlling the biggest media and entertainment company in the world. However, their world changes when their father steps down from the company. what follows next is what you will discover as every episode uncovers.

Everything about this series is close-perfect. Not a single bad episode in the whole series and the best thing is how every episode contributed to the show’s story which is utterly gripping and entertaining to its core. I can’t wait till season three (3) is back.

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8. Homeland

Homeland is an American espionage thriller television shows like the west wing on Netflix, developed by Howard Gordon and Alex Gansa. The eight (8) season Psychological series first aired on 2 October 2011, on Showtime before concluding on April 26, 2020.

Homeland stars Carrie Mathison, a CIA operations officer who has come to believe that an American Marine who was captured by Al Qaeda has been turned against the United States and he now poses a great threat to national security. When Marine Nicholas Brody is released after eight years, he becomes her main suspect.

The series storyline was adapted from an Israeli Television drama series “Prisoners of War”. The strong writing and bold characters complement each other. This is probably one of the best spies or should I say political thriller of all time. Plus it has won awards to prove that.

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9. Scandal

Last but not the list and well-deserved inclusion on this list of TV shows like west wing is Scandal. The TV show is a Seven (7) season American Political Thriller television series. The Shonda Rhimes’s created series aired on ABC from April 5, 2012, until April 19, 2018.

The series which is set in Washington just like other political shows follows Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm ( Olivia Pope & Associates) and its staff. Who, however, soon realizes that her employees might be hiding darker secrets. It also showcases members of the white house and other political power players.

This TV series would surely get you hooked, Plus It’s interesting as well as intriguing. It gives you an insight into life in the white house as well as internal problematic issues that occur behind closed doors. I’m certain you’ll love the characters Abby, Harrison, and Huk.

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Conclusion On Best TV Shows Like West WIng.

So here you have it, shows like West Wing any West Wing fanatic would definitely enjoy!! Do you know any more shows/ movies similar to the west wing? Kindly drop in the comment below.

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