Best Twitter Video Downloader [A Full Review] – Have you ever found a video on a social media site like TwitterOpens in a new tab. and couldn’t help but wish you could have saved that same video directly to your gallery? Many of us have been in your situation, so you are not alone in it.

After sharing too many entertaining or enlightening Twitter videos, I wished I could have downloaded them so I could share them on Facebook as videos or reels, TikTok, or my WhatsApp statusOpens in a new tab. to continue the fun or make sure others don’t miss the content’s message.

In order to help the situation at hand, I started looking for the best Twitter video downloading website available. Eventually, I came across twdown.netOpens in a new tab., an online video downloader that enables you to download Twitter videos with ease.

It may be simple to use, but a new user may not feel the same way, which is why I wrote this post to explain what twdown is, how it functions, whether it is safe and legal to use, and anything else you need to know. Best Twitter Video Downloader [A Full Review]
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What Is is a user-friendly web-based twitter Video Downloader, That allows users to Download twitter videos directly from Twitter to a device (PC, LAPTOP, Mobile device) for Free without any need to install an app or the use of 3rd-party software.

TWDown also allows you to convert your favorite Twitter videos to MP3 and listen to them offline. You may convert any form of Twitter video to MP3 online, including Music.

How Does Twdown Work?

Twdown is an easy-to-use platform that helps you quickly and easily download videos from Twitter directly to your gallery for later use as an offline viewing option or to share with others. It’s really easy to download videos with twdown.

The fastest Twitter video downloader online, allows you to download any Twitter video in a matter of seconds thanks to its connection to the most powerful server.

Twdown functions flawlessly across all platforms (PC, laptop, mobile device, iPad, etc.), operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, Linux, etc.), and browsers (chrome, firefox, opera mini, Decentr, etc).

Is Safe?

The website is secure and safe. It doesn’t include pointless clickbait or advertisements that take you to various dubious websites. Users have frequently complained that internet video downloaders can spread viruses, but this is not the case with

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How Safe Is

How Safe Is
How Safe Is [twdown virustotal verification]
According to a research I conducted on virustotal regarding twdown, it came back with a score of 0 out of 87 possible problems and a response of “No security vendors flagged this URL as malicious”, This alone is proof of how safe is (click to see the result or verify if twdown link is safeOpens in a new tab.)

You need not fear about your personal information and your device information being stolen without you knowing just by clicking one of those annoying popups.

So far looks like a safe haven where you can easily download Twitter videos without fear of viruses or personal information being stolen.

Is Twdown Legit?

Downloading twitter videos is legitimate on the website None of the videos on the website are hosted by it; all of the videos you download come from twitter’s CDNs. which, in my opinion, makes it quite legitimate.

Does Twdown Give Virus? doesn’t contain any virus. The site is safe and secured which means there’s very little likelihood that you can pick any virus or malware from their website. However, It’s not bad to browse safely having an antivirus and a firewall installed on your device isn’t a bad idea. Better safe than sorry they say.

Is Twdown Free to Use?

Yes, is a free-to-use platform where you are not required to pay a dime or create an account whatsoever. Everything on the Twitter video downloader is totally free.

How to Download Videos on

twdown straightforward nature makes it quite easy and simple to use. To use you have to visit their website,

To download videos from twdown follow the below process:

  1. Log in to your Twitter account.
  2. Click on the 3 dots at the top of the video you would like to download.
  3. Copy the video URL.
  4. Visit twdown.netOpens in a new tab. on your mobile device or PC.
  5. Paste the link in the textbox provided on the website.
  6. Click on Download.
  7. Choose the available (Normal Quality or HD Quality)
  8. And within seconds you would have your video downloaded to your device gallery.

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Where Is the Default Download Location for

twdown does not decide its download location, Where your downloaded video from twdown is saved solely depends on the OS and browser you are using videos can be saved in different directories. Usually, the videos are saved under the “Downloads” folder on Android, Windows, and macOS.

To view your download history you can press CTRL+J in your browser. On Android phones too you can find the video under the download folder.

What Causes No Videos Detected?

This could be caused by you pasting the wrong link. It could be you just posted the link to your news feed. Try to click on the video copy the URL and paste it. If this doesn’t work? Try the browser extension.

Why the Video Is Playing Instead of Downloading?

That is usual, especially when using browsers other than Chrome. To resolve this issue, instead of left-clicking the Download Video link, select Right Click -> Save as… and navigate to the location where you want to save the video.

Does Twdown Store Downloaded Videos?

twdown doesn’t save downloaded videos, sorry. twitter’s servers are used to host all videos hence it cant keep such records. Additionally, usage is completely anonymous because they don’t keep track of any users’ download histories.

Why is TWDown not working?

If twdown is not working on your device, firstly check if your connection is active and the MIFI or Wi-Fi is within range strong enough to power your data connection. If that isn’t the problem, you can try to clear your device cache and reload the page.

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twdown is an easy-to-use Twitter video downloader that allows you to download your favorite Twitter videos for free, with no account sign-up required, plus no annoying pop-up ads to deal with.

If you are yet to use for Twitter video download then you are honestly missing out big time. Give the software a try and kindly share with us your experience.

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