Vidmate Cash: Best Video Downloader App to Earn Real Money

Vidmate Cash

As a movie freak, I have always been on the lookout for apps that can permit me to download my favorite videos right into my device from video hosting sites like YouTube, until a faithful day when I ran into Vidmate Cash, and ever since I have always earned a living while I entertain myself.

Did I just say a video downloading app that allows you to earn real money? Absolutely correct.

I understand that there are 100s of other video downloader apps out there, so you might be wondering how then is this one different.

No need to panic as this article will explain in detail how I use a video downloader app called Vidmate Cash to earn money, how the app works, and how to download videos from YouTube and other social media platforms directly into your device.

Vidmate Cash
Vidmate Cash

Want to know how Vidmate allows me to make money, while I also download videos from Youtube, TikTok, and Facebook? Scroll down.

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What Is Vidmate Cash

Vidmate Cash money-making appOpens in a new tab. is one of the best video downloading apps as well as a legit money-making app that allows users to earn real money by completing simple tasks and downloading their favorite videos from the app.

Vidmate Cash can be used to download videos and audio from different social media platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, TikTok, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.

The app also allows you to download videos from other sources and convert them to audio files but that’s not all. You can also access 18+ sites and download videos from the site directly into your device.

How Vidmate Cash Works

Vidmate Cash app allows you to make money while having fun and entertaining yourself. sounds like fun right? But that’s not all about the app. Vidmate cash app also allows you to download videos directly from the website and other social media platforms.

Vidmate Cash is a multi-purpose app that allows you to stream your favorite videos on different platforms and download them directly to your device, and also doubles down as a means where you can earn money by completing a few easy daily tasks on the app.

In addition to downloading videos, the VidMate Cash app offers a music player, a wallpaper downloader, an online TV streaming service, and more.

Another intriguing feature is that it includes both the movie and music downloaders, where you simply enter the title of the movie or music, select the genre, and download it.

On the other hand, It also allows you to download WhatsApp Status, TikTok videos, Twitter, 123movies, Instagram, YouTube, and a variety of other video hosting and streaming platforms.

Features of Vidmate Cash

Vidmate Cash has a lot of exciting features which include;

  • Unrestricted Video Downloads

Through the Vidmate Cash app, you have an unrestricted permit to download any video of your choice anytime any day. You can download music videos, comedy, sports, and videos from several languages including Bollywood, Hollywood, and other languages.

  • Downloading Music

With this software, you may not only listen to and download high-quality music in a variety of languages, but you can also watch movies in whatever language you like. VidMate Cash’s music collection contains nearly 500,000 recordings.

  • Convert Videos to Audio

The VidMate Cash app includes an inbuilt converter that allows users to download and convert videos from YouTube to MP3 or MP4 format. This App also provides a variety of high-definition formats for download, including resolutions ranging from 480p to 4K in minutes.

  • Earning Money

VidMate Cash also enables users to earn money quickly and simply. All you have to do is accomplish a set number of jobs that will be assigned to you, and you will be paid accordingly. The tasks are also enjoyable to complete and do not demand much work on your part.

  • Zero Investments

Vidmate Cash app will not request any payments or investments whatsoever before or after downloading the app. The premium subscription on the app is a decision that you won’t regret although. but the premium registration is not a must.

Is Vidmate Cash Legit?

This is one of the most asked questions and I understand why and that is why I am writing based on my experience using the app. Vidmate cash is legit and a lot of feedback also proves so.

There are a lot of mobile apps that allow you to earn real money but the process they make you go through just to make little funds can be stressful but that is not the case with the Vidmate Cash app.

Is Vidmate Cash Safe?

While many video downloading apps are useful, they also pose the risk of getting infected with viruses and other threats. That is not the case with Vidmate Cash, since the official Vidmate website declares it to be 100% safe, with its security validated by numerous virus and malware detection engines such as Lookout and McAfee, as well as CM Security.

How To Install Vidmate Cash

Vidmate Cash is available for download on their Official WebpageOpens in a new tab. and 9AppsOpens in a new tab. store.

Due to the fact that the Vidmate Cash app is not on the Google play store and the Apple store, a lot of people have difficulties downloading the app but here’s how to get the app;

  • Go to their Official Webpage
  • Click on “Install Now”
  • Wait for a few seconds while it downloads
  • Enable the “Unknown Sources” feature in your settings
  • Open the downloaded file and install it

Can Vidmate Cash Download Youtube Videos?

Yes. Vidmate cash is a video downloader appOpens in a new tab. and it can download videos from different platforms YouTube included. You can also download Music files from YouTube Music.

How To Download Videos on Vidmate Cash

The downloading process is very easy and that is another feature that I love about the app but just in case you are new to the app or have any challenges, follow these processes;

  • After installing the app, launch it
  • Click on the desired website you want to download the video from (YouTube, Google, TikTok, etc).
  • Search for the video in the search bar
  • Click on the video and when it opens you’d see the download icon in red
  • Click on download and select the format or file type you want it to be (Audio/Video)
  • Click download and wait a few seconds

Who Is Eligible to Earn Money on Vidmate Cash?

While the app is available for everyone, unfortunately not every country has the earning feature but they are looking to spread the earning feature to all countries. Earning real cash on Vidmate Cash is currently available only in India and Indonesia. 

How To Earn Money On Vidmate Cash

The VidMate Cash money-making app is quite simple to use. But, before we go any further, you must first install the VidMate Cash application.

To earn money from this money-making app, you have to complete the assigned daily tasks on the cash-earning menu. On the menu, there are several jobs that you can accomplish every day. You can complete tasks such as;

  1. Daily check-ins.
  2. Watching advertising.
  3. Installing software as directed.
  4. Playing games
  5. Referring others with your invitation codes.

How To Get Started

  • First, launch the Vidmate Cash program that you previously installed.
  • To establish a new account on the app, tap the Register icon.
  • You can sign up for a new account using your Facebook, Google, or phone number.
  • Then you’ll be prompted to provide some necessary information.
  • Follow all of the application’s commands. And get started

Note: Each activity you complete earns you a coin reward of varying value. Daily check-in, for example, earns you 400 coins. Watching advertisements earns you 100 coins, you can also download suggested applications for some extra coins, and so forth. Each coin is worth Rp1, so 1000 coins are worth Rp100.

What Payment Methods Are Accepted

Vidmate Cash only accepts one payment method which is GcashOpens in a new tab.. Once you withdraw your earnings to your Gcash account, you can transfer them to whichever bank you want.

How To Withdraw Your Money

The withdrawing process of Vidmate Cash is a lot easier than on most platforms. Follow these steps to withdraw your funds;

  • Open Vidmate Cash app
  • Go to your profile and click on wallet
  • Click on withdraw
  • Select your desired amount you want to withdraw and click next
  • A page will be open and it will be displaying Withdraw Progress
  • When your withdrawal is successful, you’d receive a notification

Now that wasn’t such a difficult process, was it?

Conclusion On Vidmate Cash

There you have it guys! Vidmate Cash is one of the best multifunctional video downloading apps that also works as a money-making app with different amazing features such as a video converter, unrestricted video downloader, music downloader, and a lot more features.

Therefore if you are looking for video downloader app that provides you the opportunity to earn money as a reward for entertaining yourself look no further.

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