Forgot Mojang Password? Recover Mojang Password In Simple Step

Recover Mojang Password

Have you been receiving a warning or error messages like this “Login failed or invalid username or invalid password” while attempting to log into your Mojang Minecraft account?

This warning or error message alert showing up, only signify two things; the first might be that you are wrongly typing in your “assumed” correct password, or secondly, you might have forgotten your password and you choose to do the guessing game.

Although on some occasions, there could be other reasons for this same error, However, more times than not it is caused by one simple reason, which would be wrong input of data or incorrect login information for instance username or password.

Forgetting your password could be that you’re not logged in to your account for several days and might would have forgotten the “Minecraft Password”. Forgetting passwords isn’t something to feel bad about in the first place, at a time in our lives every one of us must have been faced with such.

If recovering your Mojang password is why you are on this page, then you are certainly in the right place as this article is designed to help you solve issues on Minecraft like Minecraft password reset, reset Minecraft password, forgot Minecraft password, change Minecraft password and Minecraft password forgot.

Recover Mojang Password
Forgot Mojang Password? Recover Mojang Password In Simple Step

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A Quick Mojang Story

But before we cross through the recovery process, let us first catch sight of “Minecraft Mojang video games.” Mojang is an online video game developed with advent technologies only for the purpose of bringing a new revolution in the field of online games and videos.

The game was founded in the year 2009 by Markus Notch Persson who chose to name it after a Swedish video games developer “Mojong AB” and since then It had grown into one of the most popular versions so far. Now let us get back to the topic where we left off- the issue of Mojang password recoveryOpens in a new tab..

Measures To Recover Mojang Minecraft Password

Minecraft is one of the most popular video games across the globe and has been ruling the gaming world for a protracted period of time. Most players changed their old Minecraft accounts to the Mojang accounts to enjoy access to a large ecosystem of games.

This is precisely where and when users forget their Minecraft password and need to rush back to Mojang’s official website to set up the Minecraft password recoveryOpens in a new tab. process as detailed below.

  • Step-1:  At first, Visit the official website of the “Majong video games” where a login-in section appears at the top right-most corner of the page then click on the “Forgot password“option visible on the screen you will be headed to another page.
  • Step-2:  Then a dialog box will appear where you will be urged to enter your Registered Email Id and then select or click the “Request Password Reset” option that appears.
    • Now in the next step, you will be asked to enter your registered Email address that you input at the time of creating the “Minecraft Account” and then proceed for the Request Password Reset button to be followed below.
  • Step-3: Now some set of instructions will be sent to your registered email ID which will be to recover your password and then just go through the steps that will appear to “Reset Minecraft Password”.
  • Step 4: Now a password reset link will be sent to your Registered E-mail ID where you will be provided this option to change your password or Reset your “Mojong Password”. You will now create a new strong password using upper and lower case letters, as well as unusual symbols and signs.

( NOTE on Mojang Minecraft Password reset: Hence your new Mojong Minicraft password created where  this should be kept safe and should be avoided from resetting this again and  again as it can result in a temporary or permanent block of  your account.)

Minecraft Mojang FaQ

What is Mojang Minecraft’s password?

Everyone should know this already, but for the record, the Mojang Minecraft password is a unique self-chosen password that you can use to access the Mojang account at any time. This password will be requested anytime you want to log in and should only be known by you.

How to Choose a Mojang Minecraft Password?

To choose a unique password on Mojang, you have to go for a complex password consisting of a mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. The minimum length of a Mojang account password is eight characters, but you can make yours much longer if you want to!


So we’ve reached the end of the post, which aimed to show you the simplest approach to recover your forgotten Mojang password.  As a practical matter, if you followed the procedures indicated above, you should have created a new Minecraft Mojang password for yourself that can be used to access your Mojang account.

If you found the information useful and worthwhile, please spread the word to others who may benefit from it. Cheers!!!

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