What Is Watch2gether and How does it Work? [Full Review]

What Is Watch2gether

Watch2gether – Nothing beats binge-watching your favorite TV shows or the latest movie with a group of friends, your family members, or your lovey-dovey partner.

It has been proven over time that watching movies or TV shows alone can be boring and there are days when the TV show/movies require you to chit-chat with someone while you binge-watch. However, what happens when you are alone and your “movie-watching partner” is country miles away from you? This is where watch2gether bridges the gap.

You might be wondering, “What is watch2gether and how does it work?” You don’t have to worry because, in this article, I’ll go through watch2gether in-depth and explain why it’s the finest of its kind. Grab your pop-corn let’s ride…

What Is Watch2gether
What Is Watch2gether and How does it Work? [Full Review]
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What Is watch2gether?

Watch2Gether is a video viewing website with a straightforward goal: to make it easier for friends, family, and partners to watch videos together, regardless of distance.

That is to say, through watch2gether, two or more people from different parts of the world can watch a movie from the same source at the same time without having to share the same gadget. All you have to do is make a room and share the unique code that will be given to you with others.

Is Watch 2 Gether Safe and Legal?

Watch 2 Gether is a totally safe, and legal video viewing website purposely for hanging out. It is a safe platform where you can watch anime, youtube tutorials, trending movies on Netflix, and eye-catching videos from Facebook all in one place with your friends and others.

How Does watch2gether Work?

Watch2gether works by a user creating a viewing room where a random username will be generated which can be shared with other users or friends who you wish to join the room. Movies and music can be watched from supported streaming platforms such as Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Vimeo, and Soundcloud amongst many others.

There is the w2gsync which helps you automatically select the video source.

What Is W2gSync and How Does It Work?

The W2gSync feature allows you to sync-watch videos from any website on Watch2Gether. The w2gsync works when a link cannot be played directly with one of the built-in apps, the W2gSync app is selected automatically, and the corresponding video is displayed in the search results.

How Do I Create a Room in Watch2Gether?

You can create a room from Watch2GetherOpens in a new tab. by clicking the Create your room button on the homepage. Once you do, a temporary Watch2Gether room will be opened and you can share the links to your friends.

The temporary Watch2Gether rooms automatically get deleted after 24 hours. To create a permanent room you would have to sign up to the platform.

Can You Create a Private Room on watch2gether?

Rooms made on watch2gether are private by default, so only users who have access to your private room link can join your room and watch videos together.

Are watch2gether Rooms Private?

“Yes, all rooms on watch2gether are private, which means they are not made public and can only be visited by those who have been given the link.” That is to say, your created room will only be filled up by anyone who joined by the link you gave out to them.

How Many People Can Join Watch Together?

Watch2Gether was originally intended for smaller groups, but it has since been optimized for bigger groups as well. That is, you can begin with a smaller group of 100 and move up to  250 users. Anything more than this may result in an unresponsive or slow browser.

How To Watch Movies on watch2gether?

Watching movies on watch2gether is simple and enjoyable. To begin,

  • Double-check that you have either established or joined a room.
  • Once you’ve logged in, there’s a search box on the top bar where you may paste the URL of the movie/link you wish to stream.
  • When you paste the link and click it to open it, a popup appears with the options to “suggest” or “add the movie/video to a playlist.
  • After that, add it to the playlist and press the play button.

If you follow this step carefully you have just set up a streaming room for you and your “streaming partner.”

How To Watch Netflix on watch2gether?

Netflix is not compatible with the watch2gether player by configuration. However, you can use the W2gSync feature to watch Netflix shows with friends. How do you make this possible?

  • First, you want to create or join a room.
  • Download the Watch2Gether extension via google web store.
  • Paste a Netflix URL into the search box in your private room.

Once you follow the above process, you can now start enjoying Netflix on watch2gether with your friends and partner.

How Do I Watch YouTube Videos on Watch2Gether?

Just like with watching videos from other platforms on watch2gether it is still the same for youtube. To do that;

  • All you have to do is create a room.
  • Send the URL to your friends or others so they can join.
  • Use the search bar at the top of the page or enter a YouTube link.
  • Click Play and voila!

You may also utilize the chat feature to communicate with everyone, which is useful for keeping the viewing enjoyable.

Can You Run Movies From YouTube in watch2gether?

Every user on watch2gether can watch a movie from YouTube if they have legal access to the movie or it has been made public for general viewing. So, yes, you can play Movies with watch2gether.

Can Crunchy Role Work on watch2gether?

Yes, you can watch Crunchyroll on watch2gether with others. However, you and the other(s) must have the watch2gether extension installed for this to work. The most recent version is available on the chrome extension web store.

Can watch2gether Show Unlisted Videos?

Yes, unlisted videos are accessible on watch2gether, but those with the status “private” are not. To see a video on Youtube that is marked as “unlisted.” Simply paste the link into the center of a room page’s search bar and press the search icon. Also, make sure your videos’ “Allow embedding” option is turned on.

Can You Add Multiple Videos to watch2gether?

Yes, you can add numerous videos at the same time on Watchgtogether. Simply put the link into the search bar in the center of a room page and click the search button; a box will appear, allowing you to add it to your playlist. The playlist is more like a watchlist or waitlist where all your videos will be listed.

Can You Put On Captions on watch2gether?

No, Watch2Gether does not allow subtitles, however, you can work around it for YouTube videos, when they are accessible, you can utilize the CC button on the player control bar.

Does Watch2Gether work on mobile?

Yes, Watch2Gether works well on most mobile browsers.

What Is the Best watch2gether Alternative?

Metastream is the best watch2gether alternative that is free and offers close value to what watch 2 gether does offer. Other notable mentions are Syncplay, NP Teleparty, Sync Video, blatube amongst others and the good thing is all of these are free.

  1. Metastream
  2. Syncplay
  3. NP Teleparty
  4. Sync Video
  5. blatube


Now you know what is watch2gether and how it works, You now know the most reliable source to turn to next time there is a need to watch TV shows, movies, and whatever in a group without having to be together in the same location.

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