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We are always open to all who wants to express themselves and showcase their work to a big number of people, which is why we give our platform as a groundwork to business owners, site owners, and others as a method to publish and get their work visible.

Requirements to Publish Content?

You may like to inquire, “What are the prerequisites for having my work published on ireviewlot?”

First thing first, you have to know that our audience is one of the reasons we are here today, so we are conscious and value anything we put up on this platform for them to read.

To have your work published on iReviewlot.com, we have standards that your content must meet, as well as specialized instructions that you must follow when creating it, which include:

  • Content must be written first and foremost for people (our audience/new visitors).
  • The content must be nicely written and contain at least 800 words.
  • Content should be SEO optimized rather than keyword stuffed.
  • Promotional content is not permitted.
  • Images and optional video graphics must be included in the content.
  • Internal and external links must be included in the content.
  • The content must not be seen or published anywhere else.
  • The content must be unique and free of plagiarism.

If your content fulfills all of these criteria, you can send us a draft for review, and if we approve, you will receive an email with the published link.

If, on the other hand, this is not something you can do for yourself, you could engage our team of writers to do it for you at a very low cost, and you will undoubtedly get;

  • Well-written
  • SEO optimized
  • Created for the audience.
  • Cost-effective content for your business.

How Long Will It Take to Review My Content Before It Is Published?

One of our selling points is prompt response and we will also look to do with your submitted content.

Our team of dedicated editors will always look to look into every submitted content as soon as possible and reach back to the owner as soon as possible with either a positive or negative reply.

On average, we take a total of 5-10 hours of receiving your article to review and publish your content on iReviewlot.com

What Category Content Do We Accept?

We have a dedicated audience and we only look to keep giving them what they enquire, therefore we only accept contents within our scope of dominance which includes;

  1. Video downloading apps
  2. Video downloading sites.
  3. Free streaming sites.
  4. Paid streaming services.

If you are satisfied with all of these requirements and want to have your article published on ireviewlot, please do shoot us a mail at ireviewlot@gmail.com